What Channel is the Rangers Game on DirecTV?

To watch our favorite games on your traditional cable or satellite TV provider, you need to find its channel number. In cable TV, finding channel numbers is not easy, but not anymore. Because here is the guide to help you to get watch live events of National Hockey League (NHL) games on DirecTV. If you are looking for what channel is the Rangers game on DirecTV. Then you will get the answer through this guide.

New York Rangers Game

Chiefly, the New York Rangers are one of the best ice hockey teams in the United States, and they are founded in the New York City borough of Manhattan. Besides, they participated in the National Hockey League (NHL) in the Eastern Conference with the team member from the Metropolitan Division. At first, this game was played in Madison Square Garden as their home games, and also they shared with New York Knicks from the National Basketball Association.

Despite this team are one of the NHL teams three teams from the New York metropolitan city. Others belong to the New Jersey Devils and New York Islanders. The Rangers team was founded in 1926 by Tex Rickard. However, they were one of the Original Six teams competing in the NHL in 1967. This team has great success earlier with the help of Lester Patrick.

Comparatively, DirecTV is one of the top most popular cable or satellite TV providers available in the United States. Moreover, they carry many TV channels in their channel lineup with HD streaming quality. Suppose you are a cable TV user, then DirecTV is one of the best options to choose from. They offer four various subscription plans since it is a paid TV provider.

Subscription Plans for DirecTV

NHL Network on DirecTV

Certainly, choose the Ultimate plan in order to watch all the NHL Games on your DirecTV provider. According to the DirecTV Ultimate plan, you can catch up to live stream National Hockey League NHL. There are many sports channels that broadcast NHL in the DirecTV channel lineup. Hence, Get to know the channel number in order to live stream New York Rangers game on the DirecTV package.

What Channel is the Rangers game on DirecTV?

What Channel is the Rangers Game on DirecTV?

Accordingly, To watch the ice hockey games on your DirecTV package, you need a valid subscription. So refer to the above DirecTV packages and pricing images to subscribe to its plan according to your choice. For the question, what channel is the Rangers game on DirecTV? You should get the answer in the below session.

On contrarily, You can also watch Rangers games on Rangers TV and also watch on Fox Sports Southeast. Moreover, you can directly tune into channel number 215 via NHL Network, which carries a DirecTV subscription. Otherwise, you can get to stream the Rangers games on DirecTV, FOX, and NHL Center Ice.

  • NHL Network – 215.
  • FOX Sports – 219.
  • NHL Centre Ice – 769 in HD.
  • ESPN – 206 and 1206.

New York Rangers Game Schedule for 2022 to 2023

Date 2022-23 Time Opponent
December, 7 22:00 Rangers Vs. Golden Knights
9, December 21:00 Rangers Vs. Avalanche
12, December 19:00 Devils Vs. Rangers
15, December 19:00 Maple Leafs Vs. Rangers
17, December 19:00 Rangers Vs. Flyers
18, December 19:30 Rangers Vs. Blackhawks
20, December 19:00 Rangers Vs. Penguins
22, December 19:00 Islanders Vs. Rangers
27, December 19:00 Capitals Vs. Rangers
29, December 19:00 Rangers Vs. Lightning
1, January 17:00 Rangers Vs. Panthers
3, January 19:00 Hurricanes Vs. Rangers
5, January 19:00 Rangers Vs. Canadiens
7, January 13:00 Rangers Vs. Devils
10, January 19:00 Wild Vs. Rangers
12, January 19:00 Stars Vs. Rangers
15, January 17:00 Canadiens Vs. Rangers
16, January 19:00 Rangers Vs. Blue Jackets
19, January 19:00 Bruins Vs. Rangers
23, January 19:00 Panthers Vs. Rangers
25, January 19:00 Rangers Vs. Maple Leafs
27, January 19:00 Golden Knights Vs. Rangers
6, February 19:30 Flames Vs. Rangers
8, February 20:00 Canucks Vs. Rangers
10, February 19:00 Kraken Vs. Rangers
11, February 19:00 Rangers Vs. Hurricanes
15, Feb 22:00 Rangers Vs. Canucks
17, Feb 21:00 Rangers Vs. Oilers
18, Feb 22:00 Rangers Vs. Flames
20, Feb 19:00 Jets Vs. Rangers
23, Feb 19:00 Rangers vs. Red Wings
25, Feb 13:00 Rangers Vs. Flyers
26, Feb 17:00 Kings Vs. Rangers
1, March 19:30 Rangers Vs. Flyers
2, March 19:00 Senators Vs. Rangers
4, March 13:00 Rangers Vs. Bruins
9, March 19:00 Rangers Vs. Canadiens
11, March 17:00 Rangers Vs. Sabres
12, March 16:00 Rangers Vs. Penguins
14, March 19:00 Capitals vs. Rangers
16, March 19:00 Penguins Vs. Rangers
18, March 20:00 Penguins Vs. Rangers
19, March 19:00 Predators Vs. Rangers
21, March 19:00 Hurricanes Vs. Rangers
23, March 19:00 Rangers Vs. Hurricanes
25, March 17:00 Rangers Vs. Panthers
28, March 19:00 Blue Jackets Vs. Rangers
30, March 19:00 Rangers Vs. Devils
31, March 19:00 Rangers Vs. Sabres
2, April 13:00 Rangers Vs. Capitals
5, April 19:30 Lightning Vs. Rangers
6, April 20:00 Rangers Vs. Blues
8, April 19:00 Rangers Vs. Blue Jackets
10, April 19:00 Sabres Vs. Rangers
13, April 19:00 Maple Leafs Vs. Rangers


Final Verdict:

Therefore, Here we mentioned the Rangers game schedules on DirecTV packages in the respective channel number. In addition, you can able to watch all the live events on many sports TV channels other than NHL Network, such as ESPN, NHL Centre Ice, and Fox. Explained about New York Rangers games briefly and DirecTV packages to subscribe to its plan in order to watch Rangers games on DirecTV. Suppose you want to know any other information regarding Ranger games on DirecTV, let me know in the comment section.


1. Can I get the Rangers TV on TV?

Of course, you can watch its content by casting from PC browsers such as Chrome, Airplay, and so on.

2. How to stream CBS Sports on DirecTV?

By subscribing to DirecTV Stream’s Ultimate plan, you can watch the CBS Sports channel along with 130 TV channels in their package.

3. What channel is football games on DirecTV?

Inspite, you can watch all your favorite NFL team games on ESPN on channel number 206 from the local cable TV network and also find it on the DirecTV Stream app.

4. What channel is Rangers Vs. Liverpool on?

Comparatively, you can watch the 2022 to 2023 Champions League match from the group stage on the final event on the BT Sport channel.

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