What Channel is Astros Game on Spectrum? | 2024 Live |

Astros was a Professional Baseball team in the Major League Baseball Association. Now, the Astros are playing in the 2024 MLB Regular Season. If you are an Astros team fan, definitely the live streaming is eye treat for you. Have the Spectrum TV provider and do not know What Channel is Astros Game on Spectrum? Do not worry about it.

What Channel is Astros Game on Spectrum?

In this article, we will provide the channel name with the number to watch the live Astros game on the Spectrum cable tv provider. Not one, we have more live sports tv channels to watch the 2024 MLB Regular seasons on TV. Continue reading the page to know more…

About Houston Astros:

Houston Astros is shortly called the Astros. And they are all on the American Professional Baseball Team. In the West Division, the Houston Astros Competed in Major League Baseball. Also, they are a Member Club in American League. 

What Channel is Astros Game on Spectrum

What Channel is Astros Game on Dish.

What Channel is Astros Game on Spectrum?

Here, check the table to learn What Channel is Astros Game on Spectrum. Many cable tv channels are streaming live sports on its platform. I have listed the live MLB games broadcasting channels in the table below;

TV Provider Channel Name Channel Number
MLB Network 326/ 306/
Fox Sports 1 400
TBS 50
ESPN+ 440/ 302/ 370

So, we have four cable tv channels to watch the Astros Game on Spectrum. The 2024 MLB Regular season is going interesting now. So, do not waste the time. Grab the Spectrum TV remote and switch the channel number. Watch live sports.

Astros Game on Spectrum Subscription:

Not only the channel number but also you need the active Spectrum TV subscription package to watch Live Major league Baseball games on your TV. So, check the image below to know the Spectrum TV Provider Subscription cost.

Spectrum Subscription Plan

Here it is. You can verify this subscription package on the Spectrum official site. Or, also check it out on the Spectrum TV streaming service. Now, you can purchase, renew, and watch all live tv channels anywhere at any time with the Spectrum TV app. Do not forget to check the Subscription plan offer for your area. Also, the Xfinity tv provider also supports streaming live MLB games. Do you want to know What Channel is Astros Game on Xfinity is, here click on this link.

Astros Game 2024 Schedule 

3 April 2024 Wednesday 8 . 10 PM Blue Jays vs Astros
5 April 2024 Friday 8 . 05 PM
Rangers vs Astros
6 April 2024 Saturday 7 . 50 PM
7 April 2024 Sunday 7.10 PM
8 April 2024 Monday 8.05 PM
9 April 2024 Tuesday 7.40 PM
Royals vs Astros
10 April 2024 Wednesday 7.40 PM
11 April 2024 Thursday 2.10 PM
12 April 2024 Friday 8.10 PM
Rangers vs Astros
13 April 2024 Saturday 4.05 PM
14 April 2024 Sunday 2.10 PM
15 April 2024 Monday 8.10 PM
Braves vs Astros
16 April 2024 Tuesday 8.10 PM
17 April 2024 Wednesday 2.10 PM
19 April 2024 Friday 6 . 45 PM
Nationals vs Astros
20 April 2024 Saturday 4.05 PM
21 April 2024 Sunday 1.35 PM
23 April 2024 Monday 7 . 40 PM
Astros vs Cubs
24 April 2024 Tuesday 7.40 PM
25 April 2024 Wednesday 2.20 PM
27 April 2024 Friday 6.05 PM
Rockies vs Astros
28 April 2024 Saturday 4.05 PM
30 April 2024 Sunday 8 . 10 PM Guardians vs Astros


What Channel is Astros Game on Spectrum? On, MLB, FS1, ESPN, and more channels you can watch Live MLB Games. Scroll up and check the channel codes for these channels on Spectrum Cable TV Provider. Not only the Houston Astros Live games but also, you can watch other Major League Baseball team players live games on your TV. Do you want to know about any other MLB Team? drop the team name in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1). How to Watch Astros Game Without Cable?

You can watch the Houston Astros Live games on MLB TV, ESPN, Fox Sports, TBS, and some live MLB Sports streaming services. You can get these apps on all official App stores. But you have to get the Game Pass to watch the live baseball games on TV.

2). Can I Watch Astros Game for Free?

Yes. But not permanently. External streaming services like Hulu Plus Live TV, Sling TV, Fubo TV, Peacock TV, and more like this are streaming the MLB Games on its platform. But you have to purchase the Subscription plan. If you would like to watch for free, use the Free Trial period and cancel it before the time ends.