Chromecast Pandora: How to Cast on Your Tv?

How to Chromecast Pandoro
How to Chromecast Pandoro

Chromecast Pandora: Chrome cast is a media streamer. It is developed by Google. Via Chrome cast, we can watch internet-based videos on the TV. We can also cast our smartphone or personal computers to the TV screen. It is small in size. Despite the size, it contains compact and perfect hardware.

Chromecast pandora

The chrome cast has two sides. The first side is to connect the Chrome cast to the HDMI port of the TV. The next one is to connect the Chrome cast to the USB to power up the device.

You can cast your android, IOS mobiles, and personal computers to the TV screen. There is no separate remote to control the Chrome cast device like Chromecast Pandora remote. An android application; Google home can command over the chrome cast’s function.

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What is Pandora?

Pandora is an American music streaming application. It is available only in the United States. This application plays songs that have similar musical traits. Pandora offers free usage which has some limitations like the quality of streaming audio, limited music albums and advertisement. If you pay for premium you can enjoy features including music download, offline channels, streaming quality.


Pandora allows the user to create a station with their favorite songs and artists and genres. It provides a personalized listening experience. Pandora has dedicated applications of android, IOS, and Firestick. It also has the web version too. 

This app can be installed on firestick and it also can be cast to the TV via Chrome cast. The following article will help you to know how to cast Pandora on Chrome cast.

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How to Cast Pandora on Chrome cast?


*Google Chrome cast device.

*A smartphone.

*TV with HDMI port.

*Strong Wi-Fi connection.

Mandatory steps:

*Connect the Google Chrome cast device to the HDMI port of your TV.

*Ensure that your smartphone and Chrome cast device are connected to the same Wi-Fi connection.

Setup for Pandora on Chrome cast:

There are two methods to cast Pandora on Chrome cast.

#Cast Pandora using a mobile phone.

#Cast Pandora using a personal computer.

How to Chromecast Pandora to Your Tv #Technique 1

#Step  1. First, go to the google play store or app store on your android or IOS device.

#Step  2. Install and open the Pandora application.

#Step  3. Log in with your username and password, if you are new to the Pandora create an account.

#Step  4. Now starts playing the audio you are interested in. You will find the cast icon on the screen.

Chromecast pandora
Cast Icon

#Step  5. Click on the Cast icon.

#Step  6. Now a list of available devices will appear. Select your Chrome cast device by which you are about to cast the audio or song.

Now the Chrome cast device will sync with the video and it allows the video to be displayed on your TV.

Setup to Cast Pandora Through Chrome Browser # Technique 2

#Step  1. Open your Google Chrome browser and type

#Step  2. Pandora’s web version will open. Now select the three-dotted Menu icon of the Chrome browser.

#Step  3. Tap on the Cast button. Now a list of available devices list will appear.

Tap cast button
Tap cast button

#Step  4. Tap on the Sources option. A drop-down box will appear.

Tap source button
Tap source button

#Step  5. There select a Cast tab option.

Select Cast tab option
Select Cast tab option

#Step  6. Click on the device name to cast the particular tab.

Click device name
Click device name

Now your Pandora playing tab will be cast to the TV.

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The above two different methods are available to cast the Pandora app on your TV. You can listen to your music and live radio stations and much more on your TV. We hope this article will help you to get what you want.

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