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Not all television providers have a dedicated streaming service to stream the content. Our DirecTV has its dedicated app on App Store. But the question is whether it is available on our streaming device or not. So, I am here to clear your doubts. I know you are a Sony TV user, that’s why you chose my article to know How to Watch DirecTV Stream on Sony TV.

DirecTV Stream on Sony TV How to Watch?

Yeah, the DirecTV provider’s dedicated app name is DirecTV Stream. By using this app, you can access the DirecTV network on your Smartphone as well as Smart TV. Want to know more interesting news about the DirecTV Stream? Nothing tricky; just sit on your couch and read this entire article. Start Scrolling…But Slowly…

About DirecTV Stream:

[ If you already know about the DirecTV Stream streaming service, you can skip this topic. Or want to know? Then continue reading this session ]

DirecTV Stream is an American Multichannel Streaming Service. It is a Subsidiary of DirecTV. And it is initially launched as AT&T TV. Now we call it DirecTV Stream. The main thing is it is a Subscription based Television Network.

DirecTV Stream

It is available on all streaming platforms. You can download it on iOS Devices, Android Devices, Amazon Firestick, Roku, Google Chromecast, Smart TV, and some more streaming devices. If you want to know Is DirecTV streams on Sony TV, read out the following session.

Is DirecTV Stream on Sony TV?

DirecTV Stream is a Popular streaming service, and you can access it anywhere at any time. So, the DirecTV Stream app is AVAILABLE on Sony TV’s in-built app store. You can download the required streaming service directly on your Sony TV.

Still, I have given you alternative methods to watch the DirecTV Stream app on your TV. In the following section, you can get the procedure for the direct method and the alternative methods. DirecTV Stream is a paid service; if you want to stream the free streaming service, you can choose IPTV For Sony Smart TV.

How to Watch DirecTV Stream on Sony TV?

We have already talked about the availability in the above section. So, the app is available on Sony TV. Still, I have given the overview of the methods we have to get the app in the following section.

  1. Download DirecTV Stream on Sony TV.
  2. Screencast on Sony Smart TV.
  3. Using the Airplay method.

These three are possible ways to stream the required streaming service on your TV. Let us start the procedure one by one.

1). Download DirecTV Stream on Sony TV:

We start with the direct download method. Set the Wi-Fi internet source to your Sony Smart TV. And follow the instructions below:

  • Firstly, Sign Up with the DirecTV Stream app.
  • Then, go to the Home Screen of your Sony TV.
  • Launch the Google Play Store on your TV.
  • If the Google Play Store is not available, then launch the in-built App Store.
  • Browse for the “DirecTV Stream” in the required app store.

DirecTV Stream on Sony TV

  • Now, you have to Pick the required app from the search result.
  • And click on the Download button to get the app.
  • Once it is downloaded, Open the DirecTV Stream app on your Sony TV.

Open DirecTV Stream on Sony TV

  • Then, Sign In using your DirecTV credentials.

That’s all, and the direct method is gets finished. Stream any channels or any original content on Sony TV from the DirecTV Stream app. Just take a look at the upcoming topic.

2). Screencast DirecTV Stream on Sony TV | Android |:

Sometimes the streaming services are all not working on our streaming device. Maybe you cont be able to download or have trouble streaming on your TV. At that time, you can try this alternative method. Here are the steps:

  • Check for the System Update and Update if it is required.
  • Then, couple your Android and Sony TV with a similar network connection.
  • Now, open the Google Play Store and search for DirecTV Stream.
  • And Install it on your Smartphone.
  • Open the app and Login using the credentials.
  • Choose the content and stream the video on your mobile screen.
  • Move to the control panel of your Smartphone.
  • Click the Cast option from the grid menu.

cast on Android

  • Now, you have to choose and tap on the Sony TV on the pop-up window.

Yeah, no doubt you have completed the screencasting method to watch the DirecTV Stream streaming service on your Sony TV device. Are you asking me about the procedure for your iOS device? Ok, proceed to the next topic.

3). Apple Airplay on Sony TV | iPhone |:

If you have an Apple iPhone or iPad, you can also share your mobile screen on your Sony TV display. Here is the step-by-step procedure in the following.

  • Firstly, the same process we did for screencasting is to couple your devices.
  • Open the Apple App Store on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Search the DirecTV Stream and Install it on your mobile.
  • Then, launch the installed app on your iPhone.
  • Sign In by entering the registered email address and password.
  • Select the video and play it on your mobile.
  • On the video streaming screen, discover and tap on the Airplay icon.

Airplay Icon

  • The pop-up window is shown on your mobile screen.
  • Select your Sony TV name in the appeared window.

After that, your iPhone and Sony TV will merge. And you can watch any content from DirecTV Stream on your Sony TV display. So, this method and the above method are the alternative methods to watch the DirecTV Stream on Sony TV.

DirecTV Stream Subscription:

If you already know about the DirecTV Stream Subscription package, skip this section and purchase your comfortable subscription package. And stream your favorites. Or, if you have to take a look at the DirecTV Stream subscription cost, please check out the image I have given below:

DIRECTV Satllite

The subscription package is applicable for the DirecTV Satellite television provider. Use it for both streaming platforms. It provides all exclusive content such as HBO max Originals, Showtime, Epix, and more like this, including Live Sports. While playing the DirecTV Stream on your Sony TV, you see your  Sony TV Screen Is Black

Our Final Notes:

Install and Stream DirecTV Stream on Sony TV directly. If the DirecTV Stream is not shown on your device’s App Store, then Screencast or Airplay the content. In the above section, I have given the installation and streaming procedure for the direct method and two alternative methods.

Still, if you have doubts about DirecTV Stream streaming or want to know another streaming service availability or installation method for your Sony TV, please mention them in the comment section.

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