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This article demonstrates How to Connect Chromecast without Wifi or Hotspot in 2020 and use it anywhere. This is great for in the car or traveling. you can cast stored video content from your Laptop or Phone.

Can you use Chromecast without wifi? Yes, Technically you can connect Chromecast directly to the Internet through a wifi connection. If there is no Internet connection to use access, you can get a local wifi network which helps you to connect. It is quite easy to Use Chromecast without wifi. Nowadays you can get stored content on google and can watch it on your TV or Phone. Without wifi connection, you are able to mirror your device. Even Chromecast Device has Bluetooth Features.

Chromecast without wifi

How to Chromecast Without Wifi?

Are you Struggling to connect Chromecast Without the Internet? or Out of mobile Data to share Hotspot? But have Stored Dozens of Videos on Device and finding a way to cast? Well,  Don’t need to do take many efforts to access Chromecast. Easily Find and tap on the Chromecast button then search ” Nearby Devices“. Devices APIs are capable of identity devices in the room either through the cloud you can provide Chromecast full control to outside Users.

List of ways to Connect with Google Chromecast no Wifi:

  1. Chromecast from phone without wifi
  2. Cast Videos through Laptops/Desktops.
  3. Chromecast from Mac without wifi

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Steps to Use Google Chromecast without Wifi iPhone/Android Phones

chromecast without wifi iphone

1: Ensure your update for the Chromecast. If you want to use Chromecast without an Internet connection, your firmware should be updated with the latest version. You need the most up-to-date firmware to use this without any hassle.

2: Launch Google cast-ready app on your primary device and tap the “Chromecast without wifi” button.

3: Then the primary device will looking for available compatible devices. Select your screen which you want to cast.

4: On your screen, 4 digit pin will display. You have to enter this pin number into your Chromecast to connect the devices.

5: Now your device has been connected and you can stream your local video contents.

Google Chromecast without Wifi? Use “Travel router”

how to chromecast without wifi

You can get local wifi Internet connection through this travel router. You can get this application from the Google play store.

1: You have to set up your travel router.

2: Put your Network Name and Password.

3: Connect your Chromecast to the travel router via the app on your device.

4: If you plug a travel router in the new area, it can give a new network. Even though you cannot get an Internet connection, by using this network you can get cannot your device to the Chromecast.

5: Connect your travel router with your device to stream videos. Sometimes if you are in a hotel, you can use television’s settings menu to connect your router and enter your password.

6: Go to the network settings of your device. You have to type name and password, then enter SSID and its password to get the router.

7: You can make the travel router as a “ Streaming destination” via the Chromecast app.

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Steps to Use Google Chromecast from Mac

Chromecast without wifi mac

Basically Chromecast needs wifi connection to cast videos. This Mac book replaces the wifi network connection and gives local area networks.

1: First you should download Connectify software.

2: Go by “ on-screen Instruction” to fix the software.

3: Launch your connectify software and add the hotspot name and password.

4: Check whether the “wifi hotspot” is connected or not and connect your device with the network.

5: If you cannot get the network, you have to enter the hotspot name and password.

6: Now are able to stream the locally stored content on your television without an Internet connection.

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Wrapping Up

Using Chromecast without wifi is an easy process. You are able to get these applications from google play store. The above given three ways helps you to use cast without wifi. We hope this article will help you to know about using Chromecast with No wifi.

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