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Are you digging into an entertainment network, then FOX is a great channel to stream on your streaming services, even on your basic cable TV or satellite network as well. Fox has much on-demand content and lives sports to watch on your TV and your mobile device through the FOX app. If you want to know the channel number for FOX on DirecTV, then read continuously to get your answer.

What Channel is FOX on DIRECTV?

What is Fox Channel?

Fox is a FOX Network Group (FNG), abbreviated as Fox Broadcasting Company that FOX calls. This is a United States commercial broadcast TV network owned by Fox corporation and New York City headquarters.

In October 1986, this channel became the most popular among its competitors of three TV networks in America NBC, CBS, and ABC. The fourth TV network became more popular among all of the networks, and it was a successful attempt at their channel. FOX’s additional offices are located in the Fox broadcasting center in New York and then the Fox TV center in Los Angeles.

Apart from that, it became the most-watched US TV network from 2007 to 2008 in total viewers. This channel made a good history on its successful journey, and it was the top-rated free-to-broadcast network in the 18 to 49 demo from 2004- 2012 even in 2020. Also, check What Channel is ABC on DirecTV?

What Channel is Fox on DirecTV?

In this section, you can learn What Channel is Fox on DirecTV. Grab the DirecTV remote and enter the channel number given below. Here the channel number is;

TV Provider Channel Name Location Channel Number
Fox Network
Los Angeles, CA 11
Baltimore, MD 45
Phoenix, AZ 10
Sacramento, CA 40
Chicago, IL 32
Memphis, TN 13
New York City, NY 5
Oklahoma City, OK 25
Houston, TX 26
Seattle, WA 13
San Antonio, TX 29
Charlotte, NC 46
Philadelphia. PA 29
New Orleans, LA 8
Tampa. FL 13
Arlington, TX 4
Minneapolis, MN 9
Oakland, CA 2
Miami, FL 7
Colorado Springs, CO 21
Kansas City, MO 4
Atlanta, GA 5
Mesa, AZ 10
Fresno, CA 26
Tucson, AZ 11
Albuquerque, NM 16
Milwaukee, WI 6
Louisville, KY 41
Detroit, MI 2
Nashville, TN 17
Boston, MA 25
Washington, DC 5
Columbus, OH 28
San Francisco, CA 2
Fort Worth, TX 4
Austin, TX 7
San Jose, CA 2
Dallas, TX 4
San Diego, CA 69

So, you can see a list of channel numbers here. Based on the area Zip Code, the Fox TV Channel number has changed. So grab the right channel number for your area. And then switch it on the DirecTV remote. Then, watch the live iHeart Music Awards 2023 on the Fox channel. Following the iHeart Music Awards, the Masters Golf Tournament 2023 is going to stream on the ESPN channel. So, grab What Channel is ESPN Pus on DirecTV?

iHeart Music Awards 2023:

On March 27 (2023), the iHeart Music Awards started. And Fox is the Official Television Broadcasting Partner to steam live of iHeart Music Awards. At, The Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, the iHeart Music Awards is going to show. And Lenny Kravitz is the Host of the iHeart Music Awards.

iHeart Music Awards on Fox

Taylor Swift, Lizzo, Doja Cat, Harry Styles, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Drake, Morgan Wallen, Jack Harlow, and more people are nominated for the iHeart Music Awards. Lenny Kravitz, Pink, Coldplay, Kelly Clarkson, and some others are Performing on the iHeart Music Awards stage.

How to Watch the iHeart Music Awards on DirecTV?

So, we know that the Fox Network is the Official Television broadcasting partner to live telecast the iHeart Music Awards entire ceremony. So, check What Channel is Fox on DirecTV in the above section. And Watch the Music Awards on March 27th (Monday) (2023). If you love to watch the FIFA World Cup on your TV, then check, What Channel is FIFA World Cup on DirecTV?


FOX channel is the topmost channel in America, and DirecTV has a line upon a channel in their list with specific packs. Also, it is an affordable one to subscribe and finding your FOX channels varies on where you live. Here we give the list of channel numbers according to their states and cities. If you can’t find your channel number, comment below.


1. What channel is FOX News on DirecTV?

Fox HD channel number is 360 on DirecTV for all tiers.

2. Does the FOX channel available on the local channels?

Yes, you can stream it on your local broadcast channel, and it is often available through your quality Antenna or Dish. However, you can get this on some streaming services like Hulu+, Amazon Prime, and more.

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