How to Fix Paramount Plus Not Working on Roku?

In life, we may have many issues, but we don’t know the way to solve their issues. But in streaming services, you can get help from some experts or contact customer service in order to solve the issue. Paramount Plus is an American streaming platform that offers various content to stream. So if you have any troubles while streaming its content on your Roku TV screen. Then get help from this guide on how to fix Paramount Plus not working on Roku.  Read this useful guide to solve them using the below-mentioned possible techniques to get rid of this issue.

The Paramount Plus app is one of the streaming platforms that offer streaming on demand and live TV as well as original exclusive content on your compatible device. This service is only available in the United States, so you won’t be able to access its app across any country other than America. Sometimes if you have any issues found while streaming the app, you should try out the below steps which is mentioned below.

How to Fix Paramount Plus Not Working on Roku?

How to Fix Paramount Plus Not Working on Roku?

In this guide, we will let you know some possible ways to fix the issue you are having right now. Then try out these eight effective fixing ways to resolve the issue on your Paramount Plus app. Lets us show you the ways in the below session.

#1. Restart your Router for Paramount Plus not working on Roku

This is the easiest and most frequent way to fix the issue on your streaming service while you are watching on your compatible device. Most of the time, your streaming service may interrupt while streaming any of the content may be due to unstable internet service. So reset your internet provider, such as Router or modem, to resolve the issue.

#2. Un-Install and Reinstall the Paramount Plus app

If the above method doesn’t work, then try to delete the app from your Roku device and then install it again in order to fix the issue. Uninstalling the app from your Roku and reinstalling it may solve the problem while occurring on your Paramount Plus app on Roku.

#3. Plug out your TV and Roku

If it is still not working on your Roku device, then you should need to disconnect your TV and Roku from the power socket. After that, wait for a few seconds and then plug it into the socket after a minute. Once the TV is plugged out, then you should want long to press the hold button for at least 30 seconds.

This technique will help you to keep draining any residual power in the TV, and it will perform a soft reset on your TV. Moreover, it varies from turning off your TV, so make sure to unplug the TV from the socket and wait for at least a minute.

Note: You should want to press the power button from your TV, not on your Tv remote. 

#4. Confirm that your browser is not running Adblock:

First of all, you should want to sign in to the Paramount Plus web browser. Suppose you have any issue when the browser is configured with an Ad blocker such as Adblocker from the extension. If you enable it, then disable it in order to solve the issue.

To fix the issue, you need to disable the adblocker to solve the issue on your Paramount Plus app. For your instance, if you are using the Google Chrome browser, then tap on the Adblock plugin symbol from the upper browser and downside menu by picking the Dont run on pages on this domain. 

#5. Update Paramount Plus App Paramount Plus not working on Roku

Suppose your Paramount Plus app is not updated recently with the new version, then it may cause any issue while streaming on your Roku TV screen. Otherwise, it may be due to some bug or incompatibility. So you should want to update this app regularly or set up your Roku device to auto-update. Whenever the app has a new version, it will update automatically.

In case you are watching on your SmartPhone, then you should update your app in order to stream without any issues.

#6. Restart Roku

If none of the above techniques doesn’t seem to help, then try to restart your Roku device in order to ignore this issue. Moreover, restarting your device may solve many problems, including if your streaming app is not working or your smartphone is not playing any video. Commonly, you should want to switch off your Android device by long pressing the power icon for certain seconds.

#7. Factory Reset Roku

Still, you are facing an issue when you are trying to stream its content on your Roku TV. Then hard reset your Roku device to fix the issue. But make sure that one thing once you reboot your Roku device, it will be deleted all the media and apps. It looks like a new device, so you need to install all the apps, and it appears like a newly bought device.

#8. Reset Roku Remote

In case you are using a Roku remote app, it will have an issue connecting with your Roku device. In certain periods the issue may be found in the Paramount Plus app by connecting with your Roku TV remote. To solve this issue, you should want to confirm whether your Roku remote is working properly or not.

#9. Check that the Paramount Plus server down

Sometimes Paramount Plus server may go down for so time or go offline. Check the app by playing any of the content from the app, and then if you are having an outage while playing the video. In that case, you should want to visit the Paramount Plus official site from any browser to check whether the service is offline or an outage. In case it goes outage, then you should want to wait for it until it is back online.

#10. Contact Customer Support

None of the above methods are not working Paramount Plus app on your Roku device. You should need to fix that problem. If none of them doesn’t work, then you can ask for help from Roku customer support or the Paramount Plus app. Surely, they will provide you with a solution for the issue you are having right now.

Wrapping Up:

Through this help guide, you can get to know how to fix Paramount Plus on a Roku device. Here we mentioned the ten fixed techniques in the given above guide to solving the issue while you are streaming any content from the Paramount Plus app on Roku TV. Suppose you have questions or still not getting any solutions regarding it, then use the comment section below to solve the issue in order to stream.

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