What Channel is Freeform on xfinity?

Freeform is one of the best channels to entertain people. With Xfinity, you guys can get a better experience. Freeform on Xfinity has many forms of shows and movies and that’s too in many genres like drama, history, romance, crime and mystery, and so on.

What Channel is Freeform on Xfinity?

In this article, You guys can find the details about What Channel is Freeform on Xfinity, about subscriptions, and so on. Already you guys know it’s a cable channel and it was most popular in America. It’s mainly created for adults and teens and that channel has different shows and themes. So you guys can enjoy the freeform on Xfinity with the best features. To know more scroll down.

Is the Freeform channel available on Xfinity?

Yes, you can obviously get the Freeform channel on your Xfinity. Already, you guys may know that Freeform channel is one of the best channels in America, and it’s mainly created for teens and adults with many themes.

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What Channel is Freeform on Xfinity?

The Freeform on Xfinity is available in many cities with different channel Numbers. The channel number is 1742 in many areas. If you want to watch the Freeform channel on Xfinity in HD version and the channel number is 1742. And you guys can also see the table below for reference,

Freeform on Xfinity
City Channel Number
Washington DC 6, 881
Baltimore 10, 881
Philadelphia 38, 881
Pittsburgh 54, 881
Saint Paul 838
Minneapolis 838
Denver 33/680/1742/26700
Houston 32/632/1742/26700
San Ramon 52/768/1742/26700
Abingdon 49/444//1742/26700
Newberry 39/235//1742/26700
Tupelo 19/1724/26700
Agawam 26/826/1724/26700
Bristol 40/1724/26700
Westminster 47/881/1742/26700

This is the channel number of the Freeform on Xfinity in different places. Thus the channel number will get vary from place to place, So You guys can check the channel number once on the official website.

Ways To Tune the Channel on Xfinity

Xfinity Voice remote

There are two ways to tune the channel on Xfinity. Both are simple ways to find the Channel on tv.

  1. Use remote
  2. Use voice Remote

Using Remote

You guys can search directly on Remote if you know the channel number of Freeform. You just take the remote >> choose the area >> Select Location or Area >> Press the Number directly. Now you guys can watch the Freeform on USA on Xfinity.

Use Voice Remote

If you feel lazy to change the number from one to one and get bored to find the channel. So at that time, You can use the voice option to make the work simple. The following steps to operate the voice remoter are given below.

  1. If you guys have a voice remote on Xfinity, make use of it.
  2. Turn on your tv, and take the remote.
  3. Press the voice/ Microphone button
  4. Just press and hold the Button and command as “Freeform”
  5. After completing the before step, Just release the Button as soon as you will see the channel displaying on your Xfinity.

Popular shows on Freeform on Xfinity

There are many shows streaming on the Freeform channel. You guys should get wonder where to start or where to begin. Here I will be listed Some popular shows to enjoy yourself. As you guys know Freeform on Xfinity has many genres. From every genre, I will give some shows to watch and you guys also watch the shows. The shows are

  • Famous in Love
  • Shadow hunters
  • Grown-ish
  • The Bold type
  • Make it or Break it

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Subscription for Xfinity

However, The Freeform channel On Xfinity is available in two plans, They are Popular plan and the Ultimate plan. For more reference, We will attach the Subscription plans below. Do check it out.

How much is Xfinity Subscription

So You guys want to watch the Freeform on Xfinity is too simple. Just subscribe to your favorite package from the two plans and enjoy the Visuals.

How to watch the Freeform channel Without cable?

You people, don’t want the cable to watch the Freeform. Here is an idea to watch the freeform visuals by using Streaming devices. Devices like Direct tv stream, Hulu Live tv, fubo tv, Youtube tv, Sling tv, and so on. You can access the Free trial period for some days, it varies from device to device.

Freeform app 

Freeform app allows you to enjoy your favorite shows or movies on your device at any time. For live streams, premium movies, or the latest episode of your favorite shows, you should sign in to your Tv provider. You guys can download the app from the official website, google store, apple store, or Amazon App Store.

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Watch Disney movies in Freeform on Xfinity

If you people are a fan of Disney movies, You guys can call yourself as lucky because you people can watch Disney movies on the Freeform channel on Xfinity. If you people are unable to find it in your state or city, just contact Customer support. Their friendly vendor will help you out


I hope from this article, we know the exact channel number for Freeform on Xfinity. And I wish that this weekend will get one of the most memorable days of your life. Thanks for reading the whole article and to know more about the Technology article, follow the techthanos website.



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