How to Cast Twitch on Google TV Twitch? 3 Ways

Are you searching to know How to stream Google TV twitch? Then read our article to get detailed info about it. Google TV is compatible with all streaming devices and can play live games also. You can directly install and download the Twitch app on your Google TV. Please read this article until the end to get more info about Google TV and Twitch.

How to Stream Google TV Twitch?

What is Google TV?

Google TV is a junction for Android TV powered by Google’s machine learning

, Google knowledge graph, and Google Assitant. However, it will not replace Android TV. Also, Google TV is not an operating system. The Android TV is well designed for users to make it easy to find the content you want. You can search a home screen to find a streaming service.

It comprises a software layer or interface, Google’s fully-fledged operating system for set-top boxes, running on top of Android TV, Smart Tv, and Streaming devices. This TV will let you a smart world to optimise the existing Android TV experience. However, it is more useful and greatly intuitive.

Twitch is the United States live video streaming platform, and it includes all streaming devices. The service was mainly prior to video live game streaming. So far, the Twitch app is natively available on Google TV from the Google Play Store. This app is also available from all types of TV boxes, with Android and iOS smartphones and web versions for PC. So you can download the Twitch app instantly on Google TV without any issues.

How much does the Twitch cost?

Twitch has three tiers to subscribe to, and it has a monthly plan, a three-month plan, as well a six-month plan. So you can choose it for your choice.

  • Tier one costs $4.99 per month
  • Tier two costs $9.99 per month
  • Third-tier costs $24.99 a month.

How to download Twitch on Google TV?

πŸ‘‰STEP 1

First, you need to go to the Google TV Home screen and enter the main menu.

πŸ‘‰STEP 2

Further, select theΒ SearchΒ tile on the upper right side of your screen.

πŸ‘‰STEP 3

Then find the Twitch app on your Google TV by entering it.

πŸ‘‰STEP 4

Afterthat, tap to download the app on your device.

πŸ‘‰STEP 5

After installation, launch it on your Hoem screen.

πŸ‘‰STEP 6

Next, log in with Twitch account credentials and start streaming your desired content on Google TV.

Alternative Methos:

To cast via Smartphone

πŸ‘‰STEP 1

Initially, link your smartphone and Google TV to a strong, stable wifi network.

πŸ‘‰STEP 2

Further, download the Twitch app via the app store or play store.

πŸ‘‰STEP 3

Then open the app on your smartphone and proceed t log in with your account credentials.

πŸ‘‰STEP 4

Now you will see a cast icon on the Twitch app Home screen and click on it.

πŸ‘‰STEP 5

It will scan for nearby devices and choose your Google TV from the available device.

πŸ‘‰STEP 6

Finally, you can stream Twitch content on your Google TV by casting.

To cast via desktop

πŸ‘‰STEP 1

Initially, it would help if you switched on your Google TV and desktop.

πŸ‘‰STEP 2

Then link both Goole TV and desktop to the network connectivity.

πŸ‘‰STEP 3

Then visit the Twitch official website from your desktop.

πŸ‘‰STEP 4

Log in with your Twitch account credentials, and it will appear on the Dashboard.

πŸ‘‰STEP 5
Then click on the cast icon from the Twitch app.
πŸ‘‰STEP 6
It will scan for available devices and choose your Google TV from the menu list.
πŸ‘‰STEP 7
If you can’t find the cast icon, tap on the customise button as a three-dotted vertical line.
πŸ‘‰STEP 8
Afterthat tap the cast button and connect it to your device.
πŸ‘‰STEP 9
Further, tap on the sources and again press the Cast option.
πŸ‘‰STEP 10
Now, your Twitch content will appear on your Google TV via desktop to watch your desired content.

To Conclude:

You can watch Twitch on Google TV because Twitch is natively available on Google TV. Twitch is America’s video streaming platform, and you can play live video games on this platform. You can also cast from Google Chromecast on your Google TV via your Android or iOS device to watch. Twitch supports every streaming device, such as Amazon Firestick, Roku, Apple TV, smartphones, and many more. If you have any issues downloading Twitch on Google TV or streaming, mention them in your comment section.


1. Does Twitch compatible with Google TV?

Of course, you can download and install Twitch on Google TV instantly by visiting the app store or play store.

2. Can I watch Twitch on Android TV?

Yes, you can watch with two options on your Android TV. You can manage live Twitch video instant from your Android browser or otherwise visit the http://twitch.tvΒ on your browser.

3. What is the streaming service app compatible with Google TV?

Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV plus, ABC, AMC, BET plus, A&E, Comedy Central, and Crackle.

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