What Channel is Starz on DirecTV?Starz for Free

STARZ is currently a strong choice for people to enjoy the visuals or program telecasting on Directv. And you guys are wondering what channel is starz on DirecTVMoreover, Starz is famous for evergreen Hollywood hits. This platform has tons of channels and you guys can enjoy the visuals of channels by subscribing to the plans and package. So in this article, we will see what channel is starz on DirecTV and related content. 

What Channel is Starz on DirecTV ?

STARZ is one of the best and most popular channels. And it has a separate fanbase. Also, this channel produces more content in many Genres. Its channel offers premium content. They have tons of shows and the service cost is too low compared to other channels. So we learn more interesting facts about this channel and read the article fully.

Is STARZ available on Directv?

Yes, STARZ is available on Directv. If you guys are already using the Directv service, you guys can enjoy the STARZ channel by subscribing to this particular channel on DirecTV. You can access the Starz channel by subscribing. To know what channel is starz on DirecTV, just follow the sections. 

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What channel is Starz on DirecTV?

Already you guys know that the Starz channel is one of the popular channels in the US. And it telecast many series, shows and so on. Finding the Starz channel is quite simple. But the channel number will be different, according to the locations. It provides the shows or programs in HD quality.

Starz channel on DirecTV.
Channel Name Channel Number
Starz 525, 526

This is the channel number for the Starz on DirecTV. Also, this Starz has many sister channels, this channel is also available on DirecTV with a basic subscription.

Channel Name: STARZ Cinema HD 
Streaming on: 531 

Channel Name: STARZ Comedy HD
Streaming on: 528

Channel Name: STARZ Edge
Streaming on: 529

Channel Name: STARZ Encore
Streaming on: 535, 536

Channel Name: STARZ Encore Action 
Streaming on: 541

Channel Name: STARZ Encore Black 
Streaming on: 540

Channel Name: STARZ Encore Classisc
Streaming on: 537

Channel Name: STARZ Encore en Espanol
Streaming on: 426

Channel Name: STARZ Encore Family
Streaming on: 542

Channel Name: STARZ Encore Suspense
Streaming on: 539

Channel Name: STARZ Encore Westerns
Streaming on: 538

Channel Name: STARZ in black
Streaming on: 530

Channel Name: STARZ Kids & Family HD
Streaming on: 527

You can enjoy all the channels related to Starz by using this channel number. Now you can enjoy the visuals of the Show or program with a bowl of popcorn.

How to add a Starz channel on Directv?

What Channel is MLS on DirecTV

There are simple steps to add and remove the channel on Directv. The steps are

  • Go to your DirecTV account from your TV.
  • Select Manage My TV package.
  • Now, select the available package and choose the Switch TO option to make changes.
  • Tap the add option to add the STARZ channel on DirecTV.
  • Select review change to review, then click on submit.

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How much is Starz on DirecTV Subscription?

DirecTV is a broadcast satellite TV provider and this service produces the content on both SD and HD. There are various subscription packages available on the DirecTV service market. You can subscribe to the plan -For the details of the subscription, we will attach the picture for more reference.

What Channel is Starz on DirecTV

  • Ultimate pack: In this pack, Starz Encore, Encore Action, Encore Black channel, Starz Encore Classic, Starz Encore family, Encore Westerns, and Suspense channels are available.
  • Premier pack: In this pack, every channel of Starz is available on this pack.

You guys can subscribe to either Ultimate Pack or Premier Pack. And you guys can enjoy all the channels according to your subscription and the cost of the subscription is too low according to other services.

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Other Ways to Watch the STARZ Channel

What Channel is Starz on DirecTV

There are many alternative ways to watch this STARZ channel by using TV providers like,

  • AT&T
  • Dish
  • Mediacom
  • Suddenlink
  • Optimum

Users may stream channels using streaming devices. Streaming devices like  Hulu, Sling TV, Philo TV, Youtube TV, and more. These devices are the services that users use this device without using a cable.

How to Get Starz for Free?Starz App


STARZ channel offers a 7-day free trial. After the trial period, the fee structure will change according to your plan and package. You guys can use the Add-on feature that charges again after 3 months of subscription until you cancel the plan. And you can install the Starz app for free. You can download the app from the Google Play Store and also from Apple Store. To watch the recent videos telecast on the Starz channel will be available on the premium pack. This app is compatible with all the devices. You can install the application freely and can watch the shows or programs.

Final Thoughts

STARZ is a premium streaming service with a large amount of content and it provides more than 1000 movies at affordable prices. I hope from this article that you guys know What channel is Starz on DirecTV and related content. Still you guys have any doubts regarding this article, comment in the comment box. Thanks for reading the whole article.