What Channel is Lifetime on DIRECTV?

Are you the one who wants to know what channel is Lifetime on DirecTV? Then this guide will help you to let you know. Lifetime is a US-based cable Television network. Its Original content at present was created to be made for TV films, and reality series like Dance Moms. They offer the highest quality of entertainment and programs info. This channel covers women’s special series to attract the household women.

What Channel is Lifetime on DIRECTV?

What is Lifetime?

Lifetime is a United States cable TV channel and also a part of Lifetime Entertainment Services, A&E is a secondary network. It is partially owned by Hearest communications and The Walt Disney Company. In past, this channel broadcasts many game shows in a day and mid evenings like supermarket sweep, Born lucky, shop till you drop, Debt.

They also provide scripted dramas in the past like Witches of East End and Devious Maids. This network at present broadcasts a mix of second-run syndicated series like Grey’s Anatomy and How I met your Mother. In the past, the air women’s professional sports.

Lifetime channel has become with a good reputation and it develops content and it features the modern women. The entertainment and information of the channels are high-quality programs. It supports various issues when women and their families.

What channel is Lifetime on DirecTV?

In all the DirecTV tiers that can access the Lifetime TV channel so you can opt for any of the services from its package. Among the cable TV or fiber TV, DirecTV is the great satellite network provider out of all. Even if you live in the out of the living area like a geographical place still you can receive premium entertainment from this provider.

  • About 65,000 channels with on-demand content to watch for night movies.
  • Access to Live TV, NBA league pass for sports addicts.
  • Services for Epix, Showtime, Choice, Starz, Cinemax, for three months and their packages.
  • Also can watch international TV with a Spanish subscription.
  • Genie HD DVR with limited storage, use the DirecTV app for free, and more.

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DirecTV Subscriptions

  • Ultimate
  • Select
  • Choice
  • Xtra
  • Entertainment
  • Premier

Popular shows to watch on Lifetime Channel

Lifetime channel is great for entertainment and for relaxation. Here we see some of the popular shows that broadcast on Lifetime channels lined up collections.

The Rap Game

It is a show that tells young rappers how they are trained by the most talented and successful rappers in their industry. Also, it includes Lil Jon Will.I.Am and so on.  The young rapper becomes a successful rapper with his practice and hard work. Also, he won the grand prize with his skill and great hard work. This show premiered in 2019 then it has a total of five seasons.

Little Women: Atlanta

The Atlanta show delivers the lives of little women living in Atlanta, Georgia. The show has millions of viewers all over the country and is fascinating about the women’s lifestyle. This show is a reality series about the daily lives of little people struggling with their faces.

Designing spaces

In this shows they show about interiors and decorations work along to change their living spaces and set up various homes. They show how the places are transformed with the unique style of interior works and designs for modern lives with their effort to show their transformation of homes.

Marrying Millions

This show premiered in July 2019 as a US reality show and this story is based on six loving couples who are interested to marry their partner. In this show, they learned some scrutiny from their friends and family. This story establishes about couples from different socio-economic classes and their speed lives.

To Conclude:

In this article we let you know what channel is Lifetime on DirecTV? Watching lifetime on DirecTV is a very affordable one to utilize. DirecTV is popular in America and in this service, all the tiers have a lineup with Lifetime channel. If you still can’t find the channel number of Lifetime comment below.


1. Can I watch the Lifetime Movie channel on DirecTV?

Yes, you can watch the Lifetime Movie channel on 253 in all tiers of DirecTV.

2. What channel is Lifetime in DirecTV?

DirecTV offers all tiers including the Lifetime channel lined up in their plan. The Lifetime channel number is 252 for HD and SD.


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