How to Install Zoom App on Firestick?

Zoom application helps to conduct meetings and webinars. If you are looking for the article on How to Install Zoom App on Firestick. This article will explain all the valid information and also includes the steps to install it on Firestick. Let’s Get started reading this article…

What is Zoom Meeting?

zoom cloud App

Zoom Offers webinars and meetings to share content and video conference services based on Cloud. It can attend the Zoom meeting without a zoom account; only the host is needed. You need an account to enable a scheduled meeting. Even you can use Zoom App on Ps4.

How does the Zoom meeting works? Lets me be Clear. In Short, It is a Completely Online Video conferencing App that allows users to meet and discuss online with audio and video. You can pause videos depending on our needs. Available for desktop and Mobiles app platforms with users friendly interfaces to access or share another screen, collaborate and discuss projects, and even can record entire sessions as required.

You may have a question. Is Zoom Cloud Meeting App free? Yes, it’s a free offer only for basic plans with unlimited meetings with no limited trial period, but the free plan has time limitations; you can conduct meetings only for 40 mins and with limited participants.

Is Zoom similar to Skype? They vary slightly in detail; skype focuses higher on versatile communication on creating collaboration software, but Zoom Focuses on video conferences and discussing projects with more professionals on solutions to users’ requirements; at the end, both Zoom and Skype offer the same somewhat basic features is it’s for communications.

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How to Install & Use Zoom App on Firestick?

Zoom app is used for people who practice faraway video conference meetings. You can contact people for live video and audio chat using this Zoom app. It also helps you to record and save the meeting sessions so that you can also watch them at any time. So conducting any meeting at any distance is possible here.

The two most important phrases that one can encounter in this Zoom app are Zoom meeting and Zoom Room. Zoom meeting is nothing but video conference meeting that the Zoom app could organize.

To take part in individual video conference meetings, you have to make use of your webcam or Android phone. Zoom Room is like the area where the conference meeting takes place. So it contains an extra subscription on top of the Zoom app.

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Features of the Zoom App

zoom cloud App firestick

  • It helps to conduct confidential discussions without any limitations. 
  • You can arrange group video conferences where several people participate through the Zoom app.
  • Video conference meetings can lead up to 40 minutes in the free pack of this Zoom app. And also it can accommodate 100 more people in one single meeting. But in the paying scheme, you can accommodate up to 500 people in a video conference meeting.
  • Another essential feature is screen sharing, which helps share the screen with other people.
  • The zoom app also makes you to record video calls. You can save it in either local or Cloud storage. You can record any meeting directly in the local storage option, but to record in the cloud storage, you have to pay and subscribe.
  • Another essential feature of this Zoom app is recording and saving audio and video transcripts to the cloud storage.

Features of Zoom Cloud Meetings:

  • Through the Zoom Cloud meeting, you can make both video and audio, and also it accommodates up to 1000 people in one call.
  • Using Zoom screen share, you can share the screen with many users.
  • Calls and messages are secured with end-to-end encryption options.
  • Zoom Cloud Meeting can record and save any interviews and meetings, and at the same time, it maintains the sections in offline mode.
  • By merging Zoom with your Gmail and Outlook accounts, you can see any meeting without missing it.
  • The fantastic feature of this app is that it has a default calendar that alerts you for meetings if you have noted them down already.

How to Install & Get Zoom on FireStick?

Amazon FireStick –> Turn on.

Search the Zoom app in the Amazon app store

zoom cloud on firestick

Click Download and wait for a few minutes to complete the process.

zoom room clouds

Click install and Click Go to Start your Installation process.

Once the process is over, then you can work with the Zoom app by altering the settings option based on your use.

zoom firestick

People who choose a trial package can opt for free options. But if you are using it for business purposes, select Zoom Premium Services.

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Alternate Ways: To Install Zoom App on Firestick:

The Zoom App is supported on the Fire TV cube and Omni Fire TV device. The remaining Fire TV users should follow the upcoming steps to install the Zoom app on firestick.

Here we are going to mention the steps to install the Zoom app on firestick by using the downloader app. Before that, you have to install and use Express VPN on the Firestick streaming device.

Firestick home page

  • Launch the Firestick home screen.
  • Select the setting icon.

my fire tv

  • Press the My fire TV option.

developer option

  • Followed by clicking the Developer option.

Enable apps from unknown sources

  • After that, select apps for an unknown source and click on them.
  • Return back to the Firestick Home page and click the Find option and then Hit the search option.

Downloader for Firestick

  • By using the Search bar, type Downloader, and Hit application, and click the download button.
  • Then you have to launch the app and click the allow button to access all your device storage.

downloader url

  • In the URL Bar, type Zoom and click the Go button.
  • Choose the Download center Zoom option.

Zoom on firestick

  • From that, you have to install the Zoom application.
  • Click Done after the app is gets installed.
  • Afterward, you delete the APK file and click the confirm button to delete the file.
  • Finally, the application is ready to use. Let’s start a zoom meeting.

Method 2: Install the Zoom App on Firestick by using a PC:

This is an easy process, and you can use your system to install the Zoom app or any other application on your Firestick streaming device.

  • Open a web browser on your PC and visit
  • If you log in to your Amazon Account and search for the Zoom cloud meeting.
  • Choose the zoom app and select the app button.
  • Click the Install button and wait for d minute to complete the process.
  • Once the app is installed then, start chatting and attending videoconferences.

How to Use Zoom Meetings in Firestick?

Once the Zoom app is installed on your Firestick. Here in the section, we are going to cover the steps to use the Zoom application on Firestick to do chats and meetings.

  • Enter into the Zoom Cloud Meeting app in Firestick.
  • Log in to your zoom application.
  • After the login process, it will show the options such as Metting join, Calendar, and share screen.
  • Then Choose the New meeting timing and schedule your meeting. If you are online, then click the Participants to invite the people to attend your meeting.
  •  And also have that option for Group chatting.

Zoom Cloud Plan & Offers

Zoom App helps to conduct face-to-face chat actions, group calls, webinars, and world video meetings where it can accommodate more than 1000 people.

  • Zoom pro – This scheme costs $ 14.99 p/m and permits organizing a personal meeting. Here the duration of the meeting can lead up to 24 hrs Meetings can be recorded on your cloud storage device.
  • Optional -Zoom Room- The zoom app offers a 30 days trial zoom room package. So that you can get more information about Zoom Room, once the trial pack is over, you can get the extra package at $49 p/m by subscribing. Zoom app can also be used for webinars at $ 40 p/m.
  • Zoom Business – This level of the Zoom app offers to organize ten meetings at $ 19.99 p/m.
  • Zoom free – This grade is entirely free of cost to use. Organizing a meeting without any limitations is possible. Here the duration of the meeting should lead to only 40 minutes. And also, you cannot record or save in this free package.
  • Zoom enterprise – This is particularly meant for larger meetings where it accommodates more than 1000 participants. It costs $ 19.99 p/m. Here you can save the meeting on your device. You can also get many more offers for your Zoom Room and Webinars using this grade.

Basic Plan Features (Free) for Zoom App on Firestick:

Unlimited 1 to 1 Meeting

Host up to 100 participants

Unlimited number of meetings

security security

Ticket Support

Video Conferencing FeaturesVideo Conferencing Features

Web Conferencing FeaturesWeb Conferencing Features

Group Collaboration FeaturesGroup Collaboration Features

40 mins limit on group meetings

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The disconnection process of the Zoom App on Firestick

The disconnection process of zoom on Firestick is straightforward. Stop the mirroring in your device by hovering over the PC’s settings and tapping the Disconnect button. The other way to end the mirroring process in your Firestick is by tapping on the “Home” button. After this, if the casting has stopped and your Zoom meeting is still on, end the meeting or leave the meeting option.

Zoom meeting via the HDMI Cable

What if you do not have a streaming device? There is no need to worry? Here, you could cast zoom meetings from your device to the TV via the HDMI Cable. In addition, connect it to an HDMI from your TV and change your HDMI source via the TV remote. Zoom meetings displayed on your PC will be displayed on your PC as well.

Zoom meeting via the iOS

The Zoom app is available in the official iOS app store, and you can mirror the Zoom screen from your Phone. Like Windows, you cannot replicate zoom to your TV via iOS devices. Apart from this, you can also use third-party apps to cast zoom via iOS.


Using the Zoom app on your Android or Computer helps organize any video conference meeting, even with a larger group of people. It also helps you to record a transcript and also to share it. We hope this article will help you surely.

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1.) Can I use a zoom application on TV?

We can easily use the zoom app on the TV by screen mirroring the device you’re using zoom. For that, you have to connect your device and the TV with the same strong Wi-Fi connection. Then launch the zoom application and click the blue button to find your TV. Then select your TV connection and connect them, start to cast your device’s screen, and enjoy your zoom video call on that big screen of your TV.

2.) Can you use the webcam on a smart TV?

Smart TV has the functionality to accept webcams for myriad reasons. You can easily connect the webcam to your smart TV by connecting the USB cable to the USB port of the smart TV. Then connect the external web device (if you have any) with the USB cable to your smart TV and adjust your webcam until you see yourself. All we have to do is connect the webcam to our smart TV.

3.) Can I make a video call on the smart TV?

In this developing world of technology, the answer is yes. You can enjoy video calling your friends, family members, and colleagues with android and IOS mobiles, tablets, laptops, and pc; you can also make video calls on your smart TV with applications like Skype.

4.) Do you need a Firestick with smart TV?

Certainly no. Firestick is a streaming player that never needs smart TV exclusively. Though smart TV has some functionality, using a streaming player is the best option. Because smart TV often doesn’t support many apps as the players do.

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