How to Get Google Calendar on Apple Watch?

A calendar is a thing that lets you remind events, birthdays, and much more. Also, to help this, there are many online calendars to support a lot of functionalities. In any Smartphone, there are default calendars on every phone and you can utilize them to the utmost potential. Similarly, Google has launched a google calendar that will work without any internet connection. The calendar app reminds you about particular events along with the business meetings reminder. Apart from this, it will let you know about your schedules. In this post, you will how to get Google Calendar on Apple Watch.

Is Google Calendar on Apple Watch?

Apple Watch

Yes, you can easily get Google  Calendar on your Apple Watch by syncing your Google Account with your iPhone. Once you get Google Calendar on your iPhone, it will be automatically made available on your Watch.

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Google Calendar:

Google Calendar

In this Google Calendar, you will see all the reminders and events in a simple app. In general, you will feel the complexity to remind the events, and that’s when the Google Calendar comes in handy. Google Calendar will let you add business meetings, timelines, and events of it. In addition, the Google Calendar will be paired up with any device like iOS , Android, and even windows. You can use it in your iOS watch by pairing it with your Google account and syncing it. Moreover, you do not need to worry about any data loss, as it will be synced on any device.

How to get the Google Calendar on Apple Watch?

As discussed earlier, you can easily get Google Calendar on your Apple Watch by getting your Google Account Sync with your iPhone to which your Watch is connected. Follow the simple procedures to sync your Google Account with your iPhone.

  • Go to your iPhone Settings.
  • Find the Calender option and tap it.

Calendar on Apple

  • Select the Account option and choose Add Account.
  • Now tap on Google and sign in with your Google Account Credentials.

Sync Google Account on iPhone

  • Toggle the Calendar option to turn it on.
  • Tap on the Save option and you are done.

Let your iPhone and yoru Apple Watch sync, and now you can access your Google Calender on your Watch.

Best Alternatives for Google Calendar on Apple:

There are some good Calender apps available at Apple App Store, that you can use as an alternative to Google Calendar. The alternatives for Google Calendar on your iPhone or watch are as follows,

  • Fantastical Calendar
  • Calendars 5
  • Timepage

and more. You can use visit Apple App Store and enter the keyword “calendar” in the search tab to find more alternatives for Google Calendar on iOS devices.


You can now use the Google Calendar on your Apple Watch and get updated with your schedule easily. Using this app you can set remainder, and add the dates of important events you don’t want to miss. If you are having trouble with Google Calendar, you can try out other Calendar apps as alternatives for it on your Apple Watch.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the account that I can Sync with my iPhone?

You can sync your accounts from, iCloud, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Outlook, and more with your iPhone.

Can I Get Gmail on my Apple Watch?

To get Gmail on your Apple Watch, you just need to sync your google account with your iPhone and get the Gmail app. Once you get it on your iPhone, you can easily use Gmail on your Apple Watch.

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