How to Install and Stream Netflix on Philips Smart TV?

Netflix was streaming on everyone’s streaming device because it was famous for its originals and streaming quality. So, today we will see how to Install and Stream Netflix on Philips Smart TV?

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  • What is Netflix?
  • What is Netflix on Philips Smart TV?
  • How to Install Netflix on Philips Smart TV?

From these topics, you can get the information about Netflix on Philips TV in detail.

What is Netflix?

Netflix is the most popular streaming service. And it was an OTT platform. You can watch all originals on the Netflix service by subscribing to the service. You can watch all newly released movies in multi-languages. Also, it streams the web series and lets us watch it in HD quality. And this Netflix service was available on all streaming devices worldwide.

What are the Features of Netflix on Philips Smart TV?

Netflix is a vast network, and you can obtain many benefits and features on this platform. The highlights and benefits list are all given in the below topic. They are:

  • Download > The Netflix service allows you to download the content you want to watch later.
  • Offline Streaming > Also, you can stream the downloaded video offline.
  • Movies > You can watch unlimited movies on the Netflix service.
  • Web Series > The web series is also included in the Netflix platform.
  • Originals > Netflix originals are top-rated worldwide.
  • Kids > The Netflix community contains a particular category for kids.
  • Subscription > Netflix had two kinds of subscriptions monthly and annually. 

These are all the features and benefits we mentioned here about the Netflix service. Get this app on your device, start streaming all the excellent content, and enjoy the moment.

How much does Netflix cost?

We have three subscription options on the Netflix service. You can check the cost of the Netflix subscription packages in the given image.

Netflix Subscription cost

Not only the cost, but also you can check the features and the benefits provided for each subscription plan. The Premium plan is so popular because of the number of devices that can stream simultaneously.

What is Netflix on Philips Smart TV?

As discussed in the first topic,  the Netflix service is applicable to all streaming platforms. So, you can download Netflix from the in-built App Store on your Philips Smart TV.

We have mentioned the direct installation method in the following topic. Also, we provide you with the additional topic and another way to install the Netflix streaming service on your Philips TV.

How to Install Netflix on Philips Smart TV?

We already discussed that the Netflix TV is supported on the Philips Smart TV. So, you can downlaod the Netflix TV streaming service instantly from the Philips App Store in-built on your Smart TV.

👉Step 1: ( Switch On )

First, you need to Switch on your Philips Smart TV device using the remote.

👉Step 2: ( Internet Connection )

Set your device with a high-speed internet connection for speed access.

👉Step 3: ( Smart Hub )

Tap on the Smart Hub key, and go to the home page of your Philips Smart TV using the Philips TV remote.

Smart Hub

👉Step 4: ( Apps )

At the menu bar on the home page, head towards the Apps section.

👉Step 5: ( Philips App Store)

Click on the search icon at the Philips App Store and Find Netflix in the given search bar.

👉Step 6: ( Get )

Tap on the Get option to download the Netflix streaming service on your streaming device. 

👉Step 7: ( Open )

Unwrap the installed Netflix app from your device’s home screen.

How to Screen Mirroring Netflix on Philips Smart TV?

Already we have installed the Netflix streaming service instantly from the in-built App Store on your Philips Smart TV. Now, we have to get this method by the screen mirroring method. Let us see what is required and how to do this:

Cast using Android:

Follow the given guidelines in the below space.

👉Step 1: ( Set Internet Connection )

First, bind your Android phone and Philips Smart TV with the same Wi-Fi network.

👉Step 2: ( Web Browser )

Over to any Browser in-built on your Android device and tap on the search symbol.

👉Step 3: ( Search )

And search for Netflix in the given search field.

👉Step 4: ( Visit the Home Page )

After finding Netflix from the given list, press the link to unfold it.

👉Step 5: ( Open )

Unfold the Netflix official streaming service on your Philips Smart TV device. 

👉Step 6: (Login)

After launching Netflix from your Android phone, click on the log-in section and head to your user account credential.

👉Step 7: ( Play and Cast )

Pick the video content and play it on your TV screen on the Netflix home screen. Tap on the Cast option given on the video streaming screen.

Netflix casting symbol

👉Step 8: ( Choose Philips TV device )

The android phone lets you the list of streaming devices nearby you to connect. You have to choose and click on the Philips Smart TV on the screen.

You need to wait on this page for a while because your device was in the process. After they are connected, you can stream Netflix on your Philips Smart TV big screen. 

Airplay iOS devices:

Read the step-by-step guidelines to get the installation procedure on your iPhone or iPad.

👉Step 1: ( Set Internet )

Merge your iPhone device and Philips Smart TV with a similar internet source.

👉Step 2: ( Web Browser )

On the iOS devices, you had a Web Browser service; open the service on your iOS device.

( Note: You can use Safari or Firefox for better search speed )

👉Step 3: ( Search )

Click on the URL box to find the required Netflix streaming service in the given search field.

👉Step 4: ( Install Netflix )

Determine the Netflix app from the search lineup and tap on the Install streaming service.

👉Step 5: ( Stream )

Search for the beloved content in the required Netflix streaming service.

👉Step 6: ( Airplay )

Tap on the Airplay symbol in the video screening window which is mentioned in the image.

airplay on tv

👉Step 7: ( Select Philips TV device )

Tap on the Philips Smart TV name in the list of the streaming device. Stay on this page for some time to connect your devices.

Netflix not Working on Philips Smart TV:

If sometimes, you have to face this problem with streaming Netflix on your streaming devices. We will mention the steps to clear all those issues in the following space. They are:

  • Restart your Philips Smart TV
  • Sign Out and Sign In again with the Netflix streaming service.
  • Check the Internet Connection.
  • Disconnect and Reconnect your Wi-Fi router with the Philips TV.
  • Uninstall and Reinstall the Netflix from your Philips streaming TV.
  • Check the Subscription Package validity to renew.

These are all the primary reasons for fixing the problem of Netflix not Working on Philips Smart TV. If it is required, you can use it on your device.

Our Final Notes:

The topic of Netflix on Philips TV is more interesting to talk about with you. We have mentioned the features and subscription cost of the Netflix service, and also we have provided the installation method of Netflix on your Philips Smart TV streaming device. I hope you feel the same because Netflix gives us enjoyment through its content input.

You can ask anything about this content in the following comment space anytime with me. We have a responsibility to reply to you. So, do not hesitate to ask doubts and clarifications. We will connect with your comments as soon as possible.

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