How to Install XCIPTV Apk on Firestick/Fire TV? Updated 2023

XCIPTV Apk Firestick is one of the best media player applications accessible to Android Phones, Android TV, and Android Tab. XCIPTV app is thoroughly well-designed and copyrighted. Using this app is so much easier, especially for OTT service suppliers. Install XCIPTV on FireStick to stream your favorite content. XCIPTV also provides Exoplayer and VLC players accommodated with the HLS streaming option. Exoplayer, considered one media player app, serves as the best substitute for Android’s media player. It is similar to other media players such as IPTV Smarters and Tivimate for those who intimate these apps. 


how to install XCIPTV On Firestick

Moving from one end to another is accessible in the XCIPTV app because of its user-friendly interface. To navigate, you can use Android TV Remote by installing the XCIPTV application on your Android phone, television, and tab. Let’s see how to download and install XCIPTV For FireStick. We advised you to use a VPN service on your Fire TV for an anonymous streaming experience. 

This IPTV’s interface is amazing and user-friendly as well as provides a great streaming experience without any lagging or buffering. Also, this app is like MX players, IPTV Smarters, and VLC players. This service is used to watch many unverified IPTV platforms on your Fire TV. So you need to add a VPN to your Firestick for your safety concern. Now we are going to talk about how to download XCIPTV on firestick in simple ways.

How to Download XCIPTV Apk on Firestick Via Downloader?

Since it is not available on the Amazon App Store directly, you need to sideload the app using the downloader app. However, in the below steps, we will explain to you the installation guide for the downloader app on Firestick. 

  • First of all, get into the Fire TV main menu.
  • Prompt to the Find menu and tap on the Search icon.
  • Look for the downloader app on the Amazon App Store.
  • Pick the right app to install by tapping on Get or Install tab.
  • It will start to download and then launch it.
  • Now tap to Allow option from the popup notification.
  • Again tap the OK tab and then locate the Downloader apps main menu.
  • Enter the download URL on the respective field.
  • Further tap on the GO tile.
  • It will start to download on your device.
  • Next, tap on the Install tab in order to launch it.
  • Again tap on the Done tab.
  • Now you have successfully installed the XCIPTV apk on your Fire TV.

Note: Don’t forget to Delete the apk file after you install the XCIPTV apk on your Firestick device.

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How to Set Up XCIPTV on Firestick?

  • Launch the XCIPTV app on your Fire TV and then wait for it to load completely.
  • Search XCIPTV in the search box and fill in all your login details to get into the app.

xciptv for firestick

  • Now tap to Allow tile to access the media from your Fire TV.
  • Further, wait for some time to update the media content.
  • Finally, you can watch all your XCIPTV content on your Firestick on your screen.

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Sideload XCIPTV Apk on Amazon Firestick

XCIPTV helps you to stream live IPTV channels through the IPTV services. It provides channels based on the countries section( USA, UK, Canada) and events section (News, Sports, NFL, NHL). Once the installation process is over, open the live TV channels option to find several different tracks on one single platform.

If you are interested in watching the channels based on countries like the USA, then select the channel USA, which lists out all the USA-based channels without any cable TV subscription. Here you can watch any of your favorite channels at an affordable price. 

Since both Cable TV and Satellite TV subscription costs much to stream your favorite channels, you can use this IPTV software where you can watch anything at a low cost. And this is the procedure to Install XCIPTV For FireStick.

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How to Add Channels to favorites?

The best thing to add channels as favorites in XCIPTV is possible. Let’s see the steps to add tracks as favorites in XCIPTV…

1) Firstly, launch the XCIPTV and locate any channel of your wish and long hold, give OK on your Remote.


2) Secondly, once the selected channel is clicked as “Star,” it will be added as a favorite.


3) After adding favorites, hover back to the Channel category in XCIPTV and tap on Favorites.


4) Meanwhile, you can see that the Selected Channel will now be on your favorites list.

5) Similarly, to remove a favorite channel from your list, again, long hold the channel until the Star icon disappears. And this is the procedure to Install XCIPTV For FireStick.


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How to Add External Players on XCIPTV on Firestick?

As mentioned earlier, XCIPTV also supports external players like VLC, MX Player, FX Player, etc. Let’s see how to add a VLC player in XCIPTV on Firestick.

1) The Foremost thing to do is launch the XCIPTV home screen and hover the “Settings” in the last option after the Radio and favorite.


2) Subsequently, choose the Player option in the first row after the options like Account and Video size to add the VLC player.

external player

3) From the list of players shown in XCIPTV, Highlight the VLC player and give the OK so that the VLC player will be added.

VLC player

4) As a result, the VLC player will now be integrated with the XCIPTV, and you can enjoy the external player.

VLC player

Features of XCIPTV Apk Media Player

  • It contains live TV content with an Electronic Program guide(EPG), which lists the accessible channels on the screen.
  • Here you can watch all your favorite series content.
  • Adding your favorite channels and events to your list is possible.
  • You can get on-demand video channels with IMDb’s information.
  • Since it has parental control, you can avoid unnecessary content from the updates.
  • It offers several language contents.
  • You can also record your favorite content to watch at your convenient time.
  • Often updates you with the maintenance information.
  • You can connect with multiple devices.
  • Fully branded and customizable.
  • We can change the portal address, and you can update your contact at any time.

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What devices can I Install on XCIPTV APK?

Though this app is most of all included on all devices that run with Android OS. Additionally, it is available on Amazon Fire TV and all Android devices as well. So check before you install the app on your device whether it is running with Android Operating System or not. If not, then you can cast or screen mirror its content on your device from an Android device that is available from the Google Play Store officially.

Alternatives for XCIPTV to Firestick

  • Flix IPTV
  • IPTV Extreme
  • Smart IPTV
  • Sportz TV IPTV


XCIPTV media player is the best choice for watching any content. Here you don’t need any cable TV or satellite TV subscription; instead, you can enjoy all the content at a low cost on one single platform. Now we understand how to get XCIPTV on Firestick. We use the simple types of methods mentioned above. I hope this article will help you with XCIPTV For FireStick.  Don’t skip any lines till the end. If you have any doubts, then comment below. Thank You.  

Frequently asked questions

1. Is the XCIPTV Player app free to use?

Yes, you can use XCIPTV Player free of cost.

2. What devices support XCIPTV Player APK?

  1. Android Smartphone
  2. NVIDIA Shield
  3. Android Smart TV
  4. Kodi Android Box
  5. Fire Cube
  6. Android SmartWatch
  7. Android TV Box
  8. FireStick, Fire TV

3. Is XCIPTV Player APK safe from viruses?

Yes, XCIPTV Player APK is safe as it is free from viruses.

4. What to do when XCIPTV For FireStick is not working?


XCIPTV Player app fails to function sometimes because of a poor internet connection. So adjust your internet connection to fix the issue.

5. How to fix the common issues of  XCIPTV For FireStick?

XCIPTV Player fails to work sometimes due to many reasons. Follow the below-given steps to fix the issues.

  • Sometimes it is due to an improper loading problem, so in such a case, click the recent app menu and then close everything to fix the issue.
  • Reboot your device and then open the app.
  • If nothing works, drain your battery until your Android mobile turns off. And then, charge the device and switch it on the device.
  • Also, sometimes you can uninstall and reinstall the app. Android puts back all the information after reinstalling it so you can check whether the issue is fixed.

6. Why do the XCIPTV Player app notifications fail to work?

Go to the option Apps and click XCIPTV Player, and then select Notifications to verify whether the option is enabled or not. Enable the option if it is not allowed.

7. How to fix the XCIPTV Player on Firestick installation issues?

  • First of all, check whether the internet connection is proper and speedy.
  • Secondly, look over your device storage capacity because you cannot install the app if your device has no space.
  • Also, check whether the application you are installing is accessible on the Android version.

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