What Channel is Astros Game on Dish?MLB 2024

The Huston Astros are still building up and are improving rapidly every game. You can now watch the Astros Games live on your DISH Network with the MLB Broadcasting channels. Get the Huston Astros regional broadcasting channel on your DISH Network and watch every game live on it. Here you can find the channel number for the Astros game along with their schedules. With this article, you can now never miss Astros Game on your DISH cable service.

You can also learn more about the streaming options that come with the DISH Anywhere app and the AT&T SportsNet app on its supported devices. The T-Mobile Tuesdays app can give you the MLB TV subscription for free, only when you are a T-Mobile subscriber or user.

Updates on the Huston Astros:


  • The Huston Astros are now with 3 wins and 5 losses, placed third in the American League West Division on the points table.
  • Astros LF Michael Brantley travels to Florida for Rehab for his shoulder Surgery. He is expected to return later this April.

What Channel is the Astros Game on DISH Tonight?

Astros Game on Dish

You can watch all the Astros games live on your DISH network using AT&T SportsNet Southwest. The Astros Games are also available on channels like ESPN, FOX, FS1, and TBS. You can get all these channels on your DISH Network by subscribing to America’s Top 250 package. With the MLB Extra Innings package along with MLB TV, you can catch up with all the out markets games too. With the help of DISH Voice Remote, you can easily navigate to the channels with Huston Astros Game on DISH. You can also enter the channel number using the remote and reach the channels with Astros Game on it.

Here are the channels and channel numbers on which you can watch the Astros Game live with your DISH subscription.

MLB Network 152
MLB Extra Innings 476
ATT&T SportsNet Southwest (SW) 674
ESPN 140/144/145
FOX 2 – 70
FS1 150
TBS 139

The Subscription Plans offered by DISH are as follows,

Astros Game on Dish

You cannot access all these channels at all of the subscription packages, Some channels are not available on America’s Top 120 Package. Here are the list of subscription plans and Astros Game broadcasting channels on it.

  • America’s Top 120 – ESPN, FS1, MLB Extra Innings, and TBS.
  • America’s Top 200 and America’s Top 250  – ESPN, FS1, MLB Extra Innings, MLB Network, and TBS.

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Astros Game 2024 Schedule 

3 April 2024 Wednesday 8 . 10 PM Blue Jays vs Astros
5 April 2024 Friday 8 . 05 PM
Rangers vs Astros
6 April 2024 Saturday 7 . 50 PM
7 April 2024 Sunday 7.10 PM
8 April 2024 Monday 8.05 PM
9 April 2024 Tuesday 7.40 PM
Royals vs Astros
10 April 2024 Wednesday 7.40 PM
11 April 2024 Thursday 2.10 PM
12 April 2024 Friday 8.10 PM
Rangers vs Astros
13 April 2024 Saturday 4.05 PM
14 April 2024 Sunday 2.10 PM
15 April 2024 Monday 8.10 PM
Braves vs Astros
16 April 2024 Tuesday 8.10 PM
17 April 2024 Wednesday 2.10 PM
19 April 2024 Friday 6 . 45 PM
Nationals vs Astros
20 April 2024 Saturday 4.05 PM
21 April 2024 Sunday 1.35 PM
23 April 2024 Monday 7 . 40 PM
Astros vs Cubs
24 April 2024 Tuesday 7.40 PM
25 April 2024 Wednesday 2.20 PM
27 April 2024 Friday 6.05 PM
Rockies vs Astros
28 April 2024 Saturday 4.05 PM
30 April 2024 Sunday 8 . 10 PM Guardians vs Astros

How to Watch Out of Market Games of Astros on DISH?[MLB TV]

MLB Extra Innings

You can watch all the out-of-market games of MLB live and on-demand on MLB TV. You can easily access MLB TV with the MLB Extra Innings channel on your DISH Network. With of help of your DISH Network credentials, you can easily access MLB TV on the MLB app and live stream out-of-market Huston Astros Games.

How to Watch Astros Game on AT&T SportsNet App?

AT&T SportsNet App

The AT&T SportsNet app is available for Android and iOS devices from its official app store. You can watch your favorite sports teams, live games, and more through this regional sports network app. With this app, you can cover

AT&T SportsNet

  • Pittsburgh: Home of the Pittsburgh Pirates, Pittsburgh Penguins
  • Rocky Mountain: Home of the Colorado Rockies, Utah Jazz, and Las Vegas Golden Knights.
  • Southwest: Home of the Houston Rockets and Houston Astros

You will need an authenticated subscription credential from cable, satellite, or IPTV packages to catch up with the Astros Games available on the AT&T SportsNet app. The DISH Network subscription credentials can be used to access the SprotsNet app on its supported devices.

How to Watch Huston Astros Game Live on DISH Anywhere?

dish anywhere

You can easily watch the Hustyon Astros game live with the DISH Anywhere App on its supported devices. All you have to do is install the DISH Anywhere app and sign in with your DISH Cable Network subscription credentials. After Signing In you can access all the channels available on the DISH package you subscribed to.

The devices on which you can watch the Astros Game live with the DISH Anywhere app are as follows,

  • Phone and Tabler (Andorid OS, iOS)
  • Android TV OS
  • Fire TV and FireStick
  • Windows, Mac OS
  • Kindle

You can also access DISH Anywhere through its official site on web browsers like Chrome and Safari.

NOTE: Screencast of the DISH Anywhere app is supported only with a Chromecast device.

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With the DISH Network subscription, you can now easily watch all the Houston Astros games live from your home. Very few of the Astros Games will be available for Apple TV+ subscribers only. Get the channel numbers for the Astros MLB Games broadcasting channel on DISH Network along with the scheduler for its upcoming games from here and cheer up for the Astros.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Channel is ATSW on DIRECTV?

You can watch the AT&T SportsNet Southwest channel on your DIRECTV Satelite subscription at channel number 674.

How to Watch MLB TV for Free?

If you are a T-Mobile customer, you can use the T-Mobile Tuesdays app to access MLB TV for free during the entire Season till 2028. You can also watch Home Run Derby and All-Star Week through this app for free.