How to Turn off FireStick device? Guide

Turning off a FireStick device helps you to keep your device fresh and smooth. Most of the people are searching for the shutdown or power off button for your FireStick. But unfortunately, we do not have the power off button in our remote except for the TV. Some people have questions about how to turn off your FireStick. Because Firestick does not have an inbuilt turn off the option. The only way to turn off the FireStick is to put the device into sleep mode. Even your FireStick is in sleep mode, still, it can receive automatic software updates. There are some ways to turn off the FireStick device. In this article, we will see how to turn off FireStick.

How to Turn off FireStick device_

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Method 1- How to Turn off FireStick device from the home menu:

It is the easiest way to off FireStick. You just do one thing only. Putting it on the sleep mode.

Steps to do:

1: On your FireStick remote, Press and hold the home screen button for 5 seconds until you see the pop-up window.

2: Then you have to click the “sleep” option and hit the “ok” button.

turn off firestick

3: Automatically your screen will go black and put your device into sleep mode.

4: To activate the device again, you can press any button on your remote.

Method 2 – How to Turn off FireStick device from the settings:

By using the settings menu you can put your device into sleep mode.

1: On your FireStick device, Go to the “home screen”.

2: On the top of the screen choose the “settings” option from the menu bar.

3: Then select and tap the “My Fire TV” option.


4: Scroll the screen a bit to find “sleep option” and click it.

Turn off firestick

5: Now your device will go to sleep mode.

6: If you want to access your device again, press any button on your remote.

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Method 3 – Unplug FireStick from the power source:

turn off firestick

If you are someone who does not want to keep the FireStick on overnight and does not want to put it into sleep mode, Go to the wall outlet and just simply unplug your Amazon FireStick from the power source. If you want to shut down your device, you should unplug the power cord.

Method 4 – How to turn off FireStick by using a phone app:

If the don’t know how to turn off the FireStick device using the remote, you can use the phone to turn off FireStick. You should download the Fire TV app on your phone.

1: Launch Amazon FireStick application.

2: From the menu, choose the “remote” function.

Turn off firestick

3: Choose “Gear icon” which is located on the left side of the corner.

4: From the menu choose the “sleep” option.

Turn off the firestick

Wrapping Up:

Turning off FireStick is not a tough task. It takes simple steps and processes to do it. Easily you can turn off by using the above-given information and methods. We hope this article will help you to know how to turn off the FireStick device. 

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