How to Get TBS on Roku? [Install|Activate]

TBS has been offering its views with entertainment mostly based on Comedy. You can also watch major sports events like MLB, Stanley Cup, NCAA, Wrestling, and more on TBS. TBS can now be accessed on your smart devices by downloading its application and using TV provider credentials. Roku is one of the growing streaming services in America. Many are in doubt about getting TBS on Roku. If you are also looking for a way to get TBS on Roku, this article can help you.

Is TBS on Roku?

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Yes, you can access the TBS channel on your Roku device. The channel can be added to your RokuTV from the Channel Store. To access TBS on Roku, you need to sign in with your TV provider credentials.

How to Get TBS on Roku?

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TBS has been the home for entertainment, where you can watch movies, TV shows, and Originals. To watch TBS on Roku, you need to add the TBS channel to your device account from its Channel Store. The simple procedures you need to follow the get TBS on RokuTV are as follows,

  • Use your Roku remote Home button to open the main page.
  • Select the Streaming Channels option to launch the Channel Store.


  • Tap on the Search box and type the name of the channel “TBS,” and press OK.
  • Highlight TBS from Channel Store and press OK to go to its details page.

TBS on Roku

  • From here, press the Add Channel option and wait for the app to be installed on your Roku device.

You have now successfully installed the TBS channel on your RokuTV. You may also like to read about How to Watch AMC on Roku?

How to Watch TBS on Roku?

Now that you go to the TBS app on your Roku device, you can easily activate it and start streaming its content. Since TV provider credentials are needed to access TBS on RokuTV, here are some of the TV providers with access to TBS,

TV Provider to Access TBS:

  • Spectrum
  • AT&T
  • Xfinity
  • Dish
  • Optimum
  • Verizon
  • Suddenlink

and more. Follow the simple procedures to activate TBS and watch its contents on your device.

  • When you launch the TBS app on RokuTV, you can get the Activation Code on the screen.
  • Visit on your Smartphone or PC web browser.
  • On the My device is… drop-down, select Roku.
  • Now enter the Activation Code from the Roku TV screen here and press Submit.

Activate TBS on Roku

  • In the next step, provide your TV provider subscription credentials.

The TBS channel on your Roku device will refresh and take to you to its home page. From here, you can select the content you want to watch from the TBS app and stream it on your TV. You may also like to read about How to Get Stremio on Roku?

Alternative Method to Watch TBS on Roku:

If you don’t have any TV provider credentials, it is not possible to watch the TBS channel on your Roku devices. But you can access the TBS channel on through a Streaming service that has this channel in its channel lineup. The Streaming service apps available at Channel Store and has a TBS channel in its channel lineup are as follows,

  • YouTube TV
  • Hulu+Live TV
  • Sling (Orange, Blue, Orange+Blue)
  • DIRECTV Stream
  • Spectrum TV

You can subscribe to these streaming services and access the TBS channel on your device. The best way to get TBS on RokuTV would be by using Sling Orange or Sling Blue because it costs just $40 for a subscription. You may also like to read about How to Watch Bravo on RokuTV?

What are the Features of TBS?

The TBS service has many exciting features and benefits to fulfill its users. We have listed the TBS streaming service’s benefits and features on this topic. They are:

  • The TBS streaming service allows us to watch more than 180 Channels on its platform.
  • You can watch the content in the TBS service in 34 languages.
  • You can able to access this streaming service in over 200 countries.
  • Popular shows and content are available on the TBS streaming service.
  • It allows you to watch the News on this TBS streaming site.
  •  You can watch the videos and content in the TBS service in HD quality.

These are all the features and benefits we have mentioned for you in this topic about the TBS streaming service. Install and stream this service on your Roku streaming device and experience more features and highlights of the TBS streaming service practically.


From this article, you can now access the TBS Channel on your Roku devices. If you do have not TV provider credentials, you can try to subscribe to streaming services with the TBS channel and watch it on your Roku TV. Make sure to connect to high-speed internet and update the TBS app and your Roku device to its latest version to avoid errors. Screen mirroring can be taken as the last resort if you are not able to access the TBS app on your device.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the TBS app Free?

With your Cable TV subscription credentials, you can access the TBS app freely on your Smartphone, web browser, Smart TV, and Tablet. The app is also free to download from the respective app stores.

Which is the Best Alternative Channel for TBS on Roku?

TNT, tur TV, Prime Video, Plex, The Roku Channel, Pluto TV, Discovery Plus, Paramount Plus, etc., can be used as an alternative to the TBS channel on your RokuTV.

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