How to Watch Bounce TV Without Cable?[Apps|Devices]

Are you a fan of Act Your Age, the most-watched series from Bounce TV? Bounce TV channel has been mostly aired through local television stations. But do you know you can watch Bounce TV without a cable connection? You can use streaming service apps that have access to the Bounce TV channel and cut cords. With these apps, you can now catch up with your favorite Bounce TV shows on your TV and watch them on the go. Continue on to learn more about How to watch Bounce TV without cable.

Bounce TV:

Bounce TV

Bounce TV is the first African American broadcast network, it offers original series, theatrical motion pictures, specials, off-network series, and more. The channel can be accessed through local TV stations and corresponding Cable services. You can watch a large variety of African American entertainment and enlightenment programs. Some of the popular shows you can bounce TV are, Act Your Age, NCIS: New Orleans, Someone They Knew, finding happiness, and more.

How to Watch Bounce TV Without Cable?

Have you thought of getting rid of the cable connection at your home? If so, you have to not worry about watching Bounce TV programs at your home. Because you can access all its content Live and on-demand through its official application. You can also use streaming service apps that carry the Bounce TV  channel in its subscription channel lineup. You can now watch Bounce TV without cable using applications like

  • Bounce TV
  • YouTube TV
  • DIRECTV Stream
  • Fubo TV
  • Sling TV

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Bounce TV app:

Bounce TV app

The Bounce TV app is a free-to-watch ad-based video-on-demand app. You can watch TV series and blockbuster movies and Premier Boxing Champions. This app can be downloaded on your Smartphones (iOS and Android), Tablets, Roku, and Fire TV devices. You can just download the app on your device and start streaming its content without any sign-in process. They can be installed on all devices that have access to Google PlayStore, Apple App Store, and Roku Channel Store. With Apple App Store, you can install the Bounce TV app on your Apple TV device easily. The only thing you need to look out for would be your data charges.

Bounce TV on YouTube TV:

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is one of the most used streaming service providers in the US. By subscribing to its Base Plan you can access all the local and premium network channels. Bounce TV channel is also added to the YouTube TV Base Plan channel lineup.  With YouTube TV you can watch Bounce TV on all YouTube TV-supported devices, including Samsung Smart TV, LG Smart TV, and more. You can save your favorite Bounce TV channel shows on YouTube TV DVR storage and watch them again at any time you want. Using YouTube TV is the best way to watch Bounce TV without cable.

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How to Get Bounce TV Channel on Fubo TV?

Fubo TV

Fubo TV is one of the best cord-cutter in the US. You can get the Bounce TV channel by subscribing to the Pro plan offered by Fubo TV. The Fubo TV app is available for most of your screens. Along with Bounce TV, you can pick up any add-on of your choice and complete the subscription. On non-supported Smart TVs, you can just screencast the Bounce channel from Fubo TV app from its supported devices.

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Bounce TV without cable on Sling TV:

Sling TV

You can watch the Bounce channel on Sling TV by subscribing to any of the Sling orange or blue packages and getting the Hollywood Extra add-on. Along with the base plan and the Add-on, it costs just $46 per month, which is relatively less than other streaming services. Along with the Bounce channel, you will also get FXX (with Blue), FX Movie Channel (with Blue), cinemoi, HDNet Movies, Reelz, Heroes & Icons, Start TV, GRIT, Turner Classic Movies, and Sundance TV.

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Bounce on DIRECTV Stream:

Longhorn Network on YouTube TV

If you have a DIRECTV app supporter device and a DIRECTV Stream subscription you can easily watch the Bounce TV channel on that device. Except for the Entertainment pack, you can access the Bounce channel on all other TV packages offered by DIRECTV Stream. Using the TV guide you can check the upcoming programs on the Bounce channel. You can also schedule the start of the DVR storage function for your favorite show on Bounce TV with the DIRECTV app.

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Where to Watch Bounce TV Without Cable?

Now that you have the application that you can use to cut cords and watch Bounce TV without cable, you must also know the device you can use to watch. The devices on which you cna watch Bounce TV are as follows,

  • Android Smartphone, Tablet, and TV.
  • iPhone, iPad, and iPod.
  • Apple TV device
  • Roku devices.
  • Fire TV Stick
  • Samsung Smart TV
  • PS4 and PS5 (YouTube TV)
  • LG Smart TV
  • Xbox (Sling TV, Fubo TV, YouTube TV)
  • Sony Smart TV
  • Smart TVs with Roku OS and Fire OS.
  • VIZIO Smart TV


Now you can watch all the programs offered by Bounce TV without cable using the streaming service app on its supported devices. The Bounce TV app is the only place where you can access all of the bounce content free with ads. Sling TV is the only low-cost streaming service to watch the Bounce Tv channel live on your TV.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I Watch Bounce TV on Hulu?

No, you cannot watch Bounce TV on any of the Hulu or Hulu+Live TV subscriptions. Now, it might not be available on the Hulu channel lineup, but sooner it will be added.

What Channel is Bounce on DIRECTV?

The Bounce TV channel on DIRECTV is on channel number 82. The channel is broadcasted in HD video quality.