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Tis article is dedicated to every sports lover. I know you are here to get the guidelines to stream the SuperSport on Showmax television streaming service. If the app broadcasts movies in all languages and all genres, we call it a premium television streaming service. The app which is streaming all sports content on its site is called SuperSport. Here, the SuperSport is a Television Channel. This entire article will let you know more details about SuperSport and about the Showmax television channel streaming service.

How to Watch SuperSport on Showmax?

The name Showmax is enough to know about this service. You can watch all television content and the Video On Demand Titles on the Showmax platform. If you want to know what titles are available on Showmax, then read this content completely to grasp everything. Here is our way to move forward…

About SuperSport:

SuperSport is a South African Sports Television Channel. This Channel is carried on  Canal+ and DStv. Also, the SuperSport streaming programming is available on the Terrestrial Platform, which is GOtv. On this channel, you can watch Sports Content based on African Countries such as Nigeria, South Africa, and many more. Not one sport is broadcasting many Games on its site.

The Sports which are all available on the SupperSport channel are Rugby, Cricket, Boxing, Golf, Wrestling, Football, Motorsport, Tennis, Cycling, Athletics, and Hockey. These are all the sports that are available on SuperSport, and you can watch the live streaming on this site. Also, it allows you to stream sports content in Zulu, Afrikaans, Xhosa, Amharic, Sotho, English, Portuguese, Pidgin, and Swahili languages on its platform.


In both High-Definition and Standard Definition quality, sports content is available. Multichoice is the owner of the SuperSport television channel. It has many sister channels, such as Zambezi Magic, Africa Magic, Pearl Magic, Akwaaba Magic, Mzansi Magic, Channel O, Me, KykNet, M-Net Movies, M-Net, and much more channels.

The SuperSport channel is available on the DStv streaming service. That we are all well known. But now, we have to know whether the SupperSport s available on Showmax or not. To know the answer to this question, proceed to the next topic and read the content below.

Is SuperSport on Showmax?

Showmax has streaming many sports content on its platform. But the SuperSport is Not Available on the Showmax streaming service. But do not worry about that. Now Showmax service has launched a new app named Showmax Pro. On the Showmax Pro streaming service, you can access the SuperSport content.

The upcoming topic has clear details about the Showmax Pro and streaming the SuperSport content. Why are you still waiting here? Get move to the next topic.

SuperSport on Showmax Subscription:

If I missed telling you that the Showmax and the Showmax Pro is a subscription-based sports streaming services. If you would like to access the SuperSport content outside of South Africa, I will be given the subscription package below as a Table. Also, I have provided the Subscription package of Showmax in South Africa. Here it is.

Country South Africa Validity
Showmax Pro R349 Per Month
Promotional Offer R299 Per Month

Rest of Africa:

Country Rest of South Africa Validity
Showmax USD 7.99 Per Month
Showmax Mobile USD 2.99 Per Month
Showmax Pro USD 17.99 Per Month
Showmax Pro Mobile USD 8.99 Per Month

If you want to activate the Showmax Pro in your region, you have to Install the Showmax streaming service on your streaming device. Only the Showmax subscription user can be allowed to access the Showmax Pro. So, first, we have to Install Showamx on your streaming device. To Know how to refer to the next section. Now, how we have a Free sports streaming service, the same as the FMovieF is also a free online movie streaming site. You can not get this app directly on your device. Tap the link to know more.

How to Stream SuperSport on Showmax?

We have two common Operating System devices such as Android and iOS devices. I will let you know the Installation procedure for both streaming devices. Scroll down and get the steps based on your device.

1). Install Showmax on Android:

Android devices mean you can use Android Smartphones, tablets, Google Chromecast, and Smart TVs. You have a common installation procedure for all these devices.

Steps to Stream SuperSport on Showmax:

  • Turn on your Android TV and connect it to the Internet connection.
  • Then move to the Home screen.
  • Launch the Google Play Store on your Smart TV.
  • Search for “Showmax” in the given search space.
  • Discover your required app from the search lineup below.

Showmax on Google Play Store

  • Then, shoot the Install option.
  • Once the Showmax gets downloaded, Open it.
  • Sign In using the needed details, such as your Username or Email Address.
  • Then, enter the password and get into the Showmax home page.
  • On the Showmax streaming service, you can see the Showmax Pro.
  • Click on it and Install Showmax Pro.
  • Or enable it on your Showmax Streaming service by purchasing the plan.

Search for the SuperSports on Showmax and stream it on your Android streaming device. Now, we move to the next topic to know the installation process of Showmax on your iOS device.

2). Install Showmax on iOS Devices:

iOS Devices mean Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and some more devices. The same procedures are applied to all iOS devices. Here are the steps.

Follow the Guidelines to Stream SuperSports on Showmax:

  • If you have an Apple TV device, the upcoming steps are all for that.
  • Mingle your Apple TV with the standard Wi-Fi source.
  • Then, shift the screen to the home screen.
  • And click on the Apple App Store and launch it on the screen.
  • Tap the search section and search for “Showmax” in the Apple App Store.

Showmax on Apple App Store

  • Dig out the Showmax from the search result.
  • And tap the Install tab to get the app on your iOS device.
  • Launch and Sign In using the credentials of Showmax.
  • Activate the Showmax Pro and search for SuperSport.

Then, start to stream your favorite game on your iOS device. It allows you to stream Live Sports content. Also, you can watch the NBA League, Super Bowl Game, and some other big championship games on its platform. JokerLiveStream |Free Sports Streaming Site is an Internet Protocol Television service. On this site, you can watch all games for free and stream live matches. Exactly the same as the SuperSport.

Our Final Notes:

Steam the SuperSport on Showmax Pro by installing the Showmax app on your device. The Showmax sports content streaming service allows you to access the app outside of South Africa. And importantly, you need to purchase the subscription package on the Showmax app. If you do not have a Showmax active subscription, you can not be able to Activate the Showmax Pro and stream the Live Sports content.

Now, Premier League Today is streaming famously on the Showmax app. Install the app by following the step-by-step guidelines I have given in the above section. If you need any more details about Showmax or any other app, you can mention the app name or your question about this article in the comment box.