What Channel is PBS on DirecTV?

Are you searching for easy learning from this PBS channel because this channel helps to promote your education via broadcasting? This channel will help you to get much more info about school education. So read continuously to learn what channel is PBC on DirecTV?

What Channel is PBS on DirecTV?

What is PBS?

PBS is the US public broadcaster and TV program distributor. It is abbreviated as PUblic broadcasting service. The PBS and station members are US’s largest classroom, a trusted window to the world, and Arts for the nation’s most crucial stage. This channel helps the children for preparing to succeed in education.

PBS has more entertainment channels that broadcast your desired PBS shows full episodes. Also, you can explore music, arts, depth news analysis, etc. It is a membership organization member station partnership. Provides the US public with programs and highest quality services, entertain & convey a perspective diversity, and then educates the children using media.

Public Broadcasting Service is a private network with non-profit US corporations, and the US members are public TV stations and their independent territories. PBS is a public-funded without profit organization. It is a very noteworthy provider of programs of education related to public TV stations in America.

DirecTV is a US subscription-based satellite network provider, and PBS is a digital broadcaster. It is available on your cable TV, Air, and IPTV. PBS channel is more compatible with DirecTV. All the DirecTV plans have lined up with this channel. PBS channel is available in Choice, Ultimate, Entertainment, and premier.

PBS on DirecTV has some great features with high-definition channels. In this service that offers.

  • There are 140+ live TV channels with 65,000 on-demand videos.
  • ON your Choice pack, you can watch without the cost of HBO Max for a year.
  • Also, you can get NFL Sunday tickets for the 2021 season and then included with NBS League Pass.
  • Genie HD DVR TV storage has moreover 200hours.
  • You can get the DirecTV app for free to watch on the go.

The DirecTV subscription plans list is included in their PBS channel is enlisted here.

directv pbs

directv pbs 2

pbs directv

pbs directv plan

What channel is PBS on DirecTV?

Most of the locations can get PBS on DirecTV on the 30 channel sometimes; it may vary from your location. So you can find the channel number by tuning into your street address on DirecTV’s official website so that we give you the list of channel numbers that may differ from the city or state where you live.


PBS Most Popular shows:

The Durrells in Corfu

This series is the most popular among Americans, which only broadcasts on the PBS channel. It is interesting to watch if you want to catch up on this series, then stream right now on your PBS channel today itself.

The Paradise

This series briefly explains the paradise in a downtown Abbey in your storyline: the excellent soaps to stream on your PBS channel. This series delivers a message about the heaven of living peoples and their Abbey.


Debbie Horsfield created this series on the PBS channel. This story has full of romantic couples with different characters.

Final Verdict:

From this article, we briefly explain the PBS channels list and DirecTV subscription packages. This channel has the most popular series like romantic. Spiritual, different peoples. Still, you can’t get your channel number, let me know in the comment section.


1. What channel is PBS on DirecTV Utah?

The channels number 68 and 11 for PBS HD and PBS as well.

2. What channel is PBS on DirecTV for LOS Angeles?

In Los Angeles, the channel number is available on PBS is 24, 50, and 58, respectively.

3. What channel is PBS on DirecTV for NC?

IN DirecTV, the channel number of PBS for NC is 30, 42, and 58, respectively.

4. What channel is PBS on DirecTV for Florida?

For Florida city, the DirecTV channel number for PBS is 7 HD and 8 HD.

5. What channel is PBS on DirecTV NOW?

Go to the website to get your complete information about it https://www.atttvnow.com/.

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