How to Turn Off Subtitles on BBC iPlayer?

I still remember how eyes play See-saw while watching a movie with subtitles on. Sure 9 out 10 People experience this way; Others are just some Einstein, I guess. When at times, you are neither able to concentrate on the Scenes nor the Dialogue at a Certain Stage, it is obvious to get Pissed off. So, What are we Supposed to do? Simple, Turn off the Subtitles, and How is that? That’s Simple + Simple =Double Simple. This article will rescue you and, obviously, Help you with How to Turn Off Subtitles on BBC iPlayer?

Is It Possible to Turn Off Subtitles on BBC iPlayer?

I have always heard people saying; When there is a Will, there is a Way. And Just wondered if this theory works here too. Guess What? It does. It is Just so Simple; If there is a Turn ON for the Subtitles, there is always a Turn off too. On that go, Yes, It is Possible to turn off Subtitles. But For that, Make sure that your Subtitles are turned ON; only then you can turn them Off.

Reason for Subtitles on BBC iPlayer:

Sometimes, it is really important not to have them because many of us prefer watching Movies rather than Reading, and If that is making us read too, Then, That is Something to work on. To know about the whole concept, the subtitles are handy. But at the same time, it also turns out some unwanted things when we understand that language. To skip this, you must move on to a better path: Turn Off Subtitles on the respective BBC iPlayer.The Reasons can be listed like a Never Ending list, But the Subject is to Turn them all Off, So, Keep Scrolling and Follow the Steps given below.

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How to Turn Off Subtitles on BBC iPlayer?

To Stream content on BBC iPlayer, you also need to know the method to Disable Subtitles on BBC iPlayer. Refer to this part to learn all the techniques to Turn off or on the Subtitles on BBC iPlayer.

1. Install the BBC iPlayer> On the desired device, first install the BBC iPlayer app.

2. Play the Content> Then choose to play any content on the BBC iPlayer and see whether you can see any pink line under the icon. And also, check if the subtitles are turned on.

3. Turn Off Subtitle on BBC iPlayer> To Turn Off or on the Subtitles on BBC iPlayer, you need to swipe the pink line.

4. Watch Content> Finally, watch Content on BBC iPlayer without any subtitles once finishing those steps.

Turn Off Subtitles on BBC iPlayer on Firestick.

On Firestick, you can turn off or on the subtitles on BBC iPlayer as this desired app is available on Amazon Apps Store. Therefore it is easy to install and watch the BBC iPlayer on your Firesticjk anytime. And in any case, if you feel like you don’t need the subtitle as you watch the Content in your language, then you can turn off the subtitles. Hence read the upcoming steps to Turn Off or on the Subtitles on BBC iPlayer on Firestick. 

  • Log in> Start this action on your Firestick by installing the log-in process of BBC iPlayer on Firestick.
  • Start playing the Content> Once after the successful launch, start to play any content on your Firestick.
  • Menu Button> It is recommended to press the menu button during the play by using the remote of Firestick.
  • Highlight the option> Now, from the menu option, select the subtitles option by highlighting them on your firestick device.
  • Turn Off the Subtitles> Doing this, you will be displayed with the “Turn Off button” option on the display screen. So kindly press that option and turn off the subtitles.
  • Use the back keys> In the next step, you have to press the back key to return your playback.
  • Watch Content without the subtitles> Finally, watch all the Content on your Fitesticjk without the subtitles.

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Steps to Turn off Subtitles on BBC iPlayer on Now TV

On your Now TV, you have the option to turn off the BBC iPlayer content in a straightforward process. So it is advisable to read this portion carefully to Turn Off Subtitles on the respective BBC iPlayer. And the ways are mentioned below:

  • Home screen> Initially, get into the home screen of the Now TV and move the cursor to the menu option by pressing the menu button on your Now TV remote control.
  • Turn Off the Subtitles> From the settings, select the subtitles and press the Off button to turn off the BBC iPlayer subtitles.
  • Start watching> Finally, you are ready to watch any content of BBC iPlayer on Now TV without subtitles.

BBC iPlayer website on a PC, Tablet, or Mobile phone?

  • Initially, you might be watching a trailer before any programs. And you also be given the option to skip the trailer too. Once the video has started playing, then at the bottom of the playback screen, click the “Subtitle,” and it is visible in a speech bubble icon.
  • Once the subtitles are switched on, you can see the pink-colored line under the subtitles icon.
  • You can change the subtitle sizes and other options, like turning on and off the subtitles through the subtitle icon.

Mobile phones and Tablets:

  • As usual, start to play the on-demand program from BBC iPlayer on your Mobile or tablet.
  • To get the playback option on your display screen, you can tap anywhere on the playback screen.
  • On the top right, tap on the speech bubble to get some accessibility options such as SL, AD, and Subtitles. Next to each option, there is a toggle. To turn on the subtitles, you need to tap the toggle, and that changes to pink while switching. Use the same method to switch off the subtitles.

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Bottom Line

To conclude, we have presented all the possible steps to Turn Off Subtitles on BBC iPlayer. To stream all types of Content, it’s been proved that the BBC iPlayer is one of the best platforms. Because through this application, you can able to get high-quality video clips with additional options like turning on or off the subtitles on BBC iPlayer. Here, we sign off believing we have provided enough information to satisfy all your needs. Thank You.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can we Use BBC iPlayer on any Gaming Consoles?

Ofcourse Yes, You can use the BBC iPlayer on any of the Game Consoles, such as Xbox 360, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Playstation 3, and so on.

2. Where is the BBC iPlayer menu located?

You can find the Menu and Start to Browse different categories of programs just by clicking the left-hand side of the screen instead of using the navigation menu.

3. How to Turn Off Subtitles on respective BBC iPlayer on TV?

It is so easy to do; You can now Disable the Subtitles on BBC iPlayer by navigating to the Menu button>>Advanced Options window>>Press ok or middle button>>Select Digital Subtitle Language.