What Channel is Telemundo on Samsung TV?

Are you wondering What Channel is Telemundo on Samsung TV? This article will help you people to get the accurate channel number. To know the channel number just scroll this article. Moreover, the installation methods differ based on the Brand. So this article provides the entire details of the channel and the Samsung TV. 

What Channel is Telemundo on Samsung TV?

Telemundo channel is an American cable Terrestrial television network. Also, Telemundo is one of the largest Spanish-language channel networks in the US. This channel provides the maximum content in HD quality.

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Is the Telemundo channel available on Samsung TV?

App list on Samsung Smart TV

Yes, you can watch this Telemundo on a Samsung TV. The accurate channel number is given in this article. To know that, scroll down. Also, this offers shows, on-demand programs, news, sports, and much more in one place. If you people love this Spanish content and you guys are interested in Spanish shows, just watch this Telemundo channel on your TV. Also, the channel numbers are given in the next sections. And then You can watch this Telemundo on your TV with a bowl of popcorn.

What channel is Telemundo on Samsung TV?

wifi connections

  • Ensure the internet or Wi-Fi connection is good.

Smart Hub Button

  • Select apps from the menu by pressing the smart HUB Button.
  • Enter the Telemundo channel in the search bar.

Telemundo Channel

  • Select the official Telemundo channel on your TV and click on the Install button.
  • After installation of the app, launch the app.

Activation code

  • Then, click and open the app and it displays the activation code on your TV screen.
  • At the same time, just use the other device and visit the Telemundo.com/link Activation page.
  • Complete the authentication, which is displayed on your TV.
  • That’s it. You are done.

Still, facing issues finding and watching this channel on your Samsung TV. You guys can watch this channel on your TV using the screencast method. For screencasting or screen mirroring the app on your TV, is too simple. The steps are; Go to settings on your mobile >> search for screen mirroring >> turn the toggle on >> follow the guidelines displayed on your device. That’s it. For the installation of the app on your device, the steps are given below.

Note: If you are using the Samsung TV, you can’t enjoy this Telemundo channel. But you can enjoy this Telemundo channel on the Samsung TV Plus. To know the channel number, just read the below section.

What Channel is Telemundo on Samsung TV Plus?

The channel number of this Telemundo may vary from place to place. Moreover, this section is the main part of the article. This section provides the accurate channel number of Telemundo and also the sister channel number. Here the number is,

Telemundo on Samsung TV
Channel Name
Channel number
Florida – Telemundo 1255
Telemundo – California 1255
Telemundo Texas 1244
Norsete – Telemundo 1255
Telemundo Al Dia 1253

This channel number is too accurate for all users. If suppose the channel number does not occur? just use the voice remote to search the channel on your Samsung TV. The voice assistant may differ from brand to brand. To know full details, just read the next sections.

Using Voice remote

Universal remote of samsung

With this voice remote, you can search for the channel number on your TV. To access these voice assistants, you should have the voice remote or the Universal Samsung remote. But if you people don’t have this remote or voice access, then you skip this section of this article.

  1. Check the internet connections
  2. Press the microphone/voice button.
  3. And give commands as Telemundo channel.
  4. Then release the button.
  5. Yes, now you are done.

Also, you can explore the other content on your TV by using this voice assistant. If this voice assistant is not supported on your TV. Just check the channel number on the channel lineup.


  • This feature requires an internet connection.
  • It would help if you had the Universal Samsung remote.
  • Also, your Samsung account must be registered and logged in on your TV. 

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Use Channel lineup

Samsung and samsung plus channel lineup

You can navigate the channel using this guide on Samsung TV. To search for the channel number on the channel lineup, you just need a good internet connection. If you have slow network connections, just use the VPN Service. The guides are,

  1. Ensure that you have a good internet connection.
  2. Go to the Web browser.
  3. Search for the Samsung channel lineup.
  4. Tap on the official site, and enter the address or Pincode of your address.
  5. Nest, search for the Telemundo channel.

That’s it. You are done. Now, you can watch the Telemundo channel on your Samsung TV.

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Telemundo APP 

How to Sign up for Telemundo tv app

You guys can install the app directly from the Google Play Store and also available on the Apple Store. The installation steps are given below,

  1. check the internet connections
  2. Go to the app store
  3. Search for Telemundo
  4. Select the official app from the listed apps.
  5. Tap on the install button.

After completing these steps, just launch the app. And register the app with the correct credentials. If you are new to the user, just register your account by following the given instructions. Then enjoy the visuals of the shows or programs. 

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Famous shows on the Telemundo channel

telemundo on samsung tv

If you guys are interested in seeing Dramas, news, games, comedy, and more…on this channel. You can enjoy the content on your Samsung TV. We will give the popular shows or programs based on the ratings. So that you guys can also watch the shows in your free time. So the shows are,

  • Hoy Dia
  • Un Nuevo Dia
  • La Mesa Caliente
  • La Esclava Blanca
  • Silvana Sin Lana

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Other ways to watch the Telemundo on TV

The Telemundo app is available on roku, Apple TV, Android TV, and Fire TV. But this app was not designed for the Samsung TV. There are many streaming service available that offers this Telemundo channel as a part of the subscription plan. Each streaming service has a different subscription cost. The cost may be different if you are trying to buy this service, just visit the official site of the service to know the accurate plans of the Service. Moreover, you can watch this Telemundo channel on these listed streaming services.

  • Youtube TV
  • AT&T TV
  • Hulu
  • Fubo TV.


I hope from this article, we saw the many methods to watch Telemundo on the Samsung TV. You can find the steps and you can follow these steps to enjoy the Telemundo channel on your TV. Moreover, if you have any queries or other ideas related to this article, just comment in the comment box.