How to Play Steam Link on LG Smart TV? Updated 2024

Are you the one who surfs how to play Steam Link on LG TV? Then this is the right place to get your answer. Read continuously to know more about it. Playing Online Games on Smart TV relishes and entertains more people. So, If you are trying to find a way to Play it, Stream it, and watch it on your Bigger TV Screens – Then You are at the Right Place.

What is Steam Link?

Steam Link is an online digital platform that Valve Corporation creates. Here, you can play games and buy and discuss PC Games; they host more games from this platform. This was launched as an autonomous software client in 2003. Moreover, It offers users automatic updates of genes, community features, and installations like groups, friend lists, game voice, cloud storage, and chat functionality.

This app is absolutely Free and available on a Majority of Devices. You can choose your Platform and access Games on its Library. To Know if it is available on the LG TV OLED webOS- Do Scroll below;

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How to Play Steam Link Games on LG TV? WebOS 

How to Play Steam Link on LG Smart TV?

Unfortunately, Steam Link Games are not available on the LG Smart TV. As there is no availability of the games on the LG Content  Store- it is not possible that you can access it directly. But there is always a workaround that you guys can try. Alternative methods always come to the rescue.

You can use the Screen mirroring method since the app is available on Android and iOS Devices. Luckily, The LG Smart OLED WebOS TVs do support screen mirroring- So It is easy as pie.

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Steam Games on LG Smart TV webOS

LG Smart TVs – webos are featured to support the Screen Share – You can mirror Videos, Photos, and even game Content from Smaller Screens to Bigger ones. So, This is the Perfect Alternative way to Play Steam Link Games on LG Smart TV – OLED.

Mandatory Requirements to Play Steam Link Games

  • Either an Android Smartphone or an iOS or a PC/Computer.
  • Get a Common and Reliable Internet Connection. Make sure you connect all your Devices in use to the Same Source.
  • Enable the Screen mirroring on your LG Smart TV.

From the Home menu on LG TV, Select the Screen Share Option.

Turn it ON and Your TV is discoverable.

  • While using on iOS Devices – Enable the AirPlay.

Home>Dashboard icon> Click on AirPlay>Select AirPlay and Homekit Settings>Turn ON.

How to enable Game Mode on my LG TV?

Go to HDTV from LG and navigate to the Picture Menu to turn on Game Mode. From that option, tap Picture Mode. Choose modes like vivid, standard, and more. From that Menu, click the Game option and make your picture mode turn on.

How to Play Steam Games on LG TV Via Screen Mirroring?

Note that the Screen mirroring will only let you watch the Games on a Bigger TV Screen. However, You will have to play it on your secondary device in use. So, This can be done using a Smartphone or PC- Let’s get started.

Enable the Steam Link Remote Play 

  • Once you have installed the Steam Link appSign in and Launch.

Steam Link Remote Play

  • Go to the Settings and On the Left Panel – Click on the Remote Play.
  • Tick the Box saying Enable Remote Play.

Screen mirror on LG Via PC

  • Start by installing the Steam Link app on your PC – Windows or Mac.

How to Play Steam Link Games

  • Also, Download it on your Smartphone.
  • Connect to the Same Internet source and Launch the App to Sign in.
  • Enable the Remote Play and Now access the app on your phone to Pair with the Gaming Controller.

How to Play Steam Link Games

  • Choose your PC and Enter the PIN displayed on your screen.
  • Configure the Steam Link and You are ready to Play.

Play Steam Link on LG TV OLED Via Android

  • Install the App on an Android Phone.

Steam Link on Google Play Store

  • Swipe down the notification panel and Tap on the cast.
  • Choose to Pair an LG TV. Open the app and You can Play Whatever game you want.

 Through iOS Devices 

  1. Enable AirPlay on LG TVInstall the App and Access the Control Center on your iPhone.
  2. Click on the Screen mirroring icon- Choose your LG TV.
  3. Pair using the Passcode and Then Open the Steam App to Start your gameplay on your TV.

Other Ways to Play Steam Games on LG TV

If your LG Smart TV does not support Screen Mirroring- Then you don’t have to be disappointed- cause you can try another method. You can make use of any LG-supported external devices to get the games on your TV.

Stem Link is supported on a number of streaming devices – Android TV, Apple TV, and Fire TV.

For Instance;

  • You can connect the Fire TV Device to your LG Smart TV using an HDMI Cable.
  • Click on the Main menu on Fire TV and  Then Find.
  • Search for the Steam Link app and Install it on your Firestick-connected TV.
  • Once done, Start Playing on the Bigger Screens.

How to Play Geforce Now on LG C1 OLED?

How to Play Geforce Now on LG C1 OLED?

Yes, You can play the GeForce Now on your LG Smart C1 OLED TV. Here is a step-by-step procedure to help you with How can you install and Stream the games you love.

  1. Firstly, You will need to Install the Geforce Now App on your LG TV.
  2. Make sure that you have your LG Account Logged in on your TV.
  3. Once done. Launch the app and Get into Activate.
  4. Get your Geforce Now Subscription and You can also access various stores.
  5. Select and Login to your Steam Account – Enter your Username and Password.
  6. Follow as Prompted and Start Playing your Favourite Games on the LG OLED.

How to Create a Steam Link Account?

If you are a new user, You can create an account by registering for a  Steam User account.

  • Go to the
  • Click on the Join Steam tab and Enter your Email ID.
  • You will receive a verification to access your account.
  • And if you have already registered, Simply open the app.

How to Play Steam Link Games on LG Smart TV

  • Use your Login Credentials and Start Playing.

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Final Verdict

Now that you know What you are Supposed to do. The fact that the Steam Link app is not officially available on the LG Content Store – doesn’t mean that you cannot take it. Make sure you have a Good Internet Connection and Devices that support the app. And Then What? You are Good to go and Get the app to Play Whatever Games on your Couch or on the Go.