CBS on LG TV | How to Watch? | 2023 Tony Awards

This year next enter into fantastic Award function events such as the 76th Tony Awards. And this ceremony is going to be broadcast on the CBS channel. So if you are an LG Smart TV user can utilize this article on How to Watch CBS on LG TV. At the same time, you can stream additional CBS shows, Movies, Programs, and other events. 

How to Watch CBS on LG TV


And if you are interested, you can learn about the CBS App basic details in the initial topic. Following that get the availability of the CBS App on the LG Smart TV. Continuing that, learn whether the app is available on the LG TV or not. Then, move to the installation procedure. Here are the details you need…

About CBS App:

CBS Broadcasting is shortly called CBS. Columbia Broadcasting System is the complete abbreviation for CBS. It is a Commercial Broadcast on American Television. Also, it is a Radio Network too. It is the Flagship property of the division of Paramount Global and CBS Entertainment Group. And its headquarters is in New York City.

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And the CBS App is available on many streaming devices such as Android, and iOS Devices, Smart TVs, laptops, tablets, and more devices. If you want to get the CBS on LG TV, move to the upcoming topics. Not only is the LG Smart TV but also you can install and stream CBS on Samsung TV.

Is CBS on LG TV?

NO. The CBS app is unavailable on the LG Content Store. You can not install the CBS App directly on the LG Smart TV. But you can Screen Mirror, Screencast, and Sideload the app on your TV. Know, now what we going to do in the next topic.

How to Install CBS on LG TV?

So, already we know that the CBS is not presently available on the LG Smart TV in-built LG Content Store. So, we have to go with the alternative method. You can;

  1. Airplay.
  2. Using Streaming Devices.
  3. Using Streaming Services.

These three methods are all the best alternative ways to watch CBS on LG TV. Learn one by one the following;

Also, the Spectrum TV Provider has CBS Channel. Do you want to know What Channel is CBS on Spectrum?, Click this link.

1). Airplay | CBS on LG TV |:

Airplay is the Screen Mirroring method for iOS Devices. If you have an iPhone or iPad, here is the Apple Airplay method to watch the CBS on LG TV.

  • Bind the iPhone and LG Smart TV with the same Wi-Fi source.
  • Launch the Apple App Store on the iOS device.
  • Find the “CBS App” in the Apple App Store.

CBS on Apple App Store

  • Then, dig out the CBS Official app from the search results.
  • Head towards the Install button.
  • Launch the CBS App once it is installed.
  • Log in with the CBS valid user Credentials.

Sign In with CBS

  • Select the Content and play it on your iPhone or iPad.
  • If you are seeing the Airplay Icon on the streaming screen,

Airplay Icon

  • Click on it.
  • Or, locate the Control Center of the iOS Device.
  • And click the Screen Mirroring option.

Screen Mirroring

  • After that select the LG Smart TV and click on the pop-up screen.

Now, the CBS Content which is playing on your iPhone is streaming on your LG Smart TV screen. If, your LG Smart TV asks you to give permission to Screen Mirror, click Accept/ Allow/ OK button. Then, watch the CBS on LG TV. 

2). Using Streaming Devices:

Streaming Devices means Roku, Amazon Firestick, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Now TV Stick, and more like this are called Streaming devices. All these devices are all easily compatible with Smart TVs. So, you can use that device to Install and stream the CBS on LG TV. Now, we going to see the Installation for the Roku device Below;

  • Connect the Roku with the LG TV HDMI port tightly.
  • Switch On the LG TV and Roku.
  • Connect both devices with a similar Internet Connection.
  • Click the Home Button on Roku remote.

Home Button on Roku Remote

  • Select the Streaming Channels option.


  • Navigate to the Search icon on the page.
  • Type “CBS App” in the panel.
  • Click on the CBS app from the search result.

CBS on Roku

  • Tap the Add Channel button.
  • Once, the CBS App is installed on the Roku device,
  • You will receive the notification from the Roku Channel  Store.
  • Launch and Sign In using the valid required details.

Sign In with CBS

  • Then, select the Content on the CBS app and Play it on the Roku screen.

That’s over. You have to spend 3 to 4 minutes to Install the App based on your Wi-Fi network speed. Not only Roku, Similarly, but you can also access all other external streaming devices with LG Smart TV. But the installation procedure is not the same. Each device has different gestures and methods to install the app.

How to Watch CBS on LG TV using Streaming Services?

This is the best option to watch CBS Channel on LG Smart TV because Suppose you install the application only you can see that single app content. In case, you download the streaming services have a chance to access lots of channels with great content. Moreover, The Streaming service is an individual subscription service. Download the CBS app on LG TV As soon as to watch the 76th Tony Awards on CBS Channel.

You can access the CBS Channels on various streaming services such as Sling TV, Fubo TV, Paramount Plus, Peacock, Youtube TV, and Tubi TV. But not all the streaming services are able to broadcast the 76th Tony Award Function. Only you can access this event on the Paramount Plus service.

Paramount Plus:

This is an entertainment subscription service it has lots of channels and shows and programs. There are two major subscription packages available for Paramount Plus Essential at the cost of $4.969 for one month and Premium at the Cost of 9.99 for one month.

Activate CBS App:

After the installation, you have to Activate the CBS Streaming service for your device. Don’t know, how to activate it? Here is the procedure to Activate and;

Creating a CBS User Account:
  • Launch the Browser app on your device.
  • Navigate to the search panel.
  • Find “” in the given space. on Browser

  • Launch the CBS Official Website.

Official CBS Website on Browser

  • Head towards the Sign In option.

Sign In option on CBS

  • Now, tap on the Create Account option at the top-right corner.

Create Account on CBS

  • Then, Click the Continue tab.

Continue on CBS

  • Following that, Enter all details required on the page.
  • Including, Zip code, Date of Birth, Gender, Full Name, and more shown on the page.

Create Account with CBS

  • Then, tap the Continue button.
  • And, Provide your Cable TV Provider Credentials to finish Sign Up process.
Activate CBS on LG Smart TV:
  • Click the Home Button on your LG TV Remote.
  • Select the Apps section.
  • Launch the installed CBS app.
  • Click on the Sign In with TV Provider option.

Sign In with Provider on CBS

  • Then, provide your TV Provider user credentials in the space.
  • Tap on the Continue tab.
  • Now, the Activation Code has Appeared on the LG TV screen.
  • Go to the Web Browser on any device.
  • Search for in a browser.
  • Select the official app from the search result.

Activate CBS Appp

  • Enter the Activation Code that appears on the TV Screen.
  • Then, click the Next button.
  • Once, you have seen the Success on the screen,
  • Go back to LG TV.
  • And relaunch the CBS on LG TV.

Now, select the content and play it on the screen with the high-definition video quality. Do not go to the activation method before creating a user account on the CBS app.

The 2023 76th Tony Awards is airing on CBS on LG TV

CBS Network has presented the 76th Tony Awards on LG TV. There are 26 nominations in 26 categories for the American theater’s Wings in the Season 2022-2023. As well as the pluto TV also has participated to telecast this event on its service. On the CBS Channel telecast the event is from 8:00 PM-11:00 PM. In addition, the Pluto network has telecast the event from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM. Also, you will able to stream the Live and On-demand on the Both CBS and Paramount Plus services. Never miss the wonderful events.


How to Watch CBS on LG TV? The CBS App is not available on LG Smart TV. So, you have to Screencast, Airplay, or use Streaming devices to watch CBS on LG TV. You can use Roku, Amazon Firestick, Chromecast, or any device you are using. And opt to for the Activation process, you have to search CBS Activate on (Device Name). If you need any more details, comment on it.