How to Turn Off Voice on Roku? [Turn off Audio Discription]

We have a Voice Recognition feature in the Roku device. If you want to know How to Turn Off Voice on Rokucheck the step-by-step guide given in this article. Also, visit the Roku Settings page and click on the System option. Now, check the System Update on the Roku device.

If your Roku device requires System Update, click Install Now or Update Now to update the Roku device Operating System. Then, follow the instructions given in the following topics…

How to Turn Off Voice on Roku?

Only a good-condition Roku remote to Turn Off Voice on Roku. Check that your Roku device is working properly, please change new batteries to your Roku remote. And then come back with the Steps mentioned here;

  • Turn On the Roku and Smart TV device.
  • Click the Home Button on Roku remote.

Home Button on Roku Remote

  • Select the Settings option from the menu.

Roku Settings Page

  • Then, click on the Accessibility option.

Accessibility on Roku

  • Following that, tap on the Screen Reader button.

Screen Reader on Roku

  • Now, click the OFF/ Disable option.

Turn Off the Voice on Roku

Now, check whether Roku Voice Recognization is turned off or not. This is the simple way to Turn Off/ Disable Voice Recognization on the Roku device. You may also like to learn about How to Fix F1 TV Not Working on Roku?

How to Turn Off Voice on TCL Roku TV?

If you are using the TCL Roku in-built Smart TV, and looking for How to Turn Off Voice on Roku, take a look at the procedure mentioned in the following;

  • First, Switch On the TCL Roku TV.
  • Then, tap the Home Button on Remote to visit the home screen.

Home Button on Roku Remote

  • Launch the menu page of TCL Roku TV.
  • And, select the Settings option.

Roku Settings Page

  • You can see the Settings button on some Roku remotes.
  • Click it to visit directly to the Settings page.
  • Now, navigate to the Accessibility button.

Accessibility on Roku

  • Then, select the Audio Guide tab from the sub-menu.

Audio Guide on Roku

  • Finally, click on the Disable/ Off button.

Within a while, Voice Recognization is Disabled on your TCL Roku TV. So, these two are the best and easy ways to Turn Off Voice on Roku. If you want to do the same on some streaming services, then check the next topic below. You may also like to learn about How to Fix Peacock Not Working on Roku?

How to Turn Off Audio Description on Roku?

Most of the paid and free streaming services like Netflix, DirecTV Stream, Discovery Plus, HBO Max, and some more apps have Audio Description features. If you would like to cancel it on the Roku device, here are the steps for it;

  • Click the Home Button on the Roku remote.

Home Button on Roku Remote

  • Go to the Menu section.
  • And, click on the Streaming Channels option from the menu.

Streaming Channels on Roku

  • Navigate to the App on which you want to cancel the Audio Description on Roku
  • Launch the Streaming Service on the Roku device.
  • Select the Audio Description section and click on the option you need.

Every streaming service has different gestures and settings options to reach the Audio Description section. In the following, I have listed some of them with a step-by-step guide.

1). Netflix:

  • Launch the Netflix app on Roku.
  • Go to the Content Library on Netflix.
  • Select the movie or show.
  • And play it on the Roku screen.
  • Click on the Audio & Subtitles option.
  • Or, click the Chat Icon you can see on the screen.
  • Now, Choose the Audio option you need.

2). HBO Max:

  • Open the HBO Max app from Streaming Channels on Roku.
  • Go to the menu section.
  • Select Accessibility & Captions on the HBO Max app.
  • Navigate to the Audio Track section.
  • Select the Audio Description and save it.

3). Hulu Plus Live TV:

  • Go to the Streaming Channels page.
  • Select and Launch the Hulu Plus Live TV app.
  • And play the video you like.
  • Move to the Audio Section and select the option you would like to change.

I hope, now you got some idea about Turn Off Voice on Roku. As well as adjusting and fixing the Audio Description on the Streaming Services on the Roku device.

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