How to Cancel Disney Plus on Roku?

Some Steaming services are not allowing their users to cancel their subscription plans. But, Disney Plus is not like that, you can cancel the Disney Plus Subscription Roku with simple methods. If you have a Roku device, check this article. And learn How to Cancel Disney Plus on Roku. 

How to Cancel Disney Plus on Roku?

About Disney Plus:

Disney Plus Hotstar is a digital video streaming service, and the proprietor was Novi Digital Entertainment Private Limited. They are also owned by a subsidiary of Star India Private Limited. Although, it covers all major live sports to stream and has highly developed video streaming technology. However, they offer more than 100000 hours to stream TV shows, and movies offer nine languages.

It is the most competitive OTT platform. They provide great attention to the quality of experience over the devices and services to make Disney Plus Hotstar. Also, it is a subscription-based service to stream all your favorite content. As well as you can cancel your subscription anytime without any issues. If the Disney Plus Not Working on your Firestick device, click this link to learn how to fix the issue.

How to Cancel Disney Plus on Roku TV?

You can cancel the Disney Plus subscription from various methods by following the given ways.

  • Cancel Disney Plus on the Roku device.
  • Unsubscribe to Disney Plus on the Roku website using a desktop, Mac, or smartphone.

Steps to Cancel Disney Plus on a Roku Device:

Canceling your subscription from Disney Plus is simple on Roku. You can unsubscribe from your subscription instantly by following the given instructions.

  • Associate the Roku with the Smart TV HDMI portal.
  • Switch On the Roku and Smart TV.
  • Click the Home Button on Roku Remote.
  • Tap on the Left Directional Key on the remote.
  • Click the Settings option from the menu.
  • Select the System tab on the Settings screen.
  • Following that, click the Network option.
  • Now, click on your home Wi-Fi network.
  • Then, connect the Roku and Smart TV with the same Internet Connection.
  • Check, that the Roku device gets connected to the Internet.
  • Once, it is connected, click the Home Button on Roku remote.
  • And, Hit the Left Directional Key on the remote.
  • Select the Search option and click on it.


  • Or, tap on the Streaming Channels option.
  • On teh next screen, navigate to the Disney Plus app on the list.
  • Click the ( * ) button on Roku remote.
  • Now, the App info and the options screen is pop-up on the screen.
  • Click the Manage Subscription option from the list.


  • Now, select the Cancel Subscription tab.
  • Roku, ask you to confirm the cancellation of Disney Plus on Roku.
  • Again, click the Cancel tab.
  • Now, click the Done option.

That’s all. This is the procedure to cancel the Disney Plus Subscription directly on the Roku streaming device. Do follow all the steps given in the above section. If you have a Google Chromecast device and Disney Plus Not Working on ChromecastProceed to this linked article and refer to the problem-solving methods.

Cancel Disney Plus through Roku Website

If the Disney Plus subscription is not canceled on the Roku device. Try this alternative method to Cancel Disney Plus on Roku. You just, need the Smart Device with Web Browser app. Now, follow the steps given in the following;

  • Grab the Smart Device.
  • And Turn on the mobile data.
  • Or, connect your Smart device with a Stable Wi-Fi connection.
  • Launch the Web Browser app on Smart Device.
  • Navigate to the search panel.
  • And browse for “” in the given search space.
  • Select the Roku official website from the search result.
  • Click the Sign In option on the Roku official site.
  • Scroll down on the page.
  • And click the Manage your Subscription option.


  • Navigate to the Disney Plus Channel.
  • You can see the channel under Active Subscriptions.
  • Now, select the Cancel Subscription option.
  • Then, Select the Reason for the Cancellation.
  • And, click the Cancel tab.

If the Roku website asks you for confirmation, please click the Okay or Cancel button. It takes a while to Cancel Disney Plus on Roku. If you see the Succes or Cancelled status on the screen, Go back to the Roku device. And visit the Streaming Channels page. Select the Disney Plus app and check, that the Disney Plus Subscription gets cancelled on the Roku device. If you have Hisense Smart TV and searching for How to Install and Stream Disney Plus on Hisense Smart TVcheck out this article.

To Conclude:

Disney Plus is a streaming platform, and it is pay based service with more content, live TV sports, as well as many more to stream. It is a popular streaming service among all. You can utilize its free trial for up to seven days. You can easily unsubscribe by following the above-given steps. If you have any trouble canceling the Disney Plus subscription, mention them in the comment section.