How to Fix Xbox one sync Button Not working Issue?

One of the minor and common problems all face is not able to connect your Xbox to your controller. In other words, in the Xbox gaming console, the Xbox sync button is not working. The end result is that you will lose your game for sure and also Sync will stop working suddenly. As the game console is nothing without the controller, you will be very annoyed by this issue. But this article will help you get rid of this issue and make your sync button work. In this article, you will see the ways to Fix Xbox One Sync Button Not Working Issue.

How to Fix Xbox one sync Button Not working Issue Simple solution

Fix the Xbox one Sync button not working issue

The Microsoft Xbox One and the sync button not working is a minor and simple issue. Sometimes, there might be a possibility that your Controller might not work while playing the game. There are four solutions to fix the Xbox one Sync Button not working issue.

Test the status of your Xbox Controller

The foremost thing you should do before doing other things is to test the status of your Xbox controller and check for any issues.

Test the Controller Status of your Xbox controller– Always make sure the controller is close to the gaming console. Make sure that there are no objects in between the interference. There are chances that Wireless devices like Wireless routers, USB, and Flash drives might become a hindrance.

Test the Controller’s Battery Status– Sometimes, a simple fix might totally make the console work just fine. In this case, check whether the controller’s batteries are functioning properly and not running out of power. Also, replace the batteries and see to check the Xbox one Sync Button is working fine.

Fix the Xbox one Sync button not working by Resyncing the Controller

When using a wireless controller, you can try resyncing the controller to fix the Xbox one sync button issue.

  • On your gaming console, click the “Connect” button, this connect button is on the side tray on Xbox one.
  • Keep pressing the connect button on the side tray of the controller until the Xbox box button flashes. As soon as you see a solid light, it means that it is re-synced.
  • This method will work fine in the case of a Wireless controller without any glitches.
  • In case, if you are using the USB cable to sync between the console and the Controller then try this
  • Connect this USB cable to the Xbox’s port and then attach it to your controller.
  • Now, long-press the Xbox button on the controller to sync it.

Test the Console’s Power Cycle

To put it in simple terms, Power cycling is nothing but rebooting your console. If the Xbox one sync button not working issue is due to some corruption, then this might fix it.

  • First, long press and hold the Xbox button until the gaming console completely shuts down which usually takes 10 seconds.
  • Secondly, long press and hold the Xbox button until the gaming console turns on.
  • Immediately, check if you can connect the controller to your console.

Update the controller’s software to the latest version

There is a high possibility that your controller may not sync and misbehave if the software is out of date for a long time. Ensure you have updated it to the latest version.

  • Meanwhile, connect the Xbox controller with a USB cable to fix the Xbox one sync button not working issue.
  • Launch the Xbox Live app and sign in with your credentials and hover over the “Menu” button and select “Settings”.
  • Choose “Devices&Accessories” next to Power and Setup tab.
  • Tap on the controller’s name you are using and give an Update.
  • Finally, wait for the update process to complete and check whether this has fixed the issue.

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Check the Battery Pack of your Controller:

If you are facing that your Xbox one controller battery pack is working properly then you have to contact the Controller and Battery Pack isn’t interfacing correctly and this is affecting the controller to turn off and on. Ensure that your battery pack is connected to the perfect power source and then you have to try to charge or replace the batteries with the new ones.

Hard Reset Your Console:

This is a very simple process, you have to do a Hard reset of your Xbox one Console and then you have to get a non-issue Xbox one. For this process, you have to click and hold the Power button for up to 10 seconds and then you have to wait until the console shut down entirely. Then you have to again switch on the Console and do the same process. If your face a battery problem then you can try to fix the controller once again.

Remove the Unpair devices:

Suppose you have to fix any other external device such as mouse, keyboard, or headphones to your Console. Otherwise, if you connect the Bluetooth device importantly headphones it will affect the signal of your controller. For this reason, you have to unpair all the devices and include a Bluetooth device that is paired to your console. After that, you have to fix your controller and make sure that your sync button is working not.

Fix your Controller to your Xbox Through Cable:

You have to fix a temporary Controller of your Xbox one such as a Micro-USB Cable still find the Official Mircosoft Xbox. Then you have to need to run the cable to the USB from the Controller on the Xbox one. And it will clear the Syncing problem and all the controller-related issues.

Factory Reset: 

This is the process of factory resetting in the default settings. And it is incapable of fixing your controller wirelessly and then you will need to set it through the USB. Follow the upcoming steps.

  • Click the Xbox Logo button.
  • And choose the Profile & system—-> Setting option.
  • After that, you have to choose the system.
  • Following this, select the console Info.
  • Then press the reset console.
  • You have to choose the reset and keep many games and apps.

Complete the Process and the Xbox Console will delete all your OS data and restart your gaming console. Now you have to check that the Sync button is working correctly.

Software Update:

Software update is the most important thing in every device. In this case, you have to update your Xbox software to get a better experience. Note down the upcoming steps.

  • Fix the Xbox Live through a USB Cable.
  • Move to the menu option.
  • Direct to the setting option—-> click the Devices and Accessories option and select your controller.
  • Click the update option and then you have to see the screen display the message your Xbox One will get updated.
  • If your device gets updates then you have to receive the new version of the device, then you have to check the Sync button that it works properly.

Closing Off

In short, We mentioned the issues and the fixing methods for to Sync button not working on your Xbox one Gaming console. Referring to this article, we included the various issues and their fixing method. If you have any doubts regarding this article, let me know in this comment section.

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