How to Solve Galaxy S9 Moisture Detected Issue: Definitive Guide

Galaxy S9 moisture detected issue is caused in the charger port. Moreover, this issue should not be avoided as it may lead to creating a problem with liquid damage and also it brings some big problems. Here in the following content, it shows the steps to solve Galaxy S9 Moisture Detected issue.

How to Solve Galaxy S9 Moisture Detected Issue_

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Steps to fix Galaxy S9 moisture detected issue

1. Reboot the phone to solve Galaxy S9 moisture detected error

Usually, the Galaxy S9 moisture detected issue brings complications. Moreover, this type of error appears also when the phone’s charger port is completely low. Furthermore, to solve the error, you have to reboot the phone as it usually solves all the simple issues in the system/hardware.

Moreover, tap on the power key and then restart the phone. Furthermore, if the issue still persists, then apply forced restart by giving the long press on volume down and power icon simultaneously for a few seconds or till your phone restarts. Also, this can disconnect the battery and it refreshes the phone’s storage. Moreover, it closes the application which is functioning in the background, and also it refreshes the functions and services.

Clean the Charger

fix moisture detected

When you get a notification as the moisture detected issue, then there must be some water into the phone. Moreover, there will be moisture in the port and so it has to be cleaned. Furthermore, you can use cotton balls or a bit piece of tissue paper into the port as the water sucks through it. At the same time, check whether you are not disturbing the pins. Also, don’t use your phone till the port gets dried.

Similarly, verify the cable whether the problem still exists. Also, you can shake the cable so that the moisture dries out. But when you come to know that your phone has not a problem with water in to then surely it must be the caches. In such a case, follow the next procedure.

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Backup data and reset the phone to solve Galaxy S9 moisture detected issue

Similarly, reset can solve the error which is brought by a firmware issue. Moreover, backup vital files and data, impair the factory reset protection and go along with the below-given steps.

galaxu moisture detected

  • Switch off the device.
  • Give a press and hold the volume up option and the Bixby key, and then hold the power key.
  • Now, you will get the Android logo on the screen, furthermore leave all the keys.
  • Give a press on the Volume down key many times so that you can highlight the option wipe data/ factory reset.
  • Tap on the Power icon to choose it.
  • Give a long press on the Volume icon till it shows Yes-delete all user data is highlighted.
  • Now, press the power icon to choose and begin the master reset.
  • Once the master reset is over, then it highlights Reboot System Now.
  • Finally, give a press on the power key to restart.

Final Thoughts

Mostly, the Galaxy S9 moisture detected error is because of the issue in the charger port. Make use of the above-given steps to rectify it properly. We hope this article will help you to detect and fix the Galaxy S9 moisture detected issue.


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