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The Oscars Award function is going to start on March 12 (2023). Do not miss watching it. Many Legends from worldwide are going to get Oscar awards. Do you have a Verizon FiOS Cable TV provider? If yes, then this article will help you to learn What Channel is Oscars on Verizon FiOS. 

What Channel is Oscars on Verizon Fios?

Yes, you can watch the Oscars award ceremony on your Cable TV provider. Watch live. Before that, did you what the Oscars is? If not, just go through the first topic below. It will clearly explain the Oscars award ceremony. Start reading the topics…

About Oscars:

The Academy Awards is formerly known as the Oscars. This Academy award is for the Technical and Artistic merit of the American Film Industry. The Oscars award is considered by many as the much reputable, notable award. In the United States of America’s Entertainment Industry. And the Academy Awards (Oscars) were conducted yearly. Also, it is given by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. 

And the Oscars are the identification of the superiority in the Cinematic Achievements of the first and foremost American Movies, as evaluated by the Academy Award for Merit. The Oscars award seems like the Golden Statue as a trophy. Everyone got this beautiful golden man on the Oscars stage. Till now a total of 94 Academy Awards (Oscars) functions were conducted.


Now, the 95th Academy Awards (Oscar) awards are going to be held on March 12th (2023). And it is going to be held in the United States of America, California, and Los Angeles in Dolby Theatre Hollywood. And the whole Oscar show is Hosted by Jimmy Kimmel. And Glenn Weiss and Ricky Kirshner are the producers of the Oscars award ceremony. The Everything Everywhere All at Once American Comedy Drama Series got the most nominations this year.

You can watch the Academy Awards (Oscars) awards were broadcasting on national television. ABC is the TV Broadcasting Partner of the Academy Awards. The Final Votings for the Academy Awards were closed on March 7th (2023). So, now we know What Channel is Oscars on Verizon FiOS. So, next, we have to know the channel number. Move to the next topic to learn about it. You can also watch ESPN Plus on Verizon FiOS to stream live Sports on your TV.

What Channel is Oscars on Verizon Fios?

So, here is th answer What Channel is Oscars on Verizon FiOS? ABC is the only official Television Broadcasting partner to stream the Live Oscars award ceremony on TV. Now, grab the ABC Channel code on the Verizon FiOS in the table mentioned below.

TV Provider Channel Name Location
Channel Number
Verizon FiOS
Florida 529/ 29
Texas 508/ 8
California 507/ 7

To watch the Live Academy Awards function on your TV, you have to be an active Verizon FiOS Subscription user. If not, please move to the next topic to know about the Verizon FiOS subscription packages and their cost. Do you know about Ball Drop? If not, check What Channel is the Ball Drop on FiOS. And know about these special New Year Events.

Oscars on Verizon FiOS Subscription:

Here you can see the image and there check out the Verizon FiOS TV Provider Subscription Cost. Also, check how many channels are available for each subscription plan. You can also get the Plan Perks for the first three plans.

Verizon FiOS Subscription Package

Along with this, you can get YouTube TV on the Verizon FiOS Subscription. It has a special pan and which is mentioned in the image below.

Verizon FiOS YouTube TV Subscription

If you are an existing Verizon FiOS TV provider user, then check the FiOS Subscription renewal date. Refer to the steps given here to learn how to renew the Verizon FiOS provider. First, launch the Web Browser on your Smart Device. Then, search for the Verizon Official Website. And then select the Account section. And tap on the My Devices option. Click on the Select Device Button. Tap the Reconnect Service. 

Wait until the Black dot appears on the screen. Now, select Reconnect Now option. Following the Ready to Reconnect option, select the Continue Tab. Then follow the on-screen instructions to renew your Verizon FiOS Subscription.

2023 Oscars (95th Academy Awards):

The 95th Academy Awards Ceremony is scheduled on March 12th (Sunday), 2023. And the function starts at 8:00 PM – 11.00 PM. You have the perfect entertainment pack for 3 hours. And the location of the Academy Awards is Dolby Theatre at Oation Hollywood. The motto of the 95th Academy Awards 2023 is to Honour the Movies Released in 2022.

As we discussed in the above section, ABC is the official television broadcasting partner to stream live Oscars functions. Do not miss it. Check out the channel number and switch it on your FiOS TV remote. What Channel is GAC Channel on FiOS? Click on this link and learn the GAC Channel number on the FiOS provider. Then watch family-oriented shows and movies with your family members.


What Channel is Oscars on Verizon FiOS? – ABC – 8/ 7/ 29, and more based on the areas. Check out the topics and grab the channel number of the ABC Channel in your area. Also, check the subscription package validity and renew it. The step-by-step guidelines to renew the Verizon FiOS subscription package are mentioned in the topic given above. Scroll up to get all details you need to watch the Oscars on Verizon FiOS. Still, if you have any doubts, scroll down to the screen and click on the Comment box. There drop your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1). What TV Channel is the Oscars on?

ABC is the official Television partner to stream the Oscars (Academy Awards) Live. On March 12th at (8. PM (ET)/ 5. PM (PT)). For the west coast viewers, it will be replayed at 8. PM (PT). Save the date and watch the live Oscars award function at the time mentioned here.

2). How to Watch Oscars Without Cable?

ABC has a dedicated app and you can also access the ABC Official Website to watch live Oscar Functions on your TV. The ABC App is available on both Android and iOS platforms. Search the ABC app and Install it right now. Login and Watch Live Academy Awards function.

3). Where Can I Watch the Academy Awards?

You can stream the Oscars award live on ABC App, ABC.COM, and ABC Channel. Other than this, some external streaming services also stream it. They are; Fubo TV, Hulu Plus Live TV, AT&T TV, and YouTube TV. These are all paid streaming services. So, purchase the subscription plan and watch the live Oscars Award ceremony on your TV.

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