How to Get Discovery Plus on Smart TV? | 2023 Updated |

In an era, the OTT Platforms are a major part of our lives. Discovery Plus had an important place in it. For those who are looking for the best streaming service to watch Adventure, Knowledge, Entertaining Programming, Documentary Night, and more, Discovery Plus is the best option. So, today we are going to discuss, How to Get Discovery Plus on Smart TV

How to Get Discovery Plus on Smart TV?

Sit back on your cushion and just follow the instructions given in the following topics. And, get the Discovery Plus on your TV…

Can I Download Discovery Plus on Smart TV?

Yes, You Can. The Discovery Plus app is available on the Smart TVs such as;

            • LG Smart TV
            • Samsung Smart TV
            • Amazon Fire TV Edition
            • Sony Smart TV
            • Philips Smart TV
            • TCL TV
            • Hisense Smart TV
            • Vizio Smart TV
            • Panasonic Smart TV

On these Smart TVs, you can download the Discovery Plus app from its default app store. But, you can download the Discovery Plus app for a specific TV model. So, check the availability and then go for the installation process.

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Sign Up with Discovery Plus

Before the installation process, you need a user account with Discovery Plus to Sign In and stream all exclusive content from Discovery Plus on Smart TV. Come back with the steps given here;

Here I have given the Discovery Plus Sign-up process through the web,

      • Connect your Streaming device with a stable Internet Connection.
      • Launch the Web Browser app.
      • Search for “Discovery Plus” in a search field.
      • Select the Official Discovery Plus website from the search results.
      • Click the Sign-Up option.
      • Or, tap on the Start Free Trial button.
      • Now, Select the Subscription Plan of Discovery Plus.

Discovery Plus Subscription Package

      • Enter your valid email address and other required details.

Create New Account on Discovery Plus

      • Follow the On-Screen instructions and Create an Account.
      • Complete the Payment procedure.

Payment Process on Discovery Plus

Once, the payment process is completed, you will receive the confirmation mail from the Discovery Plus service. Now, move to the next section to Install Discovery Plus on Smart TV. 

How to Get Discovery Plus on Smart TV?

As we have discussed in the above section, the Discovery Plus is compatible with the Smart TVs mentioned in the topic above. So, you cannot be Screencast or use any third-party apps to stream it on your TV. Follow the installation instructions given in the following topics;

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How to Get Discovery Plus on Samsung TV?

The Samsung Tizen Smart TV, Samsung TV with Smart Hub, Samsung QLED TV, and Samsung Frame TV model users can only install the Discovery Plus on Smart TV. Here are the steps;

      • Turn On the Samsung Smart TV.
      • Click the Home Button on the remote.

Click Home Button on Samsung TV Remote

      • Check once that your Samsung TV has been connected to a stable Wi-Fi source.
      • Press the Home Button or Smart Hub button.
      • Click the Apps option on the Smart Hub page.

Click Apps on Samsung TV Home Page

      • Navigate to the search section.
      • Type “Discovery Plus” in the given space.
      • Discover the app from the search results.
      • Then, click the Install or Download option.
      • Launch the Discovery Plus App once it gets installed.
      • Sign In using your Discovery Plus user credentials.

Sign In with Discovery Plus

      • If you do not have an account with Discovery Plus,
      • Sign Up with it.

Once, the Discovery Plus home page appears, Select your favorite content from the huge library. And, enjoy streaming Movies, Series, and Shows.

How to Get Discovery Plus on LG Smart TV?

The LG WebOS Smart TV, LG OLED TV, LG NanoCell TV, and LG UHD TV models are supports to install the Discovery Plus app from its default App Store. If you have this LG TV Model, then follow the steps given here;

      • Switch On the LG Smart TV.
      • Go to the Home Screen.

Home Button on LG Smart TV Remote

      • Connect your LG TV with Wi-Fi or with Ethernet Source.
      • Then, Click on the LG Content Store on the home page.

LG Content Store on LG TV

      • And Launch it.
      • Go to the Search field and type “Discovery Plus”.
      • Select the app from the search result.
      • And, click the Install option.
      • Launch the App and Sign In with the valid user credentials.

Or, Sign Up with the required details. Then, start streaming the on-demand and live Shows and movies from Discovery Plus on LG TV.

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How to Get Discovery Plus on Roku?

Roku is an external streaming device, that is supported with all Smart TV Brands. You can install apps and Screencast or Screen Mirror from your Smartphone. So, let’s see the installation steps of Discovery Plus on Roku.

      • Set the Roku Stick with your Smart TV.
      • Connect the Roku and Roku with the same Wi-Fi Network.
      • Click the Home Button on the Roku remote.

Home Button on Roku

      • Press the left-directional button.
      • Select the Streaming Channels.

FandangoNow on Roku

      • Click on the Search Channels option.

Search Channels on Roku

      • Type “Discovery Plus” app.

discovery Plus on Roku

      • Select and tap the Add Channel button.
      • Launch and log in with the required details.

Discovery Plus is a paid streaming service. So, Purchase the Plan to watch live and on-demand content on your TV. If you have a Roku in-built Smart TV, follow the same installation procedure.

How to Get Discovery Plus on Amazon Fire TV?

Firestick is also the same as Roku. You can connect it to your Smart TV and can download any apps and watch live TV and Live Sports on your TV.

      • Associate the Firestick with a Smart TV.
      • If you have a Firestick in-built TV, follow the steps below.
      • Connect your Firestick with a high-speed Internet Source.
      • Go to the Home Screen.

Home Button on Firestick

      • Click the Find option.

Find option on Firestick

      • Search for “Discovery Plus” in an Amazon App Store.

Discovery Plus on Amazon App Store

      • Select the app and click the Download button.
      • Launch the app from the Apps and Games section.

Sign In or Sign Up with Discovery Plus and stream the newly released OTT Movies and on-demand shows on your Smart TV. This is how you can download the Discovery Plus on Smart TV. 

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Installing the Discovery Plus on Smart TV depends on the Smart TV’s OS. Every Smart TV gesture was varying. Follow your Smart TV installation procedure to get the app. The above-given instructions are only for Samsung Smart TV, LG Smart TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV Users. Once, you have installed the app, Sign In or Sign Up with the Discovery Plus app and watch the newly released movies and shows.