How to Cancel Peacock on Roku? [4 Ways]

Do you want to cancel your peacock TV service on your Roku device? But you don’t know the way to Cancel the service. This article will help you to cancel the service in an easy Way. There are many possible ways available to you can read this article and try out the steps. Moreover, this upcoming guide will give way to Cancel or downgrade your peacock TV subscription. Let’s Read this article on How to Cancel Peacock on Roku.

How to Cancel Peacock on Roku

Peacock TV is a popular Streaming application it is available on various platforms and this service was established by NBC Universal Network. In addition, you can obtain more than 1000 movies, shows, and TV programs. Additionally, it has many categories of channels Such as Sports, News, and Original Content.

How to Cancel Peacock Subscription on Roku?

There are many possible ways are available to cancel the Peacock TV subscription on a Roku Device. It is an easy process to cancel it anywhere, at any time. You can use any of these upcoming methods.

Method 1: Cancel Peacock on Roku through Roku Device:

Connect Roku to HDMI Port

  • Initally, fix your Rokud device to the HDMI port of the TV and Switch on it.
  • Then connect a Roku device with a Stable Internet Connection.

Home Button on Roku remote

  • Now, Click the home button by using your Remote.
  • Choose the Right Arrow button and move to the Peacock TV Channel.

star Symbol on Roku remote

  • If the channel is selected then click the * button and choose the manage subscription option.
  • Following this Press the Cancel subscription option.
  • Once again click the Cancel Subscription to confirm your cancellation.
  • Press the Done option to finish the Cancellation.
  • Atlast, you have to cancel the Peacock TV subscription successfully on your Roku device.

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Method 2: Cancel Peacock on Roku By through Peacock TV Website:

  • launch the browser and move to the peacock Website.

peacock Sign in

  • And Sign in by using your account.
  • Press your profile icon.
  • Move to the My Account option-> and Click the Plans and Payment segments.

Change Plan option

  • Choose the Change Plan option and select the Peacock Free option.
  • Click the confirmation button to cancel the Peacock TV subscription Package.
  • Once you did the process then you will get the pop-up on the window that you successfully canceled the subscription.

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Method 3: Cancel Peacock on Roku Using a Smartphone

This is one of the easiest ways to cancel the peacock subscription using a Smartphone.

The Steps are

  • Launch your Smartphone and move to the Google Play store.

payment details

  • Choose your profile icon and choose the payment and Subscription options.

subscription option

  • You have to select all your subscription lists that will show on your Screen.
  • Press the peacock TV and choose then Select Cancel Subscription.
  • If the process is finished then you got the message that you successfully cancel the subscription to Peacock TV.

Method 4: Cancel Peacock on Roku by Calling a Customer Service:

If you forgot your Login ID for your Roku device then you can use this alternate way to cancel the subscription to Peacock TV. You can call your Roku device Customer Care executive and tell the reason why you cancel the subscription and they will ask you a few confirmation questions and then they will cancel the subscription in just s few minutes. After that, you got a notification from there that your Peacock TV subscription is successfully canceled on your Roku device.

How to Downgrade Your Peacock Subscription Plans?

This process is used to save a Few amounts every month from the Peacock TV subscription. If you Downgrade your Plan instead of you cancel your Peacock TV subscription. The Downgrade method is to reduce the Plan from Premium Plus to Premium and Save $5 every Month.

The steps are:

peacock Sign in

  • Move to the Peacock Website and Sign in with your account.
  • Press your profile icon.
  • And select the My Account option.
  • Navigate to the Plans and Payment section.

Change Plan option

  • Press to Change the Plan option.
  • Choose the Free Plan otherwise choose the downgrade option.
  • Confirm Your Choice to finish the process.

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Is that possible to Continue streaming Peacock TV after UnSubscribing?

Yes! Of Course, you can stream the peacock TV content after unsubscribing on your Roku device. Still, peacock TV has limited content along with Ads. but the ads will be shown continually. So make sure that before you switch to the free account of Peacock TV. Moreover, it contains more than 30+ Live TV Channels with Ads from Peacock TV on Roku.

Alternatives for Peacock TV

However, Peacock TV is a VOD Streaming service and it has a large collection of video content. Apart from that if you are looking for alternate apps then you can follow the upcoming applications.

  • Disney + for the cost of $6.99 per month.
  • HBO Max- Available at the rate of $14.99 for one month.
  • Discovery + – This service is accessible at the Cost of $5 with ads and $7 for one month with ads free.
  • Showtime- At the price of $10.99 for one month.
  • Crackle TV- Free service.
  • Tubi TV- Free service.
  • Pluto TV- Free service.

Closing Off

We have mentioned the possible Way to cancel Peacock on Roku. If you want to cancel the service then try out the above method. We have included five excellent ways to cancel the Peacock Service. Otherwise, you can use a Downgrade method that has also been explained in the above article. If you need any additional information. Drop a Comment in the comment section.

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