How to Chromecast Zoom Meeting: Definitive Guide in 2020

This is a list of actionable Guide on How to Chromecast Zoom Meeting (Video Conference) On Your TV in 2020

In fact, these same strategies helped me to Cast Zoom to Tv

So You don’t need to stare at that tiny smartphone screen any longer for hours on end. if you need to Chromecast Zoom Meeting App to Your TV, you’ll love this list of tips, techniques, and strategies.

Let’s get started.

cast Zoom Meeting to chromecast

Google Chromecast Zoom application which helps people to communicate and share video and audio calls without any hassle. And also it allows people to host a webinar, meetings, discussions, seminars, conferences and other functions. Chromecast zoom app is available and supportable for iOS, Android and PC.

To use this application, Screen mirroring will help you to connect Chromecast to your TV. You can access this from a web page and as well as application. Cast icon or customize icon is not available in the zoom meeting app. Screen mirroring is only for Android phones not for iPhones. You are able to connect up to 100 accounts by using this application.

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Whats is Zoom Meeting?

zoom cloud App

It Offers webinars and meetings to share content and video conference services based on Cloud. It has the capability to attend the Zoom meeting without a zoom account only the host is needed. You need an account to enable a scheduled meeting. Even you can Use Zoom App on Ps4

How does the Zoom meeting works? Lets me Clear in Short, It is a Completely Online Videos conferencing App that allows users to meet and discuss online with audio and video and you can pause videos depends on our needs. Available for desktop, Mobiles apps platforms with users friendly interface to access or share another screen, collaborate and discuss projects, even you can record entire sessions as your required.

you may have a question. is Zoom meeting free? Yes, it’s free offers only for basic plans with unlimited meetings with no limited trial period but the basic free plan has time limitations you can conduct meeting only for 40 mins and limited participants

Is Zoom similar to Skype? They vary slightly on details skype focuses higher on versatile communication on creating collaboration software but Zoom Focuses on video conferences and discussing projects more professionals on solutions as users requirements at the end both Zoom and Skype offers the same kinda basic features is it’s for communications.

How to Chromecast Zoom Meeting App on Your TV?

Chromecast zoom cloud App

  • Via screen mirroring on smart devices.
  • Via screen mirroring on PC

All You Needs to Execute 

1: Google Chromecast

2: TV with HDMI port

3: Android phone or PC having zoom meeting app

4: Strong and speed wifi connection

The Process to Connect the Chromecast Zoom App with Android Devices

cast Zoom Meeting to chromecast

For android devices, this application is available in the Google play store.

1: First you have to connect your Chromecast to the HDMI port of the smart TV.

2: Check whether your device and Chromecast have connected with the same wifi connection.

3: On your smartphone switch on the “Screencast” option. Tap it once to activate “Screencast”.

4: Next connect your device with screen mirroring.

5: Then launch the Zoom meeting app to make calls.

6: Now you can make any seminar, conference through your TV.

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The Process to Chromecast Zoom App from iPhone:

If you want to use this on iPhone you must have download third party application to access zoom app.

1: Go to the “App Store” and download “streamer for Chromecast app” on your device.

2: Launch the application and search for “cast Icon” which is located on the top corner of the application.

3: You have to connect the same wifi for both devices. You can get the Chromecast name on the screen. Click it.

4: A pop up will appear on the screen. Click it once.

5: Tap the “screencast” option and also tap “screen mirroring icon”.

6: Tap the “start broadcasting” button in the pop-up.

7: Now your iPhone will ready to cast videos via the Chromecast zoom app.

The Process to Connect Chromecast Zoom App to PC:

Chromecast zoom app is available in the App store.

1: Access your chrome browser and move to the “Customize icon” on the top right corner of the screen.

cast Button

2: You will get a list of options on the screen. Select “Cast icon” and click it.


3: Find the source tab and select “Cast desktop” on your Chromecast device.

cast desktop

4: A pop up will display on your screen. Select the tab and click the “Share button”. You should not close the chrome browser.

Zoom meeting to tv

5: On your PC, launch the “Zoom meeting app” to make calls.

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Wrapping Up

The above-given steps and processes help people to cast zoom to Tv. When this app comes into Screen mirroring, it is easy to connect Chromecast. We hope this article will support you to know about the Chromecast zoom Meeting app.

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