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The one and only Television Station available only in Denver, Colorado is KTVD. The KTVD Television Station allows its users to watch a variety of Shows and TV Series with good audio and video quality. If you are in Denver, Colorado, then you can also watch all shows on your TV. To that, check What Channel is KTVD in Denver. 

What Channel is KTVD in Denver?

You need a Channel number of KTVD to tune into your Smart TV. Along with the Channel Number, I will let you know the sub-channels or Affiliated channels which is with the KTVD. Along with that, grab the idea of checking the KTVD TV Schedule in the topic provided below…

KTVD Denver

K TeleVision Denver is the abbreviation for the KTVD. It is a Television Station in the United States of America. And the KTVD Channel is only available in Denver, Colorado, USA. Tegna Inc. is the owner and operating the KTVD Denver Channel. In both Analog and Digital, you can watch the KTVD Network.

And, the KUSA is the affiliated and Sister channel for KTV Denver. Also, you can access the KTVD Channel on its official website at this web address, http://www.my20denver.com/. So, this channel is licensed only in Denver, Colorado. And the KTVD is the Affiliate Channel of MyNetworkTV. 

Also, it carries 4 Sub Channels additionally. They are Twist, Heroes & Icons, Shop LC, and NBC. These are all affiliated channels of KTVD. If you do not know What Channel is KTVD in Denver, then check out the topic given in the following. And, Reelz is also a popular TV Shows and series streaming channel. If you have Frontier TV Provider, then grab, What Channel is Reelz on Frontier.

What Channel is KTVD in Denver?

So, here is the Channel number for KTVD in Denver is given in the table below. Check it out.

City Channel Name Chanel Number
Denver, Co KTVD 20

As we have discussed in the above table, KTVD Television station has three channels. They are, 9News, H&I, and Shop LC. You can watch the 9News: 20.1, H&I: 20.2, and Shop LC: 20.3. You can also check the KTVD TV Schedule as well.

KTVD TV Schedule

If you want to know, how to check the KTVD TV Schedule easier, follow the instructions mentioned in the following section;

  • Take the Smartphone, Laptop, or any Smart Device with a Web Browser app.
  • Then, connect your Smart Streaming device with a high-speed Internet Connection.
  • Now, launch the Web Browser app.
  • And, navigate to the search URL panel.
  • Type “KTVD” in the given search space.
  • Then, select the KTVD Official website from the search result.
  • Now, click the Three-Horizontal Lines at the top left corner of the screen.
  • Then, select the All Schedule option and click on it.
  • Now, you can see the 9News, H&I, and Shop LC.

The most famous Just for Laughs Gags, The American Athlete, Baywatch, Num3rs, The 6th Day, The Andy Griffith Show, and more shows and TV Series are streaming on the KTVD Station. Check their Streaming schedule and enjoy streaming. If you are a fan of the Oilers, then check out, What Channel is Oilers Game on your available tv provider.

KTVD Online

If you would like to watch the KTVD Channel Online ( Without Cable ), here you can see some paid streaming services which are streaming the KTVD Television Station on their platform. Here they are;

DirecTV Stream | YouTube TV | Fubo TV | Sling TV | Hulu Plus Live TV | Philo TV

Streaming Service Subscription Cost Validity Free Trial
DirecTV Stream
$64.99 Monthly
30 Days
$74.99 Monthly
Fubo TV
$74 Monthly
30 Days
$84 Monthly
$94 Monthly
Hulu Plus Live TV
$7.99 Monthly
30 Days
(No Ads) $14.99 Monthly
(Plus Live TV) $69.99 Monthly
(no ads) + Live TV. $82.99 Monthly
Sling TV $40 Monthly 30 Days
YouTube TV
$72.99 Monthly
14 – 30 Days
$34.99 Monthly
$112.98 – $154.99 Monthly
Philo TV $25 Monthly 7 Days

On these Streaming services, you can watch the KTVD Station through MyNetworkTV television network. Not only the KTVD Station but also you can watch hundreds of Live and On-demand television channels on these listed streaming services. But without purchasing the subscription, you can not even watch any single content on your TV. So, select a budget-friendly subscription package and grab the Free Trial offered.


What Channel is KTVD in Denver? at 20 Channel Code, you can watch the KTVD and their affiliated channels such as H&I, 9News, and Shop LC on your TV. And if you would like to watch the KTVD Online, then go with the Online Subscription streaming service, and tune into the MYNetworkTV on the platform. Because the KTVD Stations is the affiliated television for MYNetworkTV. If you want to watch the KTVD For Free, launch the web browser app on your Smart device. And search for the KTVD Official website. then, Sign In with the KTVD Site, if it is required. And, choose the content and enjoy Streaming the KTVD in Denver, CO.