What Channel is CNN on Sirius XM?CNN International

Lots of channels are available on the Sirius XM Radio platform. If you are looking for this article What Channel is CNN on Sirius XM? Read this article, to know the additional information in detail. You can get different kinds of subscription packages for this platform. Sirius XM shares lots of Live Sports events and tournaments. Stay Tuned with Sirius XM to know quality information.

What Channel is CNN on Sirius XM

What Channel is CNN on Sirius XM?

CNN stands for Cable News Network top popular news channel in America. Now the CNN Channel is Present on this Sirius XM Channel lineup. But you have to use the right channel number to tune the content. This Channel will share the Breaking News and Latest News from the world. Here we share this channel code for CNN on Sirius XM. Refer to it.

Sirius XM
Channel Name Telecast on
CNN 116
CNN International 454


You can get this channel on both satellite and internet packages. Without any doubt, you can use this channel Code to access this Channel Content on this radio platform. There are two different types of channels available on CNN Network. Whereas C   NN Covers the news and other information from the United States, the National Channels telecast the news from all over the World. If you have doubts about these channel numbers or you didn’t get the channel on these channel numbers then you can use the official site to Sirius XM Channel lineup.

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How Much is the Cost of Sirius XM?

There are two different types of subscription packages offered for their Customers. Sirius XM is a radio Service so you can get a chance to access the content even at the Car Driving. So they consider this, Sirius XM offers a subscription for those users. Otherwise, you can also get the subscription only for the Stream content only at the Streaming device. Here we will attach the image for Sirius XM radio. Refer to this and then subscribe to the plan based on your budget.

What Channel is CNN on Sirius XM

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Features of Sirius XM

Lots of amazing features are present on this radio platform. If you are a new user of this source then you have to know these features available in this Sirius XM. Never miss utilizing all these wondering benefits.

  • You can get a Premium Sports Coverage with live games from major Sports.
  • It includes 400+ Channels, and also get 155+ Channels in your Car.
  • Sirius XM offers shows and programs from the Categories of Original Talk, Podcast, exclusive comedy, and News.
  • Also, it shares nearly 5000+ Hours of On-demand shows, programs, and Interviews.

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The Final Words…

We hope, now you guys know What Channel is CNN on Sirius XM. Along with the subscription Package, it offers many features for you. It offers subscription access to the content on both Car and Streaming devices with different Count of channel lists. If you want to know the channel list then you can get it from the official Site. New users must know the features are available on this platform. If you have any doubts regarding this article, Let me know in this comment section.