How to Get Rakuten Viki on Samsung TV?

Watch Rakuten Viki on Samsung TV with the help of the method and steps provided in this article because it is not available on the Samsung TV app store.

How to Get Rakuten Viki on Samsung TV Updated.

In this article, we will see about Viki and how to get this app on your Samsung TV. We will use direct streaming through streaming devices and services on Samsung TV and screen mirroring devices to Samsung TV. To know more, read this article to the end.

What is Rakuten Viki?

Rakuten Viki is a streaming service that provides its customers with content available in more than 200 languages. Viki streams content in the US that volunteers can subtitle.

The Community members can create subtitles using Viki technology. Viki also has original programs, which are more than a hundred under drama and mini-series.rakuten viki

Rakuten Viki is available on streaming players such as,

And on mobile devices, through

  • Google Play Store
  • Apple App Store
  • Amazon App Store
  • Roku Channel Storerakuten viki devices

Is Rakuten Viki Available on Samsung Smart TV?

Currently, It is not available on Samsung Smart TV, but you can watch it with the help of external streaming devices and using screen mirroring methods.

How to open Rakuten Viki account?

To open an account, follow the below-given instructions.

  • On your device, open Chrome Browser
  • Type on the URL tab and tap Enterrakuten home page
  • You get taken to the Rakuten Viki home page
  • On the top right corner, select the account icon
  • At the bottom of the screen, you can find “Create Account.” Tap on it
  • To create an account, quickly click on the convenient option for you.create account rakuten viki
  • If credentials are required, enter them and click continue.rakuten home page

You have now successfully created an account in Rakuten Viki.

Benefits of having a Rakuten Account:

  • Can add your Favourite Drama or Series to your Watchlist
  • Get access to the Rakuten Viki community.

How to Watch Rakuten Viki on Samsung TV?

Watch Rakuten Viki on your Samsung Smart TV by following the simple methods and steps given. The methods used are,

  • Using Streaming services to watch Rakuten Viki
  • Using Streaming devices to get Rakuten Viki
  • Screen  Mirroring your devices to Samsung Smart TV
  • Google Chromecast to the browser.

Watch Rakuten Viki Using Streaming Services on Samsung Smart TV:

The Streaming services that support Viki on Samsung Smart TV are Hulu + Live TV and more. To watch Viki on your TV, follow the simple steps given below.

Install Hulu + Live on Samsung Smart TV:

  • Go to Samsung Smart TV Home Page
  • Tap on the Search Icon and type “Hulu + Live TV” with the help of the on-screen keyboard.
  • From the search result, select the app you want
  • Download and install Hulu + Live TV on Samsung Smart TV.

Access Rakuten Viki on Hulu + Live TV:

  • Open the app and log in using your Hulu credentials
  • You can watch Rakuten Viki on Hulu for $6.99/month and on any subscription plan.rakuten viki on Hulu

You can now watch your favorite Rakuten Viki drams on Samsung Smart TV using Hulu + Live TV.

Watch Rakuten Viki Using Streaming Devices on Samsung TV:

As mentioned above, you can watch Viki using streaming devices on your Samsung Smart TV. Follow the simple steps to connect your streaming device to Samsung Smart TV.

Setting up Samsung TV for Streaming devices:

  • Connect the Streaming device to the HDMI port of the Samsung Smart TV.
  • Switch on your Samsung Smart TV and select the HDMI port to which the device is connected.
  • Ensure your Streaming device is connected to the power supply and has a good internet connection.

The Rakuten Viki Installation process for all streaming devices is similar. So let’s see about only Firestick.

Install Rakuten Viki on Streaming Device i.e, Firestick: 

  • Go to the Firestick Home page
  • Select Find and tap on Search
  • Type “Viki” on the search tab using the on-screen keyboard.
  • From the search result, select the app.
  • Download and install the app.
  • Sign in with your Rakuten Viki credentials.

You can now watch your favorite Asian dramas using streaming devices on Samsung Smart TV.

Screen  Mirroring Rakuten Viki supported devices to Samsung Smart TV:

Follow the screen mirroring method and step to get Viki on Samsung TV.

Screen Mirror setup for Samsung Smart TV:

  • Please connect your Samsung Smart TV and your device to the same WiFi Network.
  • Go to the respective device app store and download the Rakuten Viki app.
  • After downloading, install the app and open it.
  • Log in with your Viki account credentials.

Screen Mirroring Rakuten Viki on Samsung TV:

  • You can find the Cast Icon on your device’s top right corner of the screen.
  • Click on the icon, and from the nearby search result, select your Samsung Smart TV to pair it with your device.
  • You can now watch your device screen with Rakuten Viki on your big screen.

Now Play the content on your device and watch it on the big Samsung Smart TV screen.

Steps to Stream Rakuten Viki Use Google Chromecast to the browser:

The latest Samsung TV has come with the models of Google Chromecast by default, and this feature will help you cast your content on your Phone or your Tablet screen to your smart TVs.

In any case, your Samsung smart TV doesn’t support Chromecast. Then you have to purchase a Chromecast Stick and connect by using HDMI Port. This feature is applicable for both Android and iOS devices, and then you have to cast the Viki Content on your Samsung Smart TV. Follow the steps.

Fix your TVThe primary step is that you have to connect with the same internet connection.

By Using Your SmartPhone: You have to visit the official Site and launch the Viki application.

Choosing Video: After that, from the website, you have to select the video that you want to watch.

Press Cast Icon: You should click the cast icon from the volume button under the video player.

Finally, the icon shows the available device. You have to select your device name and pair it and watch the content on your Samsung Smart TV.

Steps to Update the Viki application:

Updating is the process in which you give a new version of the application with more features. In some cases, if you are facing any issues with the Viki application, Updating is one of the best solutions to solve your app problem. Follow the steps to update on Different devices.

Update the Viki app on Android devices:

  • By using the application menu, launch the play store.
  • Then use the search box to find the Viki application easily.
  • From the result, you have to hit the application.
  • After that, if you have installed that application already, then you have to click the update button. Otherwise, you should uninstall the application and reinstall it. This is also one of the ways to get a new version of the application.

For iOS devices:

  • Open the App store and click the search field, which is located at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • In that, type Viki and click to find it.
  • Once the application gets, then you have to enter your password, and you will get access to the password, whether or not a cost-free application.
  • After that, you have to wait until the application gets downloaded completely.

Updating on Roku:

  • Initially, you have to click the Home button by using your Roku remote.
  • Swipe up or Swipe down and choose the streaming channels and launch the channels store.
  • Then you have to insert a keyword as Viki app on your search field and find it.
  • Get the application from the result and click the update option.

Steps for Android TV:

  • Click the app icon that is located on the left side of the main page.
  • Then you have to choose to Get more Applications and tap to open it on the Play store.
  • By using the search bar, type Viki and find it.
  • Hit the application from the result and click the Update option, and the new version of the Viki application will be installed on your Android TV.


How to get Rakuten Viki on Samsung TV?

You can get Rakuten Viki on Samsung Smart TV by using streaming devices or services that have access to Rakuten Viki or by screen mirroring the device that has access.

Is Rakuten Viki Free?

You can get Rakuten Viki for free on Hulu + Live, which offers its new subscribers a free trial. After the trial period ends, you need to pay $6.99/per month.

I hope that you have found what you were looking for with the help of this article. You can now watch Rakuten Viki on your Samsung Smart TV using the different methods and the steps provided in this article. If you have any doubts regarding this article, you can ask them in the comment section. Thank you for your precious time on this article.