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You can download the apps easily on your Smart TV which is available on the App Store. But it is a little tricky to find the best and safe way to install third-party ( unknown source ) apps on Streaming devices. In this article, we are going to see about Abonnement IPTV the best Live TV and Live sports streaming app.

Abonnement IPTV

This entire article will teach you How to Install this IPTV service on your device. Not only the Abonnement IPTV but also you can install any third-party apps following the methods given in this article.

About Abonnement IPTV

Abonnement IPTV is a third-party IPTV ( Internet Protocol Television Service ). This IPTV is a Paid Streaming Service. On its subscription, you can watch Thousands of Channels such as Live TV, Sports, Kids, and News channels. Also, it provides a VOD feature to its users.  And this app is not available in the Official App Stores. 

But you do not worry about it. We have many alternative ways to install the Abonnement IPTV on your streaming device. The procedure to install this app is based on the device. To know more about this IPTV app, check out the next topic.


So, here you can grab all features available in the Abonnement IPTV. If you do not hear about this service, the list given below is help you to know about this IPTV service. I’m sure you will like it. Here they are;

  • You can watch 60,000 Live TV Channels on Abonnement IPTV.
  • Access TV Channels all over the world.
  • And, you have VOD options for Movies, TV Shows, Series, and anime.
  • You can record the content in All Languages all over the world.
  • Also, you can watch the Live PPV Events on this app.
  • It has Anti Freeze System and LAG-Free.
  • As well as it is Ban-free from Private Domains and Private Servers.
  • Watch all tv channels and content in SD and HD Video Quality.
  • The Abonnement IPTV is an VPN-Friendly service.
  • It provides a Free Trial on its Subscription.
  • No lock on your IP Locations.
  • You can access Major Live Sports Channels.
  • And Add your beloved Channels to your Favorites.
  • It Supports the External Player.
  • Also, you can access the International Channels.
  • The Abonnement IPTV Suports most of the Streaming devices.
  • Such as Android, Linux, Windows, Smart TV, Firestick, and more devices.
  • And, you have 24 Hours Free Trial.
  • You can watch 24/7 Channels on this app.
  • It Accepts PayPal, Credit/Debit Cards to purchase the Subscription.

So, these are all the features of Abonnement IPTV. Also, you have more features on this app. To know about it, Install the Abonnement IPTV app on your Streaming device. Also, check out: MOM IPTV.

Abonnement IPTV Pricing

So, to grab all the features given in the above topic, you have to be an active subscription user of Abonnement IPTV. Check the Subscription cost of this IPTV service mentioned below.

Abonnement Subscription Plan

Here you can see the four Subscription packages in the image. Zoom the image and check out the cost and the features given for each subscription package. Then, choose the best plan. Install the app or visit the Abonnement IPTV official site and purchase the plan you have selected.

Where Can I Download Abonnement IPTV?

Already, I have mentioned the supported streaming devices in the previous section. Here, I have listed the device name one by one. Here they are;

  1. Android
  2. LG Smart TV
  3. Samsung Smart TV
  4. iOS Devices
  5. DreamBox
  6. Windows PC
  7. Formuler Z8
  8. Linux
  9. Enigma 2
  10. Mag
  11. Amazon Fire TV Stick
  12. Smart STB

These 12 devices are all supported and compatible with the Abonnement IPTV. You can download this IPTV app on these devices. But not officially from the in-built app store. Check the Next section to know how. For your reference: Vavaview IPTV

How to Install Abonnement IPTV?

Due to the absence of Abonnement IPTV in the official app stores, we have chosen alternative methods to Install and Stream the Abonnement Internet Protocol Televisions service. Most people have asked about the installation procedure for this streaming service on Android and Amazon Firestick devices. So, check the upcoming topics to grab the step-by-step installation procedure.

1). Install on Android TV

If you are using the Android Smart TV, and want to Install the Abonnement IPTV on your TV, do follow the steps I have given below. First, you have to install the IPTV Player app on Android TV. I have chosen Megaott one of the best media players. Let us start the procedure

Enable Unknown Sources on Android TV

  • Switch On the TV.
  • Grab the Android TV Remote.
  • Click the Home Button.
  • Go to the Settings section.
  • Select the Device Preferences option from the list.

Device Preferences on Android TV

  • Then, tap on the Security and Restrictions tab.

Security and Restrictions on Android TV

  • Now, click on the Unknown Sources section.

Unknown Sources on Android TV

  • Toggle it to Turn On the Unknown Sources on Android TV.

Download Megaott on Android TV:

  • First, Turn On your Android Smart TV.
  • Then, grab the remote controller.
  • And visit the System Settings page of your TV.
  • Visit the Network page.
  • And, select your home Wi-Fi network.
  • Enter the correct Wi-Fi password in the given space.
  • Now, click the Home Button on your Android TV remote.

Click Home Button on Samsung TV Remote

  • Select the Google Play Store app and launch it.

Google Play Store on Smart TV

  • Navigate to the Magnifying glass icon ( Search Panel ) on Play Store.
  • Type “Megaott” in the given search space.

Megaott on Google Play Store

  • Select the official Megaott player app from the search result.
  • Then, click the Install button.

Based on your Wi-Fi speed, the Megaott service has been installed on your Android TV.

  • Once, it is installed.
  • Get back to the Home Screen.
  • And, launch the Megaott player on your TV.
  • Then, Login with the valid credentials.

If you do not have a user account with Megaott, then click the Register Now or Create an Account option. And provide the details asked.

Stream Abonnement IPTV on Android TV

  • Get the Abonnement IPTV M3U Playlist.
  • And launch the Megaott app on your Android TV.
  • Then, Add Abonnement IPTV Playlist in the required field.
  • And, click on the Add Playlist option.
  • It takes some time to load the playlist due to the weight of the content.

Once, it gets uploaded, visit the home page of the Megaott IPTV player app. There, check the uploaded playlist and start streaming your favorite Movie, TV Shows, and Sports on your Android. Also, take a look at Cheap IPTV Services.

2). How to Download Abonnement IPTV on Firestick?

So, if you are using an Amazon Firestick device with your Smart TV, then you can watch the Abonnement IPTV directly on the Fire TV Stick. But not to install directly. So, follow a few pre-requisition processes and installation processes in the upcoming section.

Turn On Apps from Unknown Sources on Firestick:

  • Insert the Amazon Fire TV Stick into the Smart TV HDMI portal.
  • Then, Switch On the TV along with Firestick.
  • And, click on the Home Button on the Firestick remote.

Home Button on Firestick Remote

  • Now, navigate to the Settings option and click on it.

How to get Surfshark

  • Following that, tap on the My Fire TV from the Settings menu.

My Fire TV on Firestick

  • Then, choose Developer Options and click it.

Developer Options Firestick

  • Now, tap the Apps from the Unknown Sources option.

Apps from Unknown Source Firestick

  • Then, Turn On it by clicking the Turn On Button from the pop-up screen.

Turn On Apps from Unknown Sources on Firestick

Get Downloader on Amazon Fire TV Stick:

  • Press the Home Button on Firestick remote.

Home Button on Firestick Remote

  • There, move to the Find option and tap it.

Find Icon on Firestick

  • Now, type “Downloader” in the given search panel.

Downloader app

  • Pick the Downloader app from the search result.
  • Then, click the Download option.

downloader app

Wait until the Downloader app gets installed on the Firestick device. If you do not see the Download button, it will available as Get. Click it to initiate downloading.

Get Abonnement IPTV Apk File

  • If you have an Internet Browser app on your Firestick, launch it.
  • Or, use your Smartphone, Laptop, or Desktop PC.
  • And launch the Web Browser app.
  • Click the URL search pane on the app.
  • Then, type “Abonnement IPTV Apk File Download” in the given space.
  • Now, select the trusted website from the search result.
  • And, click the Download Apk button.
  • If you are using the Smartphone or any other device,
  • Insert the USB Flash Drive into the Smart device HDMI port.
  • Then, Copy and Paste the Abonnement IPTV Apk file into the USB drive.
  • Now, Eject the USB Drive safely from your Smart device.
  • Insert the USB Drive into the Smart TV HDMI port.
  • Visit the USB Drive input on your screen.
  • Now, Copy the URL onto the Clipboard.

Steam Abonnement IPTV on Firestick:

  • Launch the Downloader app on Firestick.
  • And, click on the URL bar on the page.

downloader url

  • Then, Paste the URL that you have copied.
  • And click the GO button.
  • Now, the pop-up screen will appear on the screen.
  • Click the Install option.

Wait for a while until the Abonnement IPTV gets installed on your device. Go back to the home screen and launch the Apps and Games page. There, you can find the installed Abonnement IPTV app. Launch and Login or Sign Up with the valid details. Best Streamz IPTV is also the best Live TV Streaming service.


The Abonnement IPTV is an unknown source app. So, you can not be able to get this app directly from the official app stores. The best way is to sideload the app or Screen Mirror to your Streaming device. If you feel the app is unsafe, you better use the VPN for your safety. But the Abonnement IPTV is entirely safe to use. And it is legal.