What Channel is TVGN on DirecTV? Channel Guide

Are you looking for the article to give an exact channel code for getting a TVGN Channel on the DirecTV provider? We have to explain the channel’s detailed information and their respective Channel Numbers. In addition, you can get the way to watch its channel content on another platform. Read this article on What Channel is TVGN on DirecTV? Swipe the slide to know more.

What Channel is TVGN on DirecTV


The POP Channel is called Pop TV and it is Formerly referred to as TV Guide Network (TVGN). Moreover, it is an American Pay television Network and this channel was Owned by Paramount Global Network. Furthermore, This Network was established in the year 1981 as Barker Channel. You may get more and more amazing and Exciting content, Shows, programs, and Events.

After a certain period, the service was relaunched as TV Guide Channel. Additionally, This Channel provides and deals with many entertainments, Programs, News, Sports content, and more events and tournaments.

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Can I Stream TVGN on DirecTV?

Great News for the DirecTV Subscriber, You can get this Wonderfull sports event, News, and more entertainment shows telecasting channel airing on the DirecTV Channel Lineup. Moreover, this Channel is available as TVGN. The name Got different but the content will be the same. Just the Channel is in the name of Pop TV.

What Channel is TVGN on DirecTV?

DirecTV Provider has lots of Channels in its channel Lineup. Without knowing the Channel Number It gets difficult to tune the channel. Furthermore, Channel Number is the identity and it helps to get the track quickly for the Users. In this way, Now you got an exact Channel Number for TVGN Channel.

Streaming Provider: DirecTV.

Channel Name: TVGN or TVG.

Telecast on: 273. For HD.

Let’s Use this Channel Number to watch your favorite sports events.

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How Much is the Cost of TVGN on DirecTV?

Here we demonstrate the image for about Subscription Package for DirecTV. Everyone should know that DirecTV is a subscription package and it offers four popular packages for users.

DirecTV Subscription Plan

Along with the subscription you can get Cloud DVR storage Space for the record your favorite content. Moreover, 20 users can stream the content at the same time. Also, You can get Amazing channels at the basic package. But you can obtain the TVGN Channel from the Choice package.

Other Platforms to Watch TVGN:

There is another possible solution to watching TVGN Channel on a Streaming service. This service doesn’t work on a Provider subscription. Moreover, It has a Feature that you can watch the content on Free trial days.

The Available Streaming services are:

  • DirecTV Stream- You can get this Channel from the Choice Package at the Cost of $99.99 for one month and also gives Five-days Free trial. In addition, it provides more than 65 Channels with this Plan.
  • Hulu- If you want to stream content on Hulu then you can be paid extra for the Live TV Sports Package at the rate of $79.99 for one month. With this Subscription cost, you can get more than 70+ Channels.
  • Fubo TV- Yes! The TVGN Channel is airing on this Fubo TV Channel Lineup at the Cost of $85.98. Additionally, gives seven days of free trial. Subscribers obtain 1000 hours of DVR Cloud Storage and Three users can stream the content at the same time.
  • YouTube TV-  The service is available at the cost of $83.99 for one month. You can get TVGN Channel its channel lineup. Nearly 60 Channels will be available in this package.

Unfortunately, The TVGN Channel is not available on Philo, and Sling TV.

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Using the DirecTV application:

TVGN Channel is available on the DirecTV app. You can download the app on your device and sign in by using a DirecTV subscription account and search for the Channel and watch its content from DirecTV App on your device.

However, the DirecTV application is available on many devices you can easily download the app from the device’s official App Store. The devices are Amazon Fire TV, Android T, Apple TV, Roku, Google Chromecast, Apple iPhone, Android device, Playstation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, Mac, PC, LG Smart TV, Samsung Smart TV, and Vizio Smart TV.

Closing off

Now you got a solution to get TVGN Channel on DirecTV provider. We have mentioned its exact Channel number. Also, you can get to stream many sports events and Tournaments. Mainly this Channels focus is to cover the Live event from sports events and News in the United States. Furthermore, you can get to stream this Channel on the DirecTV application and using Streaming services. Refer to this article to know more about this content if you have any doubts. Let me know in this comment section.

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