What Channel is Showmax on DStv?

Showmax has been the best shows and kid’s favorites in its huge library. You can also watch Shomax Originals on this internet TV streaming service. It is not mandatory that you need a DStv service to watch Showsmax because you can also access it on any internet-connected device by subscribing to it. But with the DStv premium plan, you can access Showmax for free and on other DStv packages at 50% off. If you add Showmax with your DStv package, you can get access to more content to stream on your TV. Check out this article about what channel is Showmax on DStv to know more about it.

What Channel is Showmax on DStv?


Binge-watch your favorite series now with Showmax on DStv. To do so, you need to visit the Showmax DStv site on your device web browser. You can get Showmax for free with the DStv premium subscription, and it costs R49 per month for Compact and Compact Plus subscriptions. Other DStv customers can watch Showsmax at R99 per month. If you have the following subscription, follow the step given below and watch Showmax on Explora.

NOTE: Make sure that your DStv Explora is connected to a good source of internet with less traffic for seamless streaming.

You can also watch SuperSport on Showmax

; click the link to know more.

How to Activate Showmax on DStv?


  • On your DStv remote, press the Showmax button.
  • Now tap on the Profile button to get the activation code on your TV screen.
  • Open a web browser on any device and go to Showmax Link’s official site.

Activate Showmax

  • Sign in with your credentials and enter the activation code.
  • Tap on the Link option to active Showmax on your DStv Explora.

Now you can watch Showmax on Explora without any worries. With the latest episodes being updated daily, you can catch up with the latest series and old binge-worthy series from its library.

How to Add Showmax to a DStv subscription?

To watch Showmax on Explora, you first need to add it to your subscription packages. If you are to subscribe to the DStv premium package, there is no need for extra payment to add Showmax. But when you subscribe for other plans, you can add Showmax and have to pay the price for it along with the subscription fees. The steps to add Showmax on DStv are as follows,

  • Visit DStv official site and sign in with your credentials.

Showmax DStv

  • Go to the Products section can select DStv Packages.
  • For Premium subscribers, click on Add to finish the subscription.
  • Other subscribers can click on the Link, accept the payment, and tap on Add to complete the process.

Once you activate Showmax on Explora, you can successfully access its shows and series on your TV. After this, you need to sign in at the Showmax website to continue streaming.

If you are already a Shomax subscriber, you can easily add it to DStv and watch it on your TV. For that, you have to follow the steps given here.

  • Go to Showmax’s Official website.
  • Sign In to your Showmax account and go to My Account.
  • Now choose the Manage Subscription option and select Add to DStv.

Provide the DStv details asked for in your account and complete the process to get Showmax on your DStv Explora. DStv also comes in an application such as DStv Now; if you are using FireStick, click on DStv on FireStick to know more.

How to Connect DStv Explora to WiFi?

To watch the Internet TV Showmax on your DStv Explora, you need to connect to a WiFi network. If this is your first time using a DStv Explora box, then the steps provided here will help you with connecting to WiFi. You will need a WiFi router and a DStv WiFi connector that is connected to your DStv Explora box.

DStv WiFi

  • Connect the docking station USB to the back of your DStv Explora box.
  • Land your DStv Connector at the Dock and see for the light turns on, which indicates that it is connected properly and ready to use.
  • The setup wizard works automatically and finds the WiFi networks available.
  • Select your preferred network and enter its password when prompted.

Your DStv Explors is now connected to a WiFi network, and you can start streaming Showmax content on it without any buffers and lags.


Enjoy watching your favorite shows from Showmax on DStv by connecting to a WiFi network. With its large content library, you can watch on-demand series for free. Showmax is the best service you can use to binge-watch your favorite series. Adding Showmax to the Premium subscription gives you access to a large amount of content, and you have no time to watch all of them. Happy binge-watching with Showmax on Explora.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Netflix on DStv?

With the DStv Explora box, you can add Netflix to your DStv account at R169. After subscription, you can watch all the contents of Netflix on DStv.

How much is Prime Video on DStv?

You can add Prime Video to your DStv subscription at an additional cost of R86.37. Complete the payment and activate Prime Vidoe on DStv to watch all its contents on your DStv Explora-connected TV.