What Channel is MSNBC on DirecTV? Updated Guide

If are you a person who watches News daily? Then MSNBC is the popular News Channel that delivers the truth to the people. This channel is wide broadcasts in the US. If you surf, know What Channel is MSNBC on DirecTV? Then you are in the virtuous place to know your answer. Please read this article continuously to learn more about it.

What Channel is MSNBC on DirecTV?

What is MSNBC?

MSNBC is a United States News channel and is a subscription-based TV in New York City. This network is owned by the NBC Universal Newsgroup section of NBC Universal, with a subsidiary of Comcast. They deliver NBC News coverage and its reports. However, they broadcast political commentary on current events.

The Microsoft National Broadcasting Company is formerly called MSNBC. You can watch the content on the MSNBC channel in English. Also, it provides videos in 1080i HDTV picture quality. And the MSNBC Channel broadcasts only in the United States of America and Canada. The CNBC, Oxygen, CNBC World, Sky News, NBC, Bravo, E!, SyFy, USA Network, Golf Channel, and Universal Kids are the Sister channels of MSNBC.


MSNBC was founded in 1996 with the partnership of Microsoft and the General Electrics NBC unit. After that, it changed its name to MSNBC in 2005, and in July 2012, msnbc.com. At last, it was renamed NBCNews.com. The msnbc.com was created for the online home of the cable channel.

Moreover, Among the 87 million people in America, more than 90% of pay-TV subscribers got the MSNBC News channel in 2018 September. MSNBC is in second place in primary cable networks with an average of 1.8 million viewers, with the competition of FOX News, which averages 2.5 million viewers.

What Channel is MSNBC on DirecTV?

DirecTV is also renamed as DIRECTV, and it is a United States multi-channel video program distributor based in EI Segundo, California. It was launched in 1994, June and the primary service is a digital satellite service that serves America.

They also offer an ancient linear TV service received by IP via its U-verse TV brand and Virtual MVPD service via its DirecTV stream brand. ITS PRIMARY COMPETITORS ARE THE dish TV network, traditional cable TV, over-the-top video service, and IP-based TV services. Now we will let you know What Channel is MSNBC on DirecTV.

msnbc channel

According to your packages, the channel may vary from it. If you want to know the subscription package of the DirecTV Television provider, go through the next topic.

MSNBC on DirecTV Subscription:

DirecTV is a Paid Cable TV provider that we have to know already. If you are a new user of DirecTV, then it takes time to remember the subscription cost. So, I uploaded the image below to help you with the reference. Here it is.

DIRECTV subscription Package

Here, you can see four kinds of subscription packages on the DirecTV provider. At the bottom of the cost, you can see the number of channels and the additional features offered. Read them all and choose the best and budget-friendly subscription plan. And then, visit DirecTV.com, the official site, and visit the subscription page. Tap the Start with this Plan bottom of the plan that you have choosed. Then, came back to our article and learned What Channel is MSNBC on DirecTV. And switch the channel number to stream the Live Content and On-Demand-Titles on your TV.

MSNBC Popular Shows:

You can watch many programming that is very interesting, and most of them are used to watching on their TV. This channel is mainly for News and news-related commentaries and some entertainment shows.

1). Morning Joe:

This show airs live in the morning from 6.00 to 9.00 in eastern times only on weekdays. This show hosts by Joe Scarborough, Willie Geist, and Mika Brzezinski. They discuss present affairs in America and even over all the world. Discuss what is happening around the US. It was a Talk show on current affairs in America.

2). All in with Chris Hayes:

Chris Hayes hosts this show, and he is the one who broadcasts live during the weekdays in the mid-noon. This show is related to politics with significant issues of every day that are familiar to us. In this show, we could understand the actions we should take against specific problems. They also discuss current news stories that make headlines. It is popular among Americans for its way of speaking and approaching the content—also, the brilliant way of discussing.

3). The Beat with Ari Melber:

This show resembles news reports; it features then interviews and journalism. This show broadcasts on weekdays only in mid-evening at 4.00 clock, and this show continues for half an hour. They discussed different topics with panelists, and it hosts by Ari. He conveys every issue worldwide to confirm the words of his option, which is excellent in the show.

To Conclude:

What Channel is MSNBC on DirecTV? – 356. This article explains the channel number of MSNBC on DirecTV, DirecTV’s various subscriptions, and its popular shows. MSNBC is specialized in delivering News and reports exclusive live TV news also. It is a popular channel in the US; if you can’t find the channel number of MSNBC on DirecTV, comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1). Can I Watch MSNBC Without Cable?

Yes. You can stream the MSNBC Cable TV channel without cable on your Smart Devices. YouTube TV, DirecTV Stream, Fubo TV, and the Sling TV external streaming services are all the platforms that have the MSNBC channel on their subscription channel lineup. If you have a DirecTV Television Provider’s active subscription, you can use the same Sign In credential for the DirecTV Stream service.

2). What Makes MSNBC Famous?

When it is a cable tv channel, definitely the programs and the live telecasting make it popular. You can find programming around the News, Sports, and General on its platform. The Political Nation, All In with Chris Hayes, MSNBC Reports, Morning Joe, The Rachel Maddow Show, and so on are all the primary reasons for the reach of the MSNBC Channel.


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