How to Get Peacock TV on Apple TV? WWE Summerslam 2023

Peacock is a subscription-based streaming service platform and it is owned by NBC Universal and also adds original Shows, TV programs, and Blockbuster Movies. There are many Sports games and tournaments telecast on this Network such as Football, premier league, and the MLB games. In addition, Peacock TV has gets rights to broadcast the WWE Summerslam tournament. Moreover, this Tournament is going to Start in August Month. Let’s Get started on How to Get Peacock TV on Apple TV.

How to Get Peacock TV on Apple TV

How to Get Peacock TV On Apple TV?

There is a direct way to stream the Peacock TV application from your Apple TV app Store. So it is easy to download the application from it. If you are using an Apple 4th generation TV or the latest TV, you can download the Peacock TV application from the App Store. Before proceeding with the steps, ensure you have connected your device with a stable internet connection.

The Steps are:

Apple TV Home page

  • From the Apple TV Home page.

Apple tv app store

  • Click the App Store option.
  • In the search bar click the Peacock TV app by using a Virtual Keyboard.
  • Hit the Application from the list.

Peacock TV Apple TV

  • Afterward, Click the download button.
  • If the application is downloaded then you have to sign in to your account to stream the content.

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How to get Peacock TV on Apple TV- [Using Browser]

You can get an app store by default on your Apple TV device. But, also this is one of the methods to download the application on your Apple TV using its browser.

The Steps are:

  • Open the browser on your Apple Tv device.
  • Find the App Store for Apple TV.
  • Then enter the Peacock TV app on the Search bar.
  • Select the application from the list.

Peacock TV Apple TV

  • Click the Install button.
  • If the application is downloaded the app will be added to the Apple TV app list.

How to Activate Peacock TV on Apple TV?

We have mentioned the two possible ways to download the Peacock TV application on your Apple TV device. Once the application is installed then you can activate the application to stream its content.

The Steps are:

  • Open the Peacock TV app on your device.

Create Account on Peacock TV

  • Click the Sign in option it will show you the activation code on the screen.
  • Note down the code.
  • Then move to the browser on another device like PC, Smartphone.
  • Visit the website

Activation code

  • Now You have to enter the activation code and click Continue.
  • After that, Sign in with your account using the information.

If the Process is completed then you have to relaunch the application to stream your favorite movies, shows, and programs.

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Subscription Plan for Peacock TV

Peacock Tv provides two types of subscription packages called Peacock TV Premium (With Ads) and Peacock TV Premium Plus (Without Ads). In addition, you can get Seven days of a free trial Package. Here we attach the Image for the subscription. In case, if you are not satisfied with its service then you can cancel the Peacock TV subscription.

Peacock TV subscription

Alternate Way: Peacock TV on Apple TV using Airplay Method

The Peacock TV application is only available on the latest version of Apple TV devices. In case, are you using a 3rd generation of Apple TV or older? Then you can Airplay method to stream the content.

The Steps are:

  • Initally, you have to make the same and stable internet connection to your devices.
  • Download the application Peacock TV app from the App Store on your iPhone/ iPad.
  • Open the downloaded Peacock TV application and sign in with your account.

Airplay Icon

  • Click the Airplay icon option from the top right side of the screen.
  • From that, choose the Apple Tv device from the list.
  • Once your device gets connected then you can see the Peacock TV app on your Apple TV.
  • Now you can choose the content that you want to stream on your TV.

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2023 Trends on Peacock TV

Peacock TV has the best entertainment video streaming service and you can get tons of Amazing content. Other than that, it has lots of Original shows, programs, and Movies such as Pocker Face, Yellowstone, Bel-Air, and more.

Now Peacock Tv is focused to cover the Sports events such as WWE Summerslam. It is a wrestling tournament, Moreover, there are two Wrestling champions fighting each other in the Field. This is a mass and Ultimate fight event, Don’t miss watching this tournament. The further section will share the time and streaming platforms information in detail. Refer to it.

WWE Summerslam Schedule 2023

The Fighting Tournament is going to be conducted this August Month. In that, you can get to stream the Popular WWE Summerslam on August 5, 2023. You can stream the Live events on Peacock TV and NBC Network. Apart from that, You can stream this event On-demand content on NBC. Here we demonstrate the tabular column refer to this and watch WWE Summerslam on time.

WWE Summerslam 2023 Schedule
Date Time Fight With
5, August, 2023
7.30 PM
Cody Rhodes Vs Brock Lesnar
Rollins Vs Finn Balor


The Ending Words

In Short, We conclude this article, we have mentioned the information on How to Get Peacock TV on Apple TV. You can use Two possible methods to download the app on your device, using the app store or using the browsing method. Additionally, we have included the methods to stream the content if you are having an older model Apple TV device. Most important, Now the Peacock TV Network has broadcast the tournament from WWE Summerslam 2023 on this Platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Stream WWE Summerslam on PPV?

You can get to stream a WWE Summerslam at PPV (Pay-per-View) at the Cost of $44.99 by using your Cable or satellite TV provider.

How Can I Watch WWE Summerslam outside the US?

If you live across the United States. If you need to stream WWE Summerslam then you can use an WWE Network. Most important, you have to connect the VPN server for your security purpose.

Does WWE PPV is free on Peacock TV?

There is no free streaming, You can stream a WWE on Peacock TV with its basic subscription package as Peacock Premium. In addition, it allows you to watch the WWE online such as Premium Pay-Per-View Events such as Wrestlemania and Royal Rumble with no additional Cost.

Can I Stream WWE for Free?

You can stream WWE Summerslam with a subscription to Peacock TV or PPV. Otherwise, you can use a YouTube TV service to watch its content free of its free trial days.

Can I stream WWE on Hulu?

Not everyone can stream the content WWE on the Hulu streaming service, Becasue it is not officially available on this service. If you are a new subscriber then you can get a Free trial day. Then you can utilize this offer day to stream the WWE event.