What Channel is PBS on DirecTV? Channel Guide

Kids are admired by everyone. Their activities are so cute, and they learn more things by watching cartoons. So, showing the right kids’ channel to our kids is our responsibility. If you think about how to find the best one, no worries, this article will explain everything you require. Learn along with What Channel is PBS on DirecTV. 

What Channel is PBS on DirecTV?

PBS is the best channel for your kids and for adults too. From this article, you can be able to know about the channel and also the channel number on your DirecTV provider. There I have a reason to guide you to the channel number on the DirecTV provider. To know the reason, read over this article for all clear information.

About PBS:

PBS is an American OTA Broadcasting Network. It is a Public Broadcasting Service and a non-profit streaming channel. Funded by the Public. It broadcasts the public television channels such as The Old House, Frontline, Sesame Street, Nova, and PBS NewsHour. 


This network has two programming sectors like PBS Kids and Sports. You can watch the PBS channel content on the PBS Video App. Also, some television channel providers also have a PBS Channel on their subscription channel lineup.

For example, DirecTV. DirecTV is the best television provider to watch the PBS Channel at an affordable price and in good quality. The following section will let you know What Channel is PBS on DirecTV. 

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What Channel is PBS on DirecTV?

Based on the cities and areas, the channel number of PBS on DirecTV differs. So, I have provided some cities in the United States of America and the channel number to know What Channel is PBS on DirecTV.

TV Provider Channel Name Cities Channel Number
DirecTV PBS Houston 8
DirecTV PBS Virginia Beach 15/ 2
DirecTV PBS Milwaukee 36/ 10
DirecTV PBS Portland 10
DirecTV PBS Colombus 34/ 20
DirecTV PBS New York 49/ 50/ 21/ 13
DirecTV PBS Newark 49/ 50/ 21/ 13
DirecTV PBS Las Vegas 10
DirecTV PBS Jackson 29
DirecTV PBS Boston 44/ 11/ 2
DirecTV PBS Baltimore 22
DirecTV PBS Des Moines 11
DirecTV PBS Chicago 56/ 20/ 11
DirecTV PBS Atlanta 8/ 30
DirecTV PBS Wilmington 39/ 23/ 12
DirecTV PBS Los Angeles 58/ 50/ 24
DirecTV PBS Birmingham 10

Here you can get the channel number for your city in the United States of America. Yeah, we learned the channel number, but without the subscription, we can not be able to access even one channel on DirecTV. So, Check the following section in this article to know the DirecTV Subscription.

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PBS on DirecTV Subscription:

DirecTV is a popular Multichannel Television broadcasting provider based in California. It has a Streaming service, Television, IPTV, and Telephone. Before talking more about this, take a look at the Image I have uploaded here:

DIRECTV Satellite Package

Here you can see four kinds of Subscription packages DirecTV provides. Before knowing What Channel is PBS on DirecTV, you have to purchase the subscription packages to stream. So, switch to the channel and watch your favorite content on your TV. Not only the PBS Channel but also you can watch NHL Network on DirecTVthe best sports streaming channel.

DirecTV Features:

In the initial stage of this article, I mentioned the note, “There is a reason I have to choose the DirecTV provider to watch the PBS channel”. Here it is:

  • It Provides high-definition videos to its users.
  • It has 18 million subscribers in the United States of America.
  • AT&T is a Subsidiary of DirecTV provider.
  • 65,000 Video-On -Demand Titles on the DirecTV.
  • Sports Add-On packages.
  • Premium Add-Ons are such as Cinemax, Starz, HBO Max, Epix, and Showtime.
  • Watch More than 340 Live TV.
  • Record TV Shows over 5 complete shows at once.
  • Stream Anywhere at any time.

How to Access PSB on DirecTV?

  • DirecTV provider needs a Clear Line of sight for Southern Sky to receive the Satellite signal.
  • Select the DirecTV package and it needs PSB. Most of the DirecTV plans and packages include PSB Channels.
  • Select the package and contact DirecTV to order the Service. You may be calling the Company customer service number. Otherwise, You can visit its website.  Make sure that specify that you need a package that includes PBS Channel.
  • For that, you have to set up your DirecTV equipment.
  • If you have subscribed to the DirecTV package Then the company will send the Necessary Equipment which includes the Satellite and receiver.
  • You can set up all the Equipment and Activate your device.
  • Stream into the PBS Channel. And watch all your favorite content on DirecTV.

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Best Shows of PBS on DirecTV:

On PBS Channel, you can watch a mixture of entertainment content shows. A few of them are listed below:

  • The Secret of the Dead
  • The Miniaturist.
  • Curious George.
  • The paradise.
  • Sanditon.
  • Miss Scarlet and the Duke.
  • Hotel Portofino.
  • Unforgotten.
  • The Forsyte Saga.
  • Grantchester.
  • Prime Suspect.
  • Les Miserables.
  • Wallander.

To Conclude:

What Channel is PBS on DirecTV?- 38, 8, 15. DirecTV streams thousands of local and premium channels, including PBS. On the PBS Channel, you can also watch News, Sports, and Animated content. Also, it broadcasts the best and most popular TV Shows, which I have given in the above section and more.

All the animated content on PBS is conveying the useful message and the math of science to the children. So, the children can able to learn a good thing by watching the tv. If I have missed providing the channel number for your city, please mention your city name in the comment section.

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