Listen to SoundCloud on Roku. [TV|Speaker|Soundbar]

Streaming music is a perfect treatment for our minds. It will relieve our mental pressure and get us normal. So, today I will take you to the music streaming service and streaming devices. The topic is How to Stream SoundCloud on Roku?

This article clarifies this doubt with two methods of streaming the Soundcloud music streaming services on your Roku device.

  • What is SoundCloud on Roku?
  • How to Install and Stream SoundCloud on Roku?

Get the streaming method in the following topics given to you.

Is SoundCloud on Roku?


No, The SoundCloud app is not available as a channel on Roku Channel Store. But you can still connect your Roku to your SmartPhone Bluetooth and access the SoundCloud app to listen to it from your Roku speakers and Soundbars. You can also use the Google Home app to listen to SoundCloud on Roku.

What is SoundCloud?

The SoundCloud app is a music streaming service. Not only streaming also, but you can also telecast your track on the SoundCloud service. The SoundCloud service allows us to stream podcasts on its site.

SoundCloud Streams

You can get this service on all your streaming devices. And it was a paid streaming service. You have to get the subscription cost to connect with your favorite artist directly.

How to Get SoundCloud on Roku?

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As discussed above, you can either connect through a Bluetooth connection and listen to SoundCloud on your Roku Speakers or cast audio from your Smartphone to your Roku Soundbars using the Google Home app. Either way, you need to get the SoundCloud application on yoru SmartPhone. Follow the simple procedure given here to listen to SoundCloud on Roku.

How to Get SoundCloud on SmartPhone?

SoundCloud on App Stores

The SoudCloud application can be downloaded and installed from Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and Microsoft Store. All you have to do is search for the app and install it on yoru devices. The steps you need to follow to get SoundCloud on your SmartPhone are as follows,

  • On your, SmartPhone launch the default App Store.
  • Go to the Search Tab and type SoundCloud and press OK or Search.
  • From the results select the SoundCloud app and go to its information page.

SoundCloud app

  • Here tap on Install or Get the option to install SoundCloud app on your SmartPhone.
  • Now use our SoundCloud credentials to Sing In or Sign Up to your Account.

You can use similar steps to download and install the Google Home application on your Smartphone. You may also like to learn about How to Get Freeview on Roku?

How to Listen to SouldCloud on Roku Speaker or SoundBar? [Bluetooth]


You can easily connect your SmartPhone to your Roku device using Bluetooth and use your Roku Soundbars or Roku speakers to listen to SoundCloud. Follow the simple procedure to connect your SmartPhone to Roku using Bluetooth and listen to SoundCloud.

  • Turn on your Roku wireless Speaker or Soundbar.
  • On your, Smartphone goes to the Notification Tab or Command Center.
  • Long press the Bluetooth icon to open the Bluetooth menu.
  • Turn on Bluetooth and wait for it discovers nearby connectable Bluetooth devices.
  • From available devices, select your Roku wireless Speaker or Soundbar.

Now you can play any audio on your SoundCloud app on your Smartphone and listen to it on your Roku speaker or soundbar.

How to Listen to SouldCloud on Roku TV?[WiFi]

google home

The Google Home app on your SmartPhone can easily cast audio from SoundCloud to your Roku TV or other Roku devices over a WiFi network. All you have to do is connect your SmartPhone and Roku device to the same WiFi network. The simple procedure to listen to SoundCloud on Roku by casting Audio from Smartphone is as follows,

  • Launch the Google Home app on yoru SmartPhone.
  • Press the Add icon and select the Set up device option.
  • Now choose Works with Google and follow the in-app instructions.
  • Choose your Roku device and provide Roku credentials when prompted.
  • At the Google Home page press and hold the Roku device tile.
  • Select Cast my audio option can ta on Cast Audio.

You can now play any audio content on the SoundCloud app on your SmartPhone and listen to it from your Roku TV Roku device connected to TV Speakers. You may also like to learn about How to Get Rumble on Roku?

What are the Features of SoundCloud?

Here we listed the features and benefits of the SoundCloud music streaming service on this topic.

  • Free Streaming > The SoundCloud community represents free streaming on the home screen of its official website.
  • Trending > Also, you can steam the trending music in the Soundcloud streaming service.
  • Compatibility > The SoundCloud streaming service was available on all streaming devices.
  • Subscription > This streaming service had a subscription cost.
  • Xbox > You can also get this SoundCloud music streaming service on your Play Station Xbox console device.
  • Search > The SoundCloud service allows you to search for your favorite artist, band, tracks, and podcasts on this site.

search in the SoundCoud

These are the few features and highlights we found and mentioned on this topic. Install this service on your device and learn more features about the SoundCloud service.

How much does Soundcloud Cost?

There were two divisions of subscription costs of the SoundCloud music streaming service. They are:

  • SoundCloud Go Android- $4.99 per month for iOS- $5.99 per month
  • SoundCloud Go Plus Android- $9.99 per month for iOS- $12.99 per month

Get your budget-friendly subscription cost and stream your favorite music at the SoundCloud service.

Our Last Notes:

How to Install and Stream SoundCloud on Roku? is helpful for you. I hope that too. Install the SoundCloud music streaming service on your Roku streaming device. Then you can follow the instructions and information we have given on the above topics.

It was an excellent streaming service, and you can get this and buy the subscription. It’s worth it. If you have any doubt, ask me in the comment section. I will clear you with an explanation as soon as possible.

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