Thunder TV IPTV Review For Firestick

This is a list of Over 1200 Channels for only $15/Month on Thunder TV IPTV.

It’s Available with the NVIDIA SHIELD, Amazon Firestick 4K, Android TV Boxes, Fire TVs, Smartphones, tablets, and more.

So if you want more Channels from different genres at low prices, you’ll love Thunder TV IPTV plans, channels list, Sign up Method, and its features.

Let’s get started.

Thunder Tv IPTV

What is Thunder TV IPTV?

Thunder TV, known as the IPTV supplier, provides live HD content for watching. This Thunder TV is accessible for the installation process on several devices like FireStick 4K, phones, tablets, Fire TV, NVIDIA SHIELD, Android TV Boxes, and much more.

Thunder TV contains more than 1200 channels in various countries. Also, it provides channels according to categories like Sports, US Entertainment, News, Adult, PPV, UK Entertainment, and many more. 

At Present, Thunder TV provides 5 types of subscriptions like a free trial package which leads for 12 hrs, and other offers are based on the optional channels and connections. Another significant benefit is that people can buy and use up to 4 different links at one single time.

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Features of Thunder TV IPTV APK

  • It provides a 12hrs free trial package.
  • It provides more than 1250 HD Channels.
  • Offers additional connections for the buyers.
  • Both PayPal and Bitcoin payment is applicable.
  • It has got a user-friendly interface.
  • An electronic Program Guide is offered.
  • It adapts to several types of devices.
  • Function on the devices like iOS, Fire TV, Kodi, Android, and much more.
  • It provides both catch-up and video-on-demand, which helps you record the video content and watch it whenever you need it.
  • Watching premium TV content is possible on this Thunder TV.
  • Another essential feature is that it provides subtitles for all the video content to enjoy all the content without any limitations.

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Thunder TV IPTV Review & Overview:

Thunder TV is a premium IPTV service that can access via various devices at a reasonable price. It has more than 22000 channels of live TV and a wide selection of VOD, film shows, and more in a variety of categories.

Thunder TV app is available on Google Play Store but not on the Amazon App Store. Therefore, you must connect it to FireStick using a third-party application.

Most channels are presented in HD quality, ensuring that you get the best streaming experience. The service is compatible with a variety of famous IPTV Players.

There are various pricing plans to choose from so that you can choose the best one for your needs. There is also a trial period of one day for free. Thunder TV is willing to provide a 7-day money-back promise to ensure customer satisfaction.

You can add your preferred channels to your Favorites list to access them in the future. In addition, you can use subtitles to make them available. The app is equipped with an EPG, and the helpline is always available for any questions.

Trial Package

This IPTV trial is the testing package where it offers live 2800+ HD channels. Here you can get up to 2 connections with the full features. It also provides Spanish channels.

USA Lite

This package provides content only for the US people. It contains more than 500 channels like US Sports, US News, US Entertainment, and much more. It costs $5 for a month and can connect up to 2 devices, and another pack is available at $8 p/m, and it connects up to 4 devices.

USA Package

USA package provides every channel that USA lite offers, and it also includes some additional channels like Major Sports packages, Local News, PPPV, and Adult channel availability. This package costs $7 p/m, and it can connect up to 2 devices, and the box, which costs $12 p/m, connects up to 4 devices.

Spanish and USA Package

This package includes all the USA packages with extra Spanish channels like 200 Spanish channels, Mexico channels, and Argentina channels. It costs $10 p/m and connects up to 2 devices, and the package, which costs  $18 p/m, connects up to 4 devices.

USA, UK, and Canada Package

It contains more than 1000 channels like local PPV, Sports, and more. This package which costs $10 p/m, connects up to 2 devices, and the box, which connects up to 4 gadgets, costs $18.


Pieces package contains channels for UK, USA, Canada, and Latino packages. Also, it has local media, PPV, and much more. You can also get subscription choices for adults with the track. And the cost of the Pieces package is $15 p/m for a four-pack two-port.

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How to SignUp Thunder Tv IPTV?

Always use a VPN for the signup and registration process for your privacy protection and prevent geo-restriction. Though Thunder tv IPTV is not available in an official amazon store, google play store you can pitch directly on google Search on getting information and plans packages details on it.

thunder sign in

How to Cancel the Thunder TV Account?

  • Go to the Settings icon next to “Log out.”
  • Tab the Search icon and type “Preapproved Payments” or under “Payment settings.”
  • Then Tab your merchant to cancel your subscriptions.
  • Click the Cancel Button. Done!

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How to Get Download Thunder TV IPTV on FireStick?

  • Go to the FireStick home screen and click Settings.

Home page fire stick

  • Choose My Fire TV -> Developer options -> Apps from Unknown Sources.

apps unknown source

  • Click Turn on for the indication message.
  • Go back to the Home screen and click Search.
  • Enter the Downloader app in the search box.

downloader app

  • Open Downloader App.
  • Click Get and then click open to start the downloader.
  • Click Allow.
  • Tap OK.
  • Type the URL address as and choose Go.

downloader url

  • Click Download and wait for a few minutes.
  • Click Install.
  • Once the installation process is over, then click open.
  • Fill in your login credentials and wait.

Now you can watch your favorite channels without any limitations.

How to Access Thunder TV on Firestick?

Thunder TV is the best IPTV service and it has a new UI that offers streaming via six apps. You will get to know how to use it from the below-following guidelines.

  1. Long press the Home button from your Firestick remote.
  2. Further, navigate to the Apps section.
  3. Move down to the Thunder TV and then hit the Options.
  4. Choose the Move option from the upper row.
  5. Hit the Select key using the remote.
  6. Now explore its content on your Fire TV screen.

How to Update the Thunder IPTV App?

You could also update the Thunder IPTV app to stay updated and enjoy the latest features without any issues and access your favorite channels without further limitations.

Let’s see the updating process of Thunder IPTV…

1) Once you have installed the Thunder IPTV app, launch it on Firestick.

2) Fill in the login credentials to start using your favorite channels in Thunder IPTV without any limitations.

thunder login

3) As soon as you log in, you will see a “Settings” cogwheel at the bottom of the screen. Tap it.

thunder login

4) hover over “Update Content” under the settings tab so that you can update Thunder IPTV.

5) A pop-up mentioned as Media Update will appear on your screen. Give Update All.

update all

6) Wait for a few seconds until all the VOD, LIVE TV, and TV Guide are updated.


7) Finally, you can access the updated content regularly without any hassle.

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How to Get Thunder IPTV on the Android Platform?

1) Firstly, launch the browser on any android choice of your wish and hover over the official website of Thunder IPTV.

2) Immediately, download the Filelinked app from the app store to get Thunder IPTV.


3) Now, launch the Filelinked app and enter the URL of the Thunder IPTV to get it on the Android Platform.


4) Once this is done, it will start downloading the Thunder IPTV on your android device and will be installed automatically.

5) After the Thunder IPTV installation, launch the app and enter the panel of your choice.


6) Finally, log in with Thunder IPTV’s user credentials and enjoy the Thunder IPTV streaming.


Thunder IPTV Alternatives

Before going to the alternatives, first, we should be aware of whether Thunder IPTV is legal to stream. The legality of Thunder IPTV is in question because it is a third-party app, and it is not officially available in the app store. So, Thunder IPTV is exceptionally safe to use as it is streamed from an authentic source.

Hydrogen IPTV

To put it in simple terms, it is an affordable IPTV with more than 6500 channels, all in HD. Hydrogen IPTV costs $12.50 a month, and this is the standard plan with only one connection. In this IPTV, you get all the major sports packages along with VOD and the pay view features. For any IPTV to be streamed, it should not be IP locked; similarly, Hydrogen IPTV is not IP locked. Hydrogen IPTV Review


Yeah, IPTV costs $13 a month, and this is the standard plan with multiple connections and the VOD option. An affordable IPTV with more than 6500 channels all in HD is this Yeah IPTV. , Yeah, IPTV is not IP locked and comes along with VOD and pay view features. The additional part of yeah IPTV is that it can stream UK, USA, and even Canada-based channels. How to get Yeah TV and its Review.


Thunder TV is one of the fantastic apps, and it is an app for people interested in watching the content of the UK, the USA, and Spain. Since this is an IPTV, you can manage buffer-free content. We hope this article will help you surely.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How to connect iPhone to Thunder TV?

  • Go to the Apple app store, and then find and install the IPTV Smarters app.
  • Open the app and choose accept.
  • Type your login details and then select Add User.
  • Wait for a while, and then download your needed channels.

2. How to download Thunder TV on Smart TV?

  • First, type the MAC address of the Smart TV.
  • Tap on Choose File and then surf for the downloaded M3U file.
  • Now, send the file directory to television.

3. Where else can I get access to Thunder TV?

You can download the Thunder TV APK on Amazon FireStick, and the application is available natively through the Google Play Store as well.

4. Are Thunder TV free?

No. Thunder TV is a paid service and doesn’t provide a trial for free. It is possible to begin your journey by having access for 24 hours Thunder IPTV at EUR1 (about $1.20).

5. How much does Thunder IPTV cost?

The company has three subscription plans that you can choose from.

  • EUR10 per month
  • EUR35 for six months
  • One year of EUR50

The three plans all come with 14000 HD channels, more than 4,000 videos available on-demand, free updates, and live assistance.

6. Does Thunder IPTV worth the cost?

Thunder IPTV is worth it if you know how to maximize its benefits. Make sure you use ExpressVPN in your FireStick to protect your online activity private.

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