What channel is ACC Network Extra On Spectrum?

Are you wondering about watching the What channel is ACC Network Extra On Spectrum? This article will guide you. In addition, people will get confused about ACC Network and ACC Network Extra. The difference is simple. This ACCN is the cable channel. Whereas, this ACCNX is the streaming channel. You will get this channel only on te ESPN. But this article provides a way to watch the ACC Network extra on the spectrum.

What channel is ACC Network Extra On Spectrum

Is ACC Network Extra on Spectrum?

No, You can watch ACCN on the spectrum but not ACCNX channel. Generally, this ACC Network extra is not available on the Spectrum. Because this ACCNX  is a streaming-only channel. So it provides many live events and offers live matches. But here, we provide the ways to stream this channel on the spectrum TV.

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What channel is ACC Network extra on Spectrum?

If you people are using the spectrum cable provider, then you can’t watch this ACCNX on your TV.

Because ACCNX is the streaming channel, this channel is available only on ESPN.com or ESPN App. Whereas, you can enjoy the ACC network channel on the spectrum by using the channel number. Moreover, the channel number of the ACC Network on the spectrum is,

ACC Network channel on the spectrum
Channel Name
Channel Number
ACC Network 388

Also, you can get this ACCN on channel number 341. So, you can watch the ACCN on Spectrum by searching this channel number. Also, this channel number will vary from place to place. So check once on the channel lineup, available on the official site of Spectrum.

How to watch ACC Network Extra on Spectrum?

What channel is ACC Network Extra On Spectrum - ACCNX on spectrum

If you people are interested in watching this ACCNX on the spectrum using the cable provider. No! You can’t able to watch this streaming channel on your cable provider. Because this ACCNX will not get broadcast on your Spectrum TV. But we provided the ways below.

Get ACCNX on the spectrum via Installation

Yes, you can install the ESPN app on your spectrum and can watch the ACCNX for free. Moreover, you can install this Espn app from Google or Apple Play Store. For installations, steps are available below.

  • First, check the internet connection.
  • Then, from the homepage >> go to the app store
  • You can install the ESPN app.
  • Select settings and click on your TV provider.
  • Then, select the spectrum on it.
  • Enter the login credentials of Spectrum.
  • Then click the login button.
  • Finally, enter the username and password of your spectrum provider.

That’s all. Now, you can enjoy ESPN on your Spectrum TV for free. After the installation of ESPN, search for the ACC Network extra on the spectrum to watch the special live, highlights and matches for free.

NOTE: You can get the ACC network extra for free by using the ACC Network login credentials.

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ACC Network Extra on Spectrum using the streaming devices

What channel is ACC Network Extra On Spectrum


Yes, you can get the Acc Network extra by using the streaming devices on the spectrum. If you people have any devices from the given list, you can enjoy the ACCNX on those streaming devices. Also, you can watch this ACCNX on consoles. The streaming devices and consoles are,

  • Roku
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox series
  • Play Stations4
  • Play Station5
  • Chromecast
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Fire Tablet.

NOTE: You people can get the ESPN networks on the Spectrum TV app. It depends on your subscription level.

Watch ACCNX on Spectrum’s demand service

The first and foremost thing to watch this ACCNX on spectrum demand service is you should subscribe to the Games and Sports coverage package. Then, You can watch the ACC Network extra on the ESPN app. Also, you can use the login credentials of ACC Network to watch those ACCNX events.

So, these are the ways you can get the ACCNX on your Spectrum TV.

Why should I watch the ACCNX channel?

  • Generally, this ACCNX channel is the premium channel of the streaming channels.
  • Also, you can watch the sports in-depth.
  • They provide the live events of many sports.
  • They telecast the highlights, and events that are not broadcast in ACC Network.
  • You can enjoy the whole match of your favorite sports.

To enjoy all these features of this ACC Network Extra, you people should subscribe for the ACC Network Extra.

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How much is the subscription cost for ACC Network Extra?

This ACC Network Extra is free. You can enjoy the events of ACC Network Extra by using the login credentials of ACC Network Extra. Similarly, you can enjoy these events on the ESPN app. You can get free access to the ESPN app by using the TV provider login credentials. Now, you can enjoy the ACCNX on Spectrum for free.

Final Words

I hope you people will get the full details of ACC Network Extra On Spectrum and related stuff. Moreover, you can enjoy the extra events on this ACC Network Extra. Remember that the ACCN channel number on the spectrum is 388. To watch extra live, just read the above stuff. Still, if you people have any doubts related to this article, just comment in the comments section.