How to Report a Subreddit on Reddit: 2 Working Way

Today you’re going to see Two Methods to Report a Subreddit on Reddit.

(“Report a Subreddit”)

Specifically, I’ll show you how to Quick Leave from Subreddit, and report thread.

Let’s dive right in.

Report Subreddit on reddit

Reddit is one of the greater platforms to communicate about social news among users. They communicate and vote for the content that other users have shared on Reddit.

And Subreddit is nothing but the online community which was created by Reddit users. Some Reddit users are calm but some other users make trouble into that.

Reasons for Reporting a Subreddit

  • Encouraging unlicensed contents.
  • Making people get into chaos and cyberbullying.
  • Sending photos and videos of a particular person to others without getting their permission.
  • Managing a fake account.
  • Sending secret sources to others.
  • Providing child pornography.

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How to Report a Subreddit on Reddit?

To report a Subreddit, you can follow anyone from the below-given two different methods.


Reporting a User or Post

1- First of all, go to the website link in a browser. To report anything about Reddit, you can obtain any website browser containing Chrome or Safari. If you are using this option for the first time, then you have to type your login details to create an account, only then you could follow other given steps.

2- Now, go to the Subreddit with abusive content. Then type the name of the Subreddit or the post’s name by entering it on the search bar and then click on enter.

report reddit

3- Tap on the options report for the content for which you have to report. Then it displays the option like We’re sorry something’s wrong. How can we help?

report subreddit on reddit

4- Now, choose a reason from the displayed option and then tap on Next. Then select the exact reason which suits the condition.

5- Now you are supposed to answer the extra questions. But these queries differ by giving a reason so you have to give proper answers.

6- Tap on submit so that your grievance will be sent to Reddit’s support faculty. If the provided content breaks any of Reddit’s rules, they will be punished.

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Report a Subreddit on Reddit

To follow this method, you should have known about Reddit’s content policy.

1- First review about Reddit’s content policy in its site which is situated at the link This link has Reddit’s current version rules so before reporting the whole Subreddit, check whether the content is really opposite to Reddit’s rules. If the content is opposite to the rules, then follow the next given steps.

To complain about a post or user make use of this method.

2- Go to

3- Tap on the message the admins which are the final option in the catalog.

4- Select something else.

5- Select content breaks Reddit’s rules.

6- Now choose the exact reason for the content from the displayed option.

7- As every choice contains their own suggested policies, you have to review it.

8- The following steps help you to reach the admins.

  • If already a Reddit account user, then select Please send us a message to get the application. Answer the complete application form and make sure whether you have entered the name of the Subreddit. And when everything is over, tap on send.
  • If you are new to Reddit, then post a mail to reach Check whether you have provided the name of the Subreddit and the rules which are disobeyed.

Rules of Reddit:

Reddit is a big network community where you can post, vote, comment, support, debate, learn, discuss, and hang with people who speak about your favorites. Following rules of Reddit is strictly followed by the community so it punishes if some people break the rules.

1. Reddit is for making community so one should be a good human without attacking others.

2. Should post genuine content.

3. Considering other’s privacy is important so one should not post one’s personal information without their permission.

4. Should not post sexual content.

5. Don’t mention your original name in using Reddit and also should behave well to others.

6. Should always check whether people have predictable experiences on Reddit.

7.  Maintain the community legally without sharing any unwanted contents.

8.  Try not to break the site.

Frequently asked questions

1. How to report a group on Reddit?

Customers can report any content on Reddit either through the Reddit help center or with the help of the Report option which is presented on a particular post or comment. Reporting is good as it alerts a group or Reddit’s administrator.

2. Will the admins could view that who reports a post?

Yes, admins could view the reports as it was directly sent to the group’s admin. But if the reports are being sent to Facebook directly, then no admins could see that who has reported.

3. How can I report a user on Reddit mobile?

1. At the upper-right corner of Reddit, click on Report where you wanted to report.

2. Choose a reason and the given reason will be dispatched to the Reddit’s abuse team including the message.

4. How to unfollow everyone on Reddit?

To unfollow everyone, either you have to delete the account or you should create a new account. And another option is to unfollow everyone who is following your page.

5. How do stop mails from Reddit?

As you have enabled the option to receive updates for your post replies, you will get notifications. So to block email notification for the post replies, navigate to the notification settings and disable it.

6. How to delete a custom feed Subreddit?

Select the Subreddit catalog and click on button on the Subreddit which you wanted to clear and then choose Unsubscribe. Or else, choose the option Subreddit list which appears on the screen at the top and then tap on Manage Subreddits, and now click on the delete option which is nearby the Subreddit.

7. Why does a person get banned from Reddit?

There are so many reasons for one to get banned from Reddit and that are given below,

  • For posting excessive links
  • Upvoting your own proposals with the help of second account
  • Knowingly spamming the website using posts and its comment
  • posting comments which hurt others
  • posting any irrelevant comments or submissions
  • demanding others to upvote your posts

8. How to block Subreddits on Mobile?

You can block Reddit on your mobile with the help of the Freedom app. Since the Freedom app blocks both the Reddit app and Reddit on your browsers, you can make use of that just by opening the app and logging in by giving your details.

9. How to delete the Reddit account?

Navigate to Reddit preferences and select the deactivate option which appears on the top of the page. And then go through the online instructions to deactivate the account.

10. How to change the username in the Reddit?

Changing the username in the Reddit is possible only if you generate a new account using a new username. But creating a new account will not have any previous data as you have to begin with new posts.

11. Can Reddit users view who follows them?

The latest Reddit version can show that who follows you and also the new follower catalog will be shown only to the account holder and not to others. The new version of Reddit helps to know about the person who follows them and that helps the users to be safe.
12. Why is Reddit so famous?

Reddit is the best social news website where many people do visit for its great posting. It provides high-quality content and, also posts interesting and informative posts.

13. How to log out from Reddit?

Tap on your profile and then on the user name. And now the logout option will be available next to the user name.

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When something is against the policy of Subreddit, you can report either to the user or to the admin. If the post is really offensive and against the Subreddit policy, they will take action. We hope this article will help you.

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