What Channel is ESPN Plus on DirecTV? NCAA/MLB

So much is happening around and You have no Clue How to Get all that in One Take? Right! No, I am not talking about your life! But the Madness that the March has Created with all the Sports Streaming, airing, and Making us all go Crazy.And If you want Something that can help you out and get you into the Madness. Right here, Know What Channel is ESPN Plus on DirecTV.Read and It will be all Worth your Time.

What Channel is ESPN Plus on DirecTV

What is ESPN Plus?

If you are Just Searching for What Channel is ESPN PLUS, Then Stop right there. As ESPN Plus is not a Cable TV Channel to access. It is one of the Streaming Service Provided as an Add on to Espn’s Core Linear Networks. This Streaming Service offers all the Content Exclusively that is available on the Other Networks of the Same.

The Streaming Service does provide you with a Vast Collection of Games to Stream and Watch the Trending On Going Seasonal Sports Events Live. But What if you Just Want to Watch Sports on your Cable TV? Well, Scroll down, we have a way out.

Can you Get ESPN Plus on DirecTV?

Absolutely Not. You cannot Get ESPN PLUS ON YOUR DIRECTV Since it is not available on Local Cable or Satellite TV Providers. Although, it is Still Possible to access the Contents that Streams live on the App.

To your Knowledge, the ESPN+ is a Streaming App that is from the ESPN Network. So all its Content can still be accessible on Cable TV in the form of Cable TV Channels. Therefore, if you can access the Sister or the Related Channels of the Network, you can Possibly Start Watching any Sports that you want.

On Any Othe Providers: Verizon Fios


What Channel is ESPN PLUS on DirecTV?



Though this is not a Cable TV Channel available on your DirecTV.You can use the below Channels to Watch the Sports that you want on your TV Screens. Here we have enlisted the Channel Numbers of the ESPN PLUS Related Services where you can Stream Live Broadcasting of your Favourite Game Events.

ESPN on ABC 206
ESPN 2 209
ESPN Classic 614
ESPN Deporters 466
Longhorn Network 407
SEC Network 611
ACC Network 612


Tune into the Above Channel Numbers using your TV Remote and You can Start Watching the Sports Airing live on your Television Boxes.

What’s on ESPN Plus Now?

The Defintion for the Game Channel is the ESPN, Which Stands for the Entertainment and Sports Programming Network. This Network offers viewers a Broad Inclusion of Sports, Games, Events, and Other Programming.

From letting you watch Major League Soccer and Baseball, Hockey, football, NFL, NHL, The PGA, Rugby, MMA, Cricket, Boxing, and all that you desire to watch.

Currently, What People are Wanting to Watch are as follows.

  • MLB Sunday Night Baseball.
  • MLB Select Spring Training.
  • The Masters.
  • UFC 287.
  • NCAA – Women’s Basketball.
  • NCAA – Men’s Ice Hockey Championship.

And Here is a Question, Do you want to Watch all this at your Home? Obviously, You do! Get Along and Continue Reading to Know How to Access the ESPN Plus App.

Where to Watch ESPN PLUS?

ESPN + is a Streaming Service platform and is Supported on a Number of Devices. Such as the Web Browsers, Smartphones, Streaming Devices, Gaming Consoles, Smart TVs, and the Other as Set Top Box.

Look at the Tabulated Supported Devices of ESPN Plus and Get access to Streaming Live Sports Programming and Watch On Demand Game events on your Big Screens.

WEB BROWSERS : ESPN+ Web Browser and System Requirements
Android Phones and Tablets
Apple: iPhone and iPads
Amazon Fire Tablet
Amazon Fire TV
Apple TV
Android TV Devices
Samsung Smart TVs TIZEN
Xfinity Flex X1 TV Box
Cox Contour TV
Contour Stream Player


But Before you can Install the Streaming App on Compatible Devices, You will need to make sure that you have Signed in for the App. Yes! This ESPN Plus is a Subscription Based Streaming Service App Perfect for Sports Lovers does need some bucks to Work on.

Sign Up for ESPN Plus :

  • First of all, Visit the Official ESPN PLUS Home Page.
  • On the Page, Click on the Sign Up Now Option.

Sign Up with ESPN +

  • If you already have an account, Log in using your ESPN Account Credentials.

ESPN Plus on DirecTV

  • And if you are a New User, You can choose to Click on Sign Up and Create a New One. Also, You can use your Facebook account details to sign in.


  • Go to the ESPN + Website, Click on the Subscribe to Espn + only  Option appearing on the Home page.
  • When you Sign in Via any of the two Ways displayed, Your account will be linked to that of the ESPN App.
  • Now, On the Create Account Page, Fill in all the required information on the Page.
  • Agree to the terms and Conditions and then Click on the Signup Button.

Activate the ESPN App on your Device :

Once you have installed the ESPN Plus App on your Compatible Streaming Devices, you can move on to actiavte it in order to access the Streaming of your Favourite Sports Events.

  • Launch the Installed ESPN App on your Device.
  • On the Top Right Corner of your Screen. Click on the Settings Option ( Gear Icon ).
  • Select the Account Information and then Click on the ESPN Account Log in.

Login with ESPN Plus

  • You will receive an activation code on your Screens.
  • Now, Visit the Activate Website of the App Service via your Smartphone or PC.

Activate ESPN Plus

  • Enter the Activation Code that you have received and Press Continue.
  • Tap on Continue Again and Now you have Logged in and Activated your Account.
  • Finally on the Home Screen of the App, On the Top, Press the ESPN+ Tab.
  • Tap Sign up now using your Account Credentials and Subscribe to Get access to Streaming the Content on the ESPN PLUS APP ON your TV or Other Compatible Devices.

How Much is ESPN Plus on DirecTV?

espn plus on directv

ESPN Plus requires you to have a Paid Subscription in order to access its Streaming and Watch Non-Stop Sports on your Devices.

Therefore, The App Services offers two Subscription Packages that are based on Monthly and Yearly Packs.

The Subscription Plans and Prices are mentioned below :

Monthly Subscription: Pay $ 9.99 Per Month.

Annual Subscription: Pay $99.99 Per Year.

Watch on ESPN PLUS ON DirecTV :

So, you have finally the App that you always wanted and is Perfect for your if you are a Die for Sports or you Live for it. There are a number of Events going around and Let us see When can you Watch all that on your TV Either DirecTV or Indirect TV -Streaming is Sure!



You can Watch the MLB Sunday Night Baseball Games in 2023 which are televised live on the ESPN Networks. It is available on Cable TV, Satellite TV Providers as well as Streaming Services. The Baseball League is Scheduled to Begin on the 30th of March and the Regular Season to End on October 1. Watch the Live Streaming of the Games Televising on your DirecTV or Any Other TV Screen at 7 p.m. on Thursday 30 March.

For More Refer to:

MLB Network on FiOS

MLB TV on Optimum



MLB Select Spring Training ESPN Plus

Do you Want to Watch some more Baseball? Watch Right here, The MLB Spring Training is here. You can Watch the Telecasts of the live Matches Every day on ESPN + App and On DirecTV or any Other TV Provider, Watch on the ESPN Cable TV Channels.

Tune into the Channel or Install the App before watching the MLB Select Spring Training will End on the 28th of March. So Hurry Up Guys and Get your Streaming.

THE MASTERS 2023 on ESPN Plus :

The Masters ESPN Plus 2023

PGA Tour with the Golf Tournament of the year, The MASTERS 2023, will be Aired on ESPN, ESPN+, and CBS( Paramount Plus App )  Each Year.

Starting from April 6, 2023, Thursday, and Concluding on April 9, 2023. Tune in to the Channel at 5:00 pm and Watch the Live streaming on your TV.

UFC 287 :

UFC 287 Espn Plus

Ready to Watch Some Packed Up Night with Some Championship Fights with your Subscribed ESPN+ App? Switch On your TV Boxes and Access the Live Streaming of the Blockbuster Fights on your Screen. Starting from April 8, 2023, You can Start Watching the live Matches Via the Streaming App .and Some Cool Fights to Get thrilled at your Home.


NCAA Women's Basketball 2023

The NCAA Women’s Basketball is going to be held in Kansas City, MO. But you can get it at your Home. How? ESPN Plus. You can Watch the Final Four of the NCAA Women’s Basketball on Saturday, April 1 at 4:30 AM only on the ESPN Plus App on the Supported Streaming Devices.

NCAA Men’s Ice Hockey Championship :

NCAA Men's Ice Hockey Championship 2023 on ESPN Plus

Watch the Championship Season with the Exclusive Coverage of the NCAA Men’s Ice Hockey Tournament through any of the ESPN Network Platforms. Tune in to the TV Channel or the Streaming App on April 8, Saturday and Watch the Live Championship Matches at your Home.

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Bottom Line

Oh! You are here which means that you kept Reading the article and I Assure you that you would not Regret all the Sports Events you are Streaming on the Big Screens.

Subscribe, Tune in to the Channels, and Then All you have to do is Book your Dates with the Sports. Your Weekends and Weekdays will all be Packed up with the Best Ever Sports and Game events of the year.

Take a Sip of the Drink, Shout Out Some Cheers, and Later thank us here.