How to Download Hotstar on LG Smart TV? |2022 Guide|

By installing more apps for each category of content, you can get a single app to watch all your favourite content, which is Hotstar. Now Hotstar arrives in-built on Brand new smartphones. But on Smart Televisions, you can install it through App Store. Today I am letting you know How to Download Hotstar on LG Smart TV.

How to Download Hotstar on LG Smart TV

If you are an LG Smart TV user, then this article is more useful to you. From this article, I’ll guide you to get the Hotstar on LG Smart TV. Read all the topics and get the alternative methods too. And also, we have published more articles about LG Smart TV and the installation of the apps. Now, let us begin with the Hostar installation process on your LG TV.

About Hotstar:

Hotstar is the most famous On-Demand-Video streaming service in India. You can watch all Star Network content on Hotstar. Initially, this app is established as Hotstar. And later, it was updated as Disney+ Hotstar. Now, you can watch all Disney plus originals and video-on-demand content on the Hotstar app.

Disney+ Hotstar logo

You can install the Hotstar app on all streaming devices such as Android, iPhone, Laptop, Tablet, PC, Smart TVs, and much more devices. Disney+ Hotstar is a paid streaming service. Also, Hotstar has TV shows, Walt Disney movies, Reality shows, and Award events. You can watch IPL, and all other sports live on Hotstar.

It provides content in four to Eleven languages. Some movies are only available in English. If you don’t know the language, you can understand the story by reading the subtitles.

Is Hotstar on LG Smart TV:

Hotstar is a popular On-Demand-Video streaming service and OTT platform. So, the Hotstar app is available on LG Smart TV devices. You can download it on your LG TV.

The methods and the instructions to download Hotstar on LG Smart TV were mentioned clearly in the below section.

How to Download Hotstar on LG Smart TV?

Feel free, and start doing the download process by following the instructions presented below because you don’t need to sideload or get the third-party app to watch the Hotstar on LG Smart TV. Here are the steps:

  • Power On your LG Smart TV and like it with your home Wi-Fi connection.
  • Visit the home screen and click on the LG Content Store. 

LG Content Store

  • Select the search icon given in the LG Content Store and browse for Hotstar.
  • Click on the Hotstar app and Tap the Install button to get the app on your TV.
  • Your LG Smart TV started downloading the app.

Move back to the home screen and visit the apps section. Then, launch the installed Hotstar app to activate. On the next topic, you can refer to the activation process.

Activate Hotstar on LG Smart TV:

If you know how to activate Hostar on LG Smart TV, you may activate and start streaming your favourite content. If you need instructions for the activation process, go through the steps below:

  • Unfold the installed Hotstar app and go to the Home screen of the service.
  • Click on the Subscribe tab given tiny at the top of the screen.

Subscribe to watch Hotstar on LG Smart TV

  • Choose the Subscription package which is friendly-budget for you.

Subscription Cost of Hotstar

  • In the next step, enter your active mobile number.

Login with Hotstar

  • Hotstar will send you the OTP to the registered number.
  • Enter the Four Digit Code in the given field.

Activate to watch Hotstar on LG Smart TV

  • Choose the Payment Method and pay the amount which you select.

After completing the payment process, you will get a confirmation message on your mobile. Move to the Hotstar on LG Smart TV and select the content which you like and enjoy watching.

Alternative methods to Get Hotstar on LG Smart TV:

So, we have a direct method to get the app. But sometimes, our TV struggle to Install the apps on its platform. In that time, you can use this alternative method.

  1. Get Hotstar on TV using Firestick, Chromecast, etc.
  2. Screencast Hotstar on TV using Android / iPhone.
  3. Access through Hotstar Official Website.

1). Using External Streaming device:

You can use Firestick, Google Chromecast, Apple TV, etc. Start the process by following the instructions given here: For Example, I have given the instructions for the Apple TV device.

  • Connect Apple TV with LG Smart TV and bind up with a stable Wi-Fi connection.
  • Tap the Apple App Store from the menu on the home screen.
  • Click on the Search option from the sub-menu.
  • Find the Hotstar app and click the Install button.

Install app on Apple device to watch Hotstar on LG Smart TV

  • Launch the app, Sign In and stream Hotstar on LG Smart TV.

2). Screencast Hotstar on LG Smart TV:

Our second method is to Screen cast the Hotstar app on your LG Smart TV. For this process, you must need an Android or iOS Smartphone. For Example, I have used Android to let you know the procedure.

  • Turn On your Mobile Data.
  • Launch the Google Play Store app and browse for the Hotstar app.
  • Discover the app from the search result and tap the Install button.
  • Open the installed Hotstar app and Sign In using Credentials.

Install on Android to watch Hotstar on LG Smart TV

  • Select the content and play it on your Android device.
  • Move to the control panel of an Android device and click the Cast option.
  • The pop-up window will appear on the Android screen.
  • Select your LG Smart TV name and let it connect.

After selecting the LG Smart TV device, within a while, your devices were merged, and you can watch Hotstar on your TV. And access through your mobile.

3). Access through Hotstar Official Site:

All Android TV arrives with some in-built apps. In that list, you can have the Chrome browser on your device. If it is not applicable, you have to install it now. Then start the process mentioned below:

  • Open the Internet Browser app and select the URL bar.
  • Enter the URL
  • Or you can search as Hotstar and pick the official site from the result.
  • Open the Hotstar Official webpage on the LG TV screen.
  • Tap the Login button and enter the Credentials.
  • Choose any content which you like to watch on your TV.

So, there are the other three methods to watch Hotstar on LG Smart TV. If the direct method does not work on your device, you may apply these alternative methods.

Our Final Notes:

Install Hotstar on LG Smart TV from LG Content Store. Then log in and Subscribe. Select the content and stream the app on your Smart TV. If you can not be able to download the Hotstar app on your LG TV, you can try another three alternative methods to watch the Hotstar Premium content on your LG Smart TV.

We have many streaming services in our App Store to watch our favourite content. But Hotstar is the best in premium content. It lets us watch movie shows in various languages such as Tamil, Hindi, English, Bengali, Odia, Telugu, Malayalam, Marathi, Korean, Kannada, and Japanese. Get the app on your device and stream on-demand videos in your language.

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