What Channel is IFC on Dish? IFC Channel

What channel is IFC on Dish? Hey, bud..! Enchantè encore..! Hope you are doing well and well. What do you think is the most difficult thing in life? You all may say achieving success, doing hard work, beating procrastination, or working without holidays. But in our daily life television usage, do you know what the most difficult thing is? That too if you are installing a new satellite network. It is finding the channel number for your favorite channels..! Right? 

What Channel is IFC on Dish?

You might have wanted to watch some show right away or get curious about some channels and you take the remote to change to your desired channel. But that’s when you will find out that you don’t know the channel number. Sometimes people get fed up with moving channels up and down in the process of searching. So they give up..! But my buddy you don’t have to give up..! That’s why I’m here to lend you a helping hand..! Keep reading..!

What is IFC?

IFC Channel on Dish

IFC is abbreviated as Independent Film Channel and is a general film channel in American cable television networks and it is operated by AMC Networks. It was first established in 1994 as an unorthodox film channel and it was initially designed as an ad-free service that concentrated on telecasting maverick films without any intervention. Only in the late 20th century, the programming of individual films was ceased in order to telecast sitcoms and horror shows.

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It is available on various streaming media platforms like; IFC.com, Sling TV, Philo, YouTube TV, etc. Its recent lineup shows encompass animated shows, movies and series, and Japanese anime. According to a survey report issued in September month of 2018, there are 75,295,000 active IFC users all over the USA. Hence it can be said that it is a widely popular channel watched all over America.

The Canadian version of the IFC Channel : 

There is an international version of this channel too..! Yes, programmers of this company specially designed a separate version that was used in Canada for a certain period of time.Also known as the Canadian version. It was first launched on 15th August in the year 2001 under the possession of Salter Street Films. Also , encompassed a licensing label agreement with Rainbow Media. 

Then the Alliance Atlantis overtook the channel on December 2001 and again in 2010, the leadership was changed to Shaw Communications. Since then, the telecasting of original IFC programs gradually decreased and in 2014, they completely ceased airing the channel’s original programs. And then unfortunately the channel stopped airing on 30th September, 2019 due to some patent rights given to Bell Media.


  • Watch the latest shows, and series, in their original version
  • HD quality media streaming 
  • Uninterrupted quality content every day
  • Get your favorite horror and comedy shows with just a gesture of touch
  • Trending live shows and media telecasts
  • Newly included documentaries from all over the world
  • And of course, it comes with eternal entertainment..!

Dish network 

What Channel is IFC on Dish?

Hey, bud..! It’s no pain to learn something new about our topic right? Yes, that’s why here comes a short introduction about Dish Network..!  So how many of you know that Dish is an acronym? Congrats if you know already..! For those who don’t know, it’s alright to learn a new thing as I said before. Am I right buddy? Yes..! The abbreviation of Dish is Digital Sky Highway and it is a digital American media providing satellite television network. 

It is the leader of the direct broadcasting satellite provider network called Dish, locally called Dish Network. The top-level IPTV service in Sling TV. It was first founded in 1983, forty-three years ago, and was named Original EchostarAfter a whole lot of twenty-seven years, it was renamed Dish Networkon the 4th of March 1996. 

Is IFC available on the Dish network?

Ok buddy if you’re still under clouds or ain’t sure whether the IFC channel is available on the Dish network or not, you don’t have to double doubt it because IFC is enormously available on the Dish network even under the free package program. And also other than IFC, many other wonderful channels are available in Dish like Discovery, Disney, CNBC, Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, etc.
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What channel is IFC on Dish?

Yaay..! Now we got to the main junction of our context..! The secret is yet to be revealed..! Well, it’s not really a secret buddy but let’s assume it is a secret between us..! What do you think..? Ok. I can see a small frown on your face so let’s get serious now..! Keep scrolling to find out what you want..!

Channel name Channel number Network
IFC 230 Dish
A&E network  118 Dish

How much is IFC on Dish? 

To make your attempt more comfortable let me give some tips about the packages available on Dish Network. No need to thank me bud..! So here we go..!

  • America’s top 120 with $79.99 per month (has 190 channels and like 28k free on-demand media streaming.)
  • Secondly, America’s top 200 with $99.99/month (has 240 plus channels and 35k free on-demand media streaming.)
  • America’s top 250 with $109.99/month (has 290 plus channels with some 36k free on-demand media streaming. )

Overall verdict

So, buddy, I hope I was able to sate your curiosity today. I am really glad that I can be of even a little bit of help in your life journey. It is so mysterious that we don’t always get what we need the most in our life…, whether it be things or people..! You know what I mean..! So don’t get fed up yet..! There are still more things to explore in this anonymous world.

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