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How to Remove Activate Windows Watermark: The software workers or other companies will not accept their work to get exploited, robbed, and re-allocate. To cease the robbing of their operating system, Windows 10, they arisen the notion of putting down a watermark in the corner area of the screen up till the user legally activate windows.

Remove Windows Water Mark

How to Get Rid of Activate Windows Watermark?

The appearance of Activate windows watermark on the screen of your PC or laptop will be made people annoyed. It hides your view of the text on your screen and also disturbs you while watching a movie or playing games or recording on screen.

The watermark seems to be a massive matter it doesn’t rid of much easily from your screen. It is set upon every window, application, and also in cursor.

Here, we help you to use some effective methods to rid of the watermark without spending even a single penny. You can do it by yourself from your place.

Method – 1:

Notepad Tactic to Remove Activate Windows Watermark:

This method is worthwhile and square it leads you to remove the watermark, which is shown in the corner of the screen. This easy tactic with early installed Notepad application, which is in the usage of your routine.

Using an Administrator account, the watermark can rid quite easily which is in your screen, let’s get into it, Follow the Steps to Remove Activate Windows Watermark;

  • Open the Notepad on your Windows PC.
  • Then, Type
  1. @echo off
  2. taskkill /F /IM explorer. exe
  3. explorer. exe
  4. exit

Type these three notes on the Notepad you have opened on your Windows.

Notepad on Windows

  • Click the File option on the Notepad page.

File in Notepad on Windows

  • Then, select Save as an option from the menu.

Save as in Notepad on Windows

  • Navigate to the File Name section.
  • And type “Watermark” in the File name bar.

Save as Watermark.bat on Windows

  • Then, move to the left side of the screen and click on the Desktop.

Desktop on Windows

  • Now, you have to select the File Type as All Files under the File name bar.

Save as All Files on Windows

  • Then, click the Save tab on the pop-up screen.

Save on Windows

  • Go to the Desktop and Open the Watermark file you have saved.

Watermark in Windows Desktop

  • Check that you have seen the same statement which is mentioned in the image below.

Open Watermark note on Windows

  • On the Desktop screen, click the Search Panel at the left bottom of the screen.

Search option on Desktop

  • Type “Task Scheduler” in the search bar.

Task Scheduler on Windows

  • Now, Click on the Task Scheduler option from the search result.

Open Task Scheduler on Windows

  • After that, you can see the pop-up screen on your Windows display.
  • Navigate to the corner of the pop-up screen and expand it a little bigger.
  • Then, you have to click on Create a Basic Task option on the right side.

Create Basic Task on Windows

Remove Activate Windows Watermark:
  • Select the Name bar on the screen.
  • And type “Watermark” in the given space.

Name Watermark on Windows

  • Then, click the Description box and type anything there.

Type on Description on Windows

  • Head toward the Next button and tap on it.

Click Next on Windows

  • Select the Daily option from the shown list.

Daily on Windows

  • After selecting it, click the Next button below.

Next in Task Trigger on Windows

  • Now, you have to enter the Date and Time in the required place.

Task Trigger Date and Time on Windows

  • As usual click the Next tab at the bottom.
  • Tap on the Start Program option first.

Start a Program on Windows

  • Click the Next Button.

Star a Program Next on Windows

  • Now, the Program Script screen has appeared on the screen.
  • There, click the Browse option on the right side.

Browse option on Windows

  • Go direct to the Desktop on the left side screen.

Select Desktop on Windows

  • Select the Watermark file you have saved via Notepad.

Open Watermark File on Windoes

  • Click the Open tab after selecting the Watermark file.

Open in Watermark file on Windows

  • Head towards the Next tab and move to the next tab.
  • Close the active tab on your Windows screen.

Close Tab on Windows

  • Move straight to the Windows tab on the Desktop and click on it.

Windows Key on Desktop

  • Select the Power icon there.

Power Button on Windows

  • Click the Restart option.

Restart Windows to Remove Windows Watermarks

  • Now, your Windows device is Restarting and you can see this.

Yeah, I know it is a bigger process, but useful. If the above method does not give you the expected result, you can try this. But you have to follow and do all the steps one by one mentioned above.

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Method – 2

Register Tactic to Remove Activate Windows Watermark:

Our Second method is by using a Registry Edit on Windows PC. Have you before used the Registry Editor? If not, follow each and every step mentioned in this topic. Here they are:

Steps to Remove Activate Windows Watermark:

  • Turn On your Windows PC.
  • On the Desktop, you can see the Activate Windows Watermark.

Active Windows Note on PC

  • Now, you have to click on the Windows (+) R on the Connected Keyboard.
  • Then, click on the Open bar on the pop-up screen.

Run Tab on Windows

  • Now, type “Regidit” in the Open bar.

Regidit on Windows

  • Then, head towards the OK button under the Open bar.

Click OK to Activate Windows Watermark

  • Now, the pop-up window will appear on your Windows screen.
  • Navigate to the Yes tab on the left side and tap on it.

Tap Yes to Run on Windows

  • Now, select and click the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE option on the left side of the screen.

HKEY Local Machine on Windows

  • On the left side of the HKEY tab, you can see the Right Arrow.
  • Click on the Right Arrow.

Right Arrow on HKEY on Windows

  • Move to the System section under the HKWY tab and click on it.

Click Right Arrow on Windows

  • Navigate to the Current Control Set tab following the System and Tap the option.

Current Control Set on Windows

  • Afterthat, select the Services option and press on the Right Arrow on the left side of the tab.

Services on Windows

  • Scroll Down until you have seen the SVSVSC tab from the list.
  • And, hit the Right Arrow nearby the left side of the SVSVC tab.

SVSVC on Windows

  • Move to the Right side of the Screen, and click the Start option on the screen.

Start on Windows

Remove Activated Windows Watermark:
  • Right Click on the Start option using the mouse.
  • Then, select and click on the Modify tab from the option.

Modify on Windows

  • Now, navigate to the Value Data tab and click on it.
  • Type Numbers in the Value Data tab.

Value Data on Windows

  • Move to the OK button under the Value Data box and tap on it.

Ok on Value Data in Windows

  • Then, close all the active windows on your PC screen.
  • And navigate to the Windows Icon in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Windows Key on Desktop

  • Now, select the Power icon from the appeared menu.

Power Button on Windows

  • Without any doubt, click on the Restart option.

Restart Windows to Remove Windows Watermarks

  • Now, your Windows PC is started Restarting.
  • And you can see the statement like the image showing.

Restarting Windows

  • After your Windows PC has restarted, look at the desktop.

There the Activate Windows Watermark has disappeared. That means you have successfully followed the steps above and done the job very neatly. Now, you can share the procedure with your friends to Remove Activate Windows Watermark on their Windows PC. Also, you have one more method to do the process on your device. Check the next topic to know what it is.

Change Ease of Access Settings:

By using Ease of Access, remove the Activate windows watermark from the screen of your device.

1. Click ‘Windows + s’ on the keyboard to search, and after then type the control panel on the search bar.

2. If the result matches, then go into the classic control panel application.

3. Tap on Ease of Access, the view mode is set to ‘bigger icons‘ to be visible in the menu.

4. Tap the ‘Make the computer easier‘ to see below the Explore all settings. 

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To Conclude: 

The methods explained above are able to guide you to remove Activate windows watermark from your device successfully. If the watermark appears again on your device then you can repeat these methods to remove again from your device. We hope it will surely help you to free from Activate Windows watermark.